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Big Sky Country ~ Disconnecting to get connected.

Montana Bound
A few days up high in the Mountains above Augusta, Montana it was crystal clear to me why they call Montana "Big Sky Country".  When you stand under the clear night sky the stars are so bright that you feel like you could reach out and touch them.  I stood there in awe, the milky way right over me, the big dipper, the north star, all so bright, brilliant and beautiful and I was reminded of how big life is, how much more there is in the world than anything, any thought, any struggle, that I may have had or have to come.

The wild flowers on the Ranch were breath taking.
I think sometimes we need to look up to the stars to remember that there is more than this, more than any of this.  I know my heart smiled a lot after taking in those stars and the many beautiful sights on the Reissing Ranch.  In fact all of this trip has been a reminder to me of the beauty all around us everyday, whispers from my soul telling me to slow down and take it all in.  This week I found joy in the smallest things that were so monumentally moving to me.  The butterfly that landed on my arm for a visit, the wind blowing through my hair as I stood atop the upper meadow of the ranch looking down on the cabin in the distance.  The deer, horses and the birds with all their little babies that just hatched in the many nests around the cabin.  Even the large Eagles nest that sat atop the ridge of one of the many mountains that surrounded this valley called the Reissing Ranch.

The upper meadow of the Reissing Ranch

Homemade Hot Tub, haha
The history of the Ranch goes way back to the 1800's when the cabin was originally built as a trapper cabin by a man from Canada who sold the property for $100 to Herman Reissing in 1916.  Herman raised his family on the ranch and passed it down to his sons, and them to their children who I was so blessed to get to know this past week.  The original trapper cabin still stands with additions added on over the years, there is several other cabins on the property, outhouses and a homemade hot tub that you heat up with fire, the key is to not overheat the water and cook the occupants, haha.

Mark getting us back on the road again!
For water fun I opted for a day on the lake with the kiddos and Miss Connie (Mark's Mom).  The water was clean and clear and very refreshing.  I have to say that Montana is one of the most beautiful places I have visited and on the top of my list of places to settle down one day.  Our trip to Montana was not without it's glitches, before we even crossed the border into Montana we had some technical difficulties with the Trailer Kerry and Mark loaded up with items they were bringing to put in storage in Montana for their move back next year.  We sat on the side of the highway while Mark did what he could to get us rolling far enough to stop at a friend named Bubba's farm right down the way, pretty much the whole vacation they new people right down the way showing me the value of Country living.  Everyone out here really takes care of everyone out here.  There is a lot to be said for the contentedness of Country Folks that is not as common in the city.

Riding with Kess and Brice through Montana

Just about every shit Kerry owns says John Deere on it, I will
always remember her when I see the name now.
I am so glad I opted to take the trip with them up to the ranch.  I was a little concerned about internet access and phone reception, after a day on the Ranch I settled in and decided I needed a break from the world and would enjoy the time away.  I got closer to Kerry, getting to know this amazing woman is refreshing and comical.  She reminds me so much of my younger self.  10 years my junior she is the glue that binds her family and like myself family is who she makes it.  She collects people and incorporates them into her life for life.  Her household is made up of her, her husband Mark their kids and two room mates, Jeremy and Dutch.  I remember raising my own children and always having a house full of friends and family who needed a place to stay.  Those were good years, we might have been crowded but life was full of laughter and constant goings on's.  Weekly Sunday dinners, bbq's, trips to the lake and nightly laughter filled the house as we sat around the dinner table to enjoy my cooking which was how I showed my love to my people.

Horses on Bubba's Ranch
Being part of Kerry's household for this short time has taken me back to fond memories of past and reminded me of how much I miss those days, oh how fast they pass.  Children grow up, marriages end, people move on and life changes.  For me much of those changes took their toll on me, I was left broken in so many ways after my last marriage ended and life has been a series of struggles since.  The past 19 months of traveling and learning to be with me, to love me and heal from it all and now being here with Kerry and her family helps me to see how much I miss having someone to share it with.  While I am so fulfilled with helping others along the way there is a part of me that longs to have my own support system at the end of the day.  I have been single for a long time now and am better for it. I am comfortable with me now, comfortable enough that I do not need someone to fill the void, there is no real void just a desire to share this life with someone who is as content with themselves as I am with me.  Maybe I need a pet, haha!
The Reissing Ranch houses 20 pairs of cattle each year for grazing.  20 Momma cows and 20 Baby Cows.  They have some of the best grazing grounds on the Mountain and these cows eat good, leaving quite a bit bigger than when they arrive.  They are cool cows, very domesticated and I really enjoyed watching them, sometimes one cow will baby sit all the calf's while the rest of the herd grazes further away.  It is really cool to see how they all work together and reminded me much of how we all work together, we are more alike than we admit I think.

Kerry I just love you girl..  Thank you for you!
I noticed that life is very different here, people wash their cars when they are so dirty they can't recognize the color of the paint anymore, whereas in California we wash our cars every week using up a lot more water.  Half of the population out here seems to own trucks and so far almost everyone I have met cooks from scratch, knows how to change a tire and builds things rather than buys em.  In the homes I have visited there are less disposable things.  What I mean by that is everything has a story, furniture handed down and refinished, today most of the furniture for sale wouldn't last three generations even if reupholstered.  We have become such a disposable society in so many ways, it is nice to see so many antiques and traditions handed down generation to generation.

I fell in love with Missoula, Montana.  It really reminds me a lot of Santa Cruz, Ca.  Being a university town the population is pretty down to earth, lot's of hippies and live and let live mindset.  Missoula is set in a Valley surrounded by mountains, with trees everywhere, a river running through town and beautiful old house and buildings.  I felt right at home for the two days we stopped there and hope to return one day soon.
Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to tkae control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.  ~ Steve Maraboli

Miss Marie showed me around the Ranch, beat me at cards and made
my visit on the Ranch the best.  When back down in Missoula she stopped
by Connies to bring me a Redneck wine glass made from a candle stick and
a little mason jar sealed tight and full of her famous Red Raspberr Freezer
Jam.  Marie thank you for everything I look forward to my next visit.
As I type this we are in Billings, Montana where Kerry is purchasing a new car before we head home to Dickinson, North Dakota.  Kerry is beginning to really take off business wise, she is so passionate about the movement for organic/toxic free living and sharing it with everyone she knows.  It is great seeing her family beginning to see success financially while also getting healthier.  For me being able to help so many improve their lives in more ways than one is the biggest reward of all this.

Cabin Rules, great fules to live by!

I love it all, the traveling, the new friends who are growing to be family, the adventure of new experiences all while regaining my health and improving my finances for a brighter future for me and my own family is all amazing and each day gets better.  However, being someone who is honored to help others do the same is my greatest reward.  There is nothing that could make me go back to life the way I used to live it.  I have learned so much about what matters most, finding a path where I can help others and spread awareness of the need to be better to ourselves and our planet is the best way to make a living, I am really living now and that rocks.

Montana Sunset over a river we crossed over on the way to the Ranch

I love you all from a place of awe for the beauty that I am surrounded by each day, so many years I missed it all, always in a hurry to get to places I do not even remember now.  Life is so precious and every bit of it a treasure.

One Love,

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