Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are you problem oriented or solution oriented?

There are people who are problem oriented and people who are solution oriented.  Who are you?

Solution oriented people look for and offer solutions in life and can see the good in circumstances and others even others who they have had discourse with in past events.  These people see every situation as a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities for growth in any direction and are the very people who create success in their own lives and inspire success in others.

Problem oriented people look for and offer problems in life and see only what is wrong with circumstances and others in their lives,and miss the good in circumstances and in others.  These people base possibilities on past experiences and look for evidence of why things will not work and hinder progress for success.

You will see a tug for war taking place in negative people, you can present them with solutions, life can present them with opportunity after opportunity however they will pick at it with complaint after complaint and look for things to point out why it is wrong or will not work.

The best thing to do if you are a solution oriented person is to not get caught up in problem oriented peoples issues.  Offer a solution and move on, give up the need to control the outcome as we cannot change people and trying to do so can lead us down a problem oriented path ourselves.  Be careful whose issues you allow to become your own.

Also, see the good in everyone and everything as your first goal in looking at situations and people, remind yourself we are all on our own journey and we are all exactly where we need to be at that time and place to grow.  By seeing the good in situations and in people you create more good, energy goes where attention flows.

There will always be people who will take your actions in life personally and make it about themselves and try to make it about others also by rallying support of their feelings and opinions from others with gossip, complaints, etc.. to prove to themselves your actions were about them in some way.  Remember that just like you choose not to personalize others actions as about you, you can also choose not to personalize others rationalization of your actions being about them.  If you are centered in your actions coming from a solution oriented place you have nothing to question and nothing to defend.

If you find yourself on the problem oriented side of this discussion that is okay, you can change that about yourself by simply being aware of your choice to see problems in life and choose to look for solutions when presented with what you perceive to be problems.  There is always a solution and you can be that solution if you choose to be.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise so I am changing myself.
Remember that problems are opportunities to be solution oriented or an opportunity for you to complain and blame.  The choice is always yours and is always directly related to your core desires to either succeed in life or fail in life.  Why would anyone want to fail you may ask yourself? Most do not realize this core desire even exist and that is because they have blamed circumstances and others in life for failures to avoid success.  Why would anyone want to avoid success you may ask? Well, many do want to avoid success even if they do not realize it because of fears of success and fears of failure which are often one in the same.  These people and mostly without realizing it will not only sabotage their own success but will try to sabotage yours as well.

No one can stop progress in your life unless your core desire is not to progress!  Being a solution oriented person will create progress and success just like being a problem oriented person will keep you stuck right where you are complaining about how circumstances and others in life stopped you from succeeding.

I love you all from a place of remembering a time in my own life when I chose to see problems and thought myself a victim of circumstances and people in my life and having gratitude for my choice to recognize that and become a solution based person by first recognizing my own value and worthiness of self love and becoming the solution to my own life and pure gratitude for knowing my own gift in helping to inspire others to solution based thinking as well.

One Love,

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