Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get'n Green with my team in North Dakota

Last day in Phoenix, AZ, ND Bound, Yeah!
Today makes a week since I landed in North Dakota and quickly went to work assessing my surroundings and putting together a plan with my awesome North Dakota team.  Kerry Duff and her tribe in Dickinson, ND have been kicking it off in the North West and creating a fast growing team, they caught my attention within their first couple weeks of joining Team One Love in Essante Organics.  Kerry specifically had me doing a double take as I quickly saw myself in her go getter self.

Kerry & Mark

Kerry is among many things an organizer and great at making things happen for everyone around her, she is the glue that bonds many lives together and determined to make life better for her family with the most positive out look and attitude about getting things accomplished in life.  She is not a complainer, she is a solver, a woman who see's solutions with ease and when she is challenged on what to do next she is quick to dial up and find solutions with the assistance of others with no shame in her game.

Get'n our Organic on with Bountiful Baskets
One of the first things I noticed about Kerry is that when she calls me for advice and guidance on how to best introduce organic/toxic free living to her friends and community is that she takes what I give her immediately applies it, quickly rendering great results.  Her excitement and energy is contagious and attractive to all she comes in contact with.

Attack of the Veggies, Yeah!
I learned that North Dakota's economy is flourishing, with the current oil boom going down I decided to fly up to this beautiful state and spend some time working with and getting to know my friends here whom I have gotten to know pretty good over the phone and the computer.  Since being here it is easy to see how Kerry and her household are having some success in this new venture of combining their desire to be better to themselves with toxic free products and begin creating residual income for a financially free future.  It is also easy to see where I can be of help in moving their success to the next level.

Dutch the Man is one of the coolest guys I have
met in a long time, excited to be working with him
and getting to know him better.
Kerry and her husband Mark work together with an hour commute each way, every day.  Together they have three children still living in the home and two awesome room mates, Dutch and Jeremy who are also at work all day.  I will be staying here for a while with this awesome family while we all challenge ourselves to the Essante Organics 12 Week Transformation Challenge with a chance to win $2500, this contest is open to anyone who wants to transform their health with Essante Organics, for more info on how to compete for a better you visit my website at and call me by dialing **DoEssante right from you phone to learn more about how to get started.

Each of us has health and weight loss goals and together we plan to get into a routine that will help us all reach those.  Kerry and I have already begun sharing with others in the community this awesome opportunity to get healthy and wealthy doing so.  And I already feel right at home here, have begun shopping and cooking meals that everyone is writing home about, haha.

North Dakota Sunrise

My new boyfriend Browning

Shortly after getting here the announcement came out that I had been nominated and appointed to the Essante Leader Board, a panel of Field Advisers who represent both Essante to the Field and the Field to Essante.  What an honor, and timing couldn't be more perfect as I am in the field literally doing what I love most, working with people to help them get healthier, living a more organic/toxic free life while building their team and securing their financial future doing so.  Even more exciting to me was another on my team, my brother in every way Jeff Cerza was also nominated and appointed to serve as well.  How exciting that we get to share yet another part of this fantastic journey to success, doing what we are passionate about and believe in.

What an honor and a blessing to be working with some of the most amazing people and mentors in the industry.

Visiting the Bad Lands, ND while spreading the word about get'n green!
Today Kerry, Mark, the kids and I are headed to Augusta, Montana for the week to enjoy the 4th of July on the ranch and take in the sights.  Kerry knows I am scouting my future home for when my travels come to a slow and I find a more permanent place to call home and is determined to show me the beauty that is Montana.  She is quite convinced that I will fall in love with the land she calls home and is already making preparation to return to next summer.

I am looking forward to the trip, the ranch, getting to hang with Kerry and the family and visiting yet another state.  My travels, helping build my team across the country has taken me to some awesome locations and I have gotten to see so many new places.  I will likely remember this year as one of the fondest of my life.  I am so grateful for the opportunities that life has presented me with since making the choice to learn to love me, be better to me and face all my fears, creating a new future by my own design.  I have learned so much, met so many people who will be in my life for years to come and learned much about myself along the way.

I picked a great time of year to visit this Beautiful State and Family, the weather is perfect, lands plush green, life is in the air.

North Dakota Bad Lands
Arizona is still high on my list for a future home and I look forward to returning there in September for the Great Green Event.  Until the day I settle down for good I have to say I love the adventure of new people, places and things in life as I build a future learning how to treat myself and our planet better for a healthier future for us all.

I love you all from a place of gratitude for the many blessing in life and the ability to enjoy them right here and right now.

One Love,

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