Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miley Cyrus, Syria, World War III, The Plot Thickens, dom, dom, dom

Look beyond what they tell us to see!  There is so much more happening, and we do have the power to help change it all!

Okay so I am just an average American, lived a life thinking how lucky we are to be in a "Free Country".  I believed what I was taught to believe and really never put much more thought into it other than that as I was distracted by life.  You know... That everyday life we live.  Bills to pay, work to do, more bills to pay, more work to do.  Living for days off, family bbq's, Sunday dinners and happy events to feel like all the other stuff was worth it.

Like many I am sure I spent most of my life sleep walking through it, totally oblivious to what was really going on in the world and blind to the truth all around us.  I watched the news and those reality tv shows that all promote fear and drama.  I lived thinking I knew what mattered and considering myself a good person most days.  I really took no responsibility in my contribution to this planet as my world only existed in my immediate surroundings.  The rest didn't effect me directly so it would never happen to me.

I had no idea that my lack of care and concern for the big picture was being conditioned from many sources all leading back to one set group of "people" for lack of a better name to call them.  I didn't know that the news was controlled by these "people".  I was totally unaware that the medical association, pharmaceutical association, Big Agriculture, the FDA, the USDA, our school systems, and our government were all tied into these "people" who are really calling the shots and have been for a long, long time.

I ate their chemical filled foods out of convenience, foods designed to create diseases and keep us addicted and dumbed down.  I watched their TV shows, news casts, read their papers, trusted the stickers on the meat in the grocery store that said FDA approved.  I thought all along I was free, really I was just part of a well designed prison system that we allowed ourselves to be sentenced to.

Today is a new day, call it the lack of a daily surge of toxins going into and on my body but I am not so easily fooled today.  I am not so quick to just trust that the powers that be are there to protect us and will and my inner voice has grown strong, my intuition is working much better these days.  Call me a conspiracy theorist, I actually like that name now to be honest.  It suits me much better than "sheeple" or "pawn" or "useless eater".

Today I see my own responsibility in the course of all our future, I see clearly that I do make a difference, you do make a difference.  Each one of us can do something about it and it begins with making the choice to be the change you want to see in the world.  Gandhi was really onto something with that quote.  I have learned that by changing myself, the world around me changes.  It is a ripple effect, and we attract to us what we put out.

Here are some good examples of making changes that effect us all.  Let's take Miley Cyrus for example.  Is that all we can talk about? So many are appalled by her raunchy show, yet they are giving her exactly what she wanted... ATTENTION!  Then let's really look at this, the attention or better yet distraction was just the first part, the second part is division.  Now the shift has moved from "look at how tacky that was, I am so appaled" to "who is to blame, Miley or Robin Thicke?".  Every single news channel and online news is covering this on a daily basis and backing it up with new raunchy photos and more debates of who's to blame, even Robing Thickes Mom is in on the debate now.

Seriously, see this for what it is...  A DISTRACTION!  A distraction from what is really going on in the world, like the situation in Syria the threat of World War III.  And realize that there is a good reason we are being distracted and divided.  Because the pending war is not all that it is shown to us to be.  The powers that be want war, they want to implement marshal law on America and further their agenda of population control, or any control for that matter because they are losing control as we are waking up in the record numbers.

People were just murdered so that we have a reason to go to war.  That is devastating.  We as a Country, as a world should not be focused on drama created to distract us when there are people dying and more to follow if we do not wake up and pay attention.

There is something we can do, we can be responsible for how We make our voice heard.  We can make the conscience decision to not give one moment of our attention to Miley Cyrus or any other well orchestrated distractions, we can choose to not help the powers that be blind us and others by being the voice that furthers this agenda playing out.  So Miley Cyrus is Raunchy, so what, let her be that and move on to something that matters!

We can choose to let our voice be heard where it counts, if we want to flood the newsfeeds of social media sights like Facebook, choose to flood them with our cries for NO MORE WAR! Let our voice be heard, take a stand on what matters and choose to be the change we want to see.

Or we can wait till it is too late and wonder what happened!

I love you all from a place of choosing to be responsible for what I put out in the world recognizing that I am a part of the solution, I am of the awakening of us and will continue to get better and better at being a part of the change I want to see.

One Love,
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