Sunday, July 21, 2013

If you have dreams, live them.

The Creek beside the Black Hills Inn, Deadwood, North Dakota
Listening to the clear waters run over the rocks in the creek beside me I said a prayer of gratitude for the beauty that surrounded me as the sunlight crept over the mountain tops in the distance illuminating each leaf, stone and flower before my eyes.

This morning I have much to be thankful for, as I breath in the morning air I cannot help but think of how lucky I am to be here in yet another new and breathtaking part of the Country.  Deadwood, South Dakota where we set up camp for the night on our visit to see Mt. Rushmore is a fun town that resembles the old west.

We stayed at the Black Hills Inn on the outskirts of town, an older hotel that sits cozily right aside the highway into Deadwood with Mountains behind it and a beautiful stream running in front of it.  As usual I was up earlier than everyone else so I made my way outside to take in the morning and enjoy some quite time of my own.  Soon after the office opened up so I headed up for some coffee, making some friends along the way as others getting started out on their rides on the many Harley's that lined the parking lot were also in need of some hot coffee to get the engines going.

In no time I found myself in the lobby of the hotel surrounded by couples from all over who have come to town a couple weeks before the big attractions to enjoy a bike run without all the lines and traffic.  Laughter filled the air as we enjoyed our coffee and bagels while sharing our travels.  I was in awe of the Harley's in the lot, had been admiring them all morning long and was excited to get to talk to some of the owners, they were excited to learn more about me and share much advice on my upcoming purchase of my own Harley.  Something that has been on my bucket list for a long time now.  Something that is moving closer from a dream to a reality as my life continually improves, my health gets stronger, my weight gets lower, my income increases and I long to reward myself with a Harley of my own, I have discovered that I am a traveler, I love going, and going, and going, haha!

Mt. Rushmore was awesome.  Dutch invited me for a day trip to go see part of our Nations history, I gladly accepted.  Kerry and Mark decided to come along and what was going to be a day turn around became an overnight adventure.  We had a fun ride down, listening to music, laughing and even fitting in my Team One Love training call with Renee Chase and Jane Orlov as our special guest.  When we arrived at Mt. Rushmore I was already in Awe of the sky line, the Black Mountains and the green trees all around me as we made our way down the winding highway into the park.

Mt. Rushmore

It was a sight to see I tell ya.  Reading the history of the monument and all the years it took to carve the Four Presidents into the Granite Mountain was impressive.  I bought a Sturges bandanna, enjoyed the sites and did quite a bit of walking.  It is such a blessing to be able to do things like this today.  I still have a long way to go, but I am more than half way there and that is something I am so proud of myself for accomplishing.  Getting out and seeing the sites, be able to travel and enjoy it all is a great reminder of why I want to keep moving forward.

A great day!
After taking it all in at Mt. Rushmore we headed toward Deadwood and got checked into our hotel then went to town.  Deadwood Rocked!  We had a lot of fun, enjoyed dinner at an Italian restaurant above an old saloon with a great view of the street. I am so grateful to Kerry and her tribe for making me feel so at home while we work together to build up business in North Dakota and more so for all the great places she has taken me to.  Kerry is an adventurer as well, her and her husband Mark love to get up and go, traveling all over the place and having so much fun along the way.  I have made some friends for life in Kerry, Mark and Dutch and will be happy to revisit them again one day.

One Love
While I was talking to three Gentlemen getting on their awesome Harley's one said some words to me in his Houston accent that reminded me so much of my Dad.  I want to share with you all here.  He told me not to wait to long to follow my dream of riding, that life is not promised and we are meant to enjoy it right here and right now.  I laughed and replied, oh I know that is right.  They started up their engines and the rumble rode right through me as the pulled of smiling and waving.

Life is such a miracle, each moment, each connection that we make, there here and now, so precious.  If you have a dream, live it.  Don't wait, make it happen.  The best givt we can give ourselves is to live our dreams now.  Putting them off till tomorrow may mean they never come.

I love you all from a place of such joy for being able to live my dreams and love for you to live yours as well.

One Love,
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