Friday, July 12, 2013

Tomorrow is not promised...

Yesterday was a ridiculously hot and humid day here in Dickinson, North Dakota.  The skies were clear blue most the day with a sticky heat that reminded me of memories of summer days in Michigan or Texas when I was younger.  I was in high spirits all day, after running out to get ingredients for dinner I was pleasantly surprised by a package from Melissa Miller, Melissa is one of the newer members to Team One Love who I just adore and care much about her regaining her health.  My heart was smiling when I opened the gifts she sent me, so thoughtful and reminded me just how important this team is to all of us, we really are family in every way.

Around 5pm the skies turned quickly to overcast as Kerry and I ran to the bank while my chicken boiled on the stove and veggies waited to be sauteed for my chicken and dumplings dinner I was fully planning on enjoying with the crew for a cheat day meal.  As we pulled into the driveway of the house I noticed while exiting the car that the skies were very dark off in the distance, the clouds took on a whole new look telling a storm was coming and quick.  I looked at Kerry and said...  "this is tornado weather isn't it?"  Yeah that is what I said earlier, she responded.  I returned to my cooking, got the veggies sauteed, mixed my dumplings and started to drop them in the pot and the sirens started sounding, the radio went to emergency announcements and I heard Kerry coming inside from checking things out to let us know that we needed to prepare to go downstairs to the shelter under the stairs.

I stood there about half way through plopping my prized dumplings in to my pot knowing I needed about 20 minutes for my dumplings to reach perfect fluffiness with just the right amount of outer juice soaked goodness.  I looked at Kerry and said, you might want to tell that tornado I need 20 minutes.  I placed the lid on the pot, checked the time and decided that if a tornado was a comin' I wanted to have a couple things in the shelter with me, I grabbed my laptop, purse, phone and camera and carried them down, opened up my camera and met Kerry and Dutch outside to see what all the commotion was about.

Right side of the Wall Cloud as it approaches us quickly

I have never seen a wall cloud up close and personal like the one that was quickly moving over our heads, it was so exciting to see, I stood in awe as I realized that we were standing under what was looking like the beginning of a tornado.  Kerry was calling us to come in, she has had past experience with how fast they can touch down once they start going and I finally decided to listen to her after a few moments of awe, snapping pics and catching some video.  Once I realized it was right over our head I was ready to go down to the shelter.  I got on my phone and called my Sister, Stella's fathers and Renee' then the commotion was getting thick, the lights were flickering and I realized that we could really be in a tornado.

Left side of the Wall Cloud

Kerry, I am so blessed to have this time with you and your family
I will cherish these days always!
The cool thing was that I was not scared, I realized as I got off the phone with Renee after making arrangements for my children with her, my last words before we hung up were, if anything happens make sure and let everyone know I was smiling, I am happy with my life, don't be sad!  And the cool thing is I meant it.  I got off the phone and realized that if this moment were my last I am happy about where I am in life, how far I have come and who I have been and become.  I had this calming sense that I finally get it, what matters most in life and am living my life by those values that sustain my soul first.  That was a great moment.

And each moment since I am reminded that I love being me, I love all the amazing lessons life has given me to create the woman I love when I look in the mirror today.  There was a time when I did not love me, was not so proud of me, and today that has changed.  Today I know that tomorrow is not promised and living today for what matters most is all that really matters in the end.

Who we are matters so much more than what we have, we cannot take any of that stuff with us.  In the end all we take are collective memories and hopefully a sense of decency.

I love you all from a place of gratitude for another blessed day of life on this beautiful planet and a new respect for the power of mother nature.  And an extra bit of gratitude for a great chicken and dumplings dinner that we all got to enjoy here in North Dakota last night!

One Love,
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