Saturday, August 17, 2013

The blessings of being of service to others~

This past week has been one of many lessons, it is amazing how lives most trying circumstances can reveal the most powerful realizations.  Throughout the trials of the week I have found much peace in simply focusing on being of service to others in my life.  Not in the way I used to be, no, the old me would just want to fix it all for them all.

This new me who has been away from home for so long has in some way been preparing for this time without realizing myself doing so.  My family is facing great challenges right now.  I have been given the opportunity to be here for them all.  Choosing my role in this was not an easy choice.  I am a mother, I want to protect and save my children.  That is the nature of a mother, we want to spare our children from pain, from consequences and in doing so we rob them of their lessons in life.

I cannot tell the story as it is not my story to tell.  I can share with you all what I have learned about the power of blessing of being of service to others.  I can tell you that today I have a new understanding of what being a good mother means.  Many times this week I prayed to Mother Mary for guidance in being the best mother I can be during these trying times for my family.  My star sister Kimra reminded me that she is the Mother of Jesus and must be the best mother in the whole universe and gives her much guidance in parenting so I took her beautiful advice and turned to Mother Mary as well.  I found much peace in the hours that followed my prayers.

I have had to reach deep within this week and ask myself important questions that I was willing to trust myself and listen to the answers.  The messages I received this week were to be of service.  So I immersed myself in service to all around me.  I removed my feelings of confusion about what was happening around me and replaced them with feelings of faith and trust that all is as it should be and even if we cannot see that now we one day will understand.  I found joy in supporting those around me, bringing new hope to them all with the smallest of tasks that helped shed new light on each day.

Too often in life we become overwhelmed with lives challenges leading us to battle to find solutions as we drown in a sea of our own emotions.  Something as simple as being of service to those around us can help us to clear our mind and heart for enough time to sort some of it out.  Taking my grandbabies shopping, cooking them healthy meals, building forts, setting up a new game/play room for them, helping them prepare for their first days of school that began this week all helped us both, them and me to feel like life was still happening and something to be joyful about.  They breath life into me with their smiles, every morning when they awake they come to me with big hugs to tell me they love me and the day begins with hope once again.

I have learned a new compassion for the planet this week.  A new understanding gained through the trials we are facing here in our little corner of this big and beautiful planet full of so many stories taking place and unfolding in each of our lives.  I realized that your problems are mine and mine yours.  Even if they are not one in the same, we are one and the same so what ails your life ails mine.  The situations occurring in my own life have given me reason to pause and consider my judgments of others.  I realize now more than ever that no judgments of others serve me or the whole.  Through this, one of the biggest challenges in my own life I have learned that redemption is for us all.  Through forgiveness of our own we can learn to forgive all, ourselves included.

I woke up this morning, sat under the star lit sky and as the sun began to rise I sat in prayer as I saw the brightest star fade and asked the heavens... "how can I be of service today?"  Then the clouds became visible in a bright and luminous pink contrasting against the blue sky in way that was so magical.  A humming bird danced around the trees in front of me while the sounds of birds all around me came to life.  I heard the answer in my heart... "Sing, Dance, Live".

I love you all from a place of compassion, strength, forgiveness and love.  May your day be blessed with peace, joy and hope.  Sing and dance about life.

One Love,

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