Saturday, September 21, 2013

Get'n Green with my Team...

Ready for a night out on the town with Jaina, our CEO Michael Winneger,
and Jane Orlov.
I am having the best week here in Scottsdale, I am up early sitting poolside at my hotel preparing my presentation for our Greet Green Event and reminiscing over the past few days with some of my favorite people.  Many of you remember Glenn and Theresa from the early days when this Journey just began.  They have truly become parents to me, the past couple of years they have taught me so much about family being who we make it, a belief I have always had growing up without much family around me most of the time.

Momma Theresa and Poppa Glenn
Speaking of Family, it is so exciting to see our Essante Family growing so rapidly today and amazing people.  I am given evidence every single day that I am in the right place at the right time.  I have passed some pretty big tests this last month in a half in my life that have helped me to recommit myself to this mission for organic/toxic free living in a whole new way.  Recently I was offered a nice sign on package to join another company in the industry and while I was shocked and impressed to realize I have reached the level in this industry where companies offer you sign on bonuses and contracts I even more so realized that if they want me and are willing to pay me to join them that I am good enough to take my team to the top right where we are doing what we really believe in, promoting green living, toxic free, organic living.

I saw that Walmart is now phasing the top most controversial cancer causing chemicals out if it's stores, that was evidence if I don't know what is of the direction we are headed in as a planet.  I knew when I got involved in Essante Organics that we were forging the way for others to catch this wave of the future of our planet going green when I studied projected organic spending over the next 10 years, but seeing Walmart catching on is a huge victory for us all and shows that we are waking up and the world is changing.  I feel so blessed to be a part of that and grateful to have the visionary mind I have to be part of a company in the beginning of it and be able to become a leader rather than following last years trend.

More exciting is how many of my team are stepping up to the plate to become a leader in this company that has so much room for growth as we are still forming the inner circle and shaping the direction of this company.  Those that want it and are up to the challenge of creating a solid team before this company hits momentum lives will be changed over night.

I love these girls, Kimra Luna, Victoria Maters and Jaina Mossburg at our hotel heading out to a vegan lunch 

Starting my morning off right, haha
I cannot share how good it feels to be a part of something so real, a mission I believe in that is so much bigger than me or you, this is about the future of our planet, future generations to come for me and I know that there are no mistakes in life and I am truly where I am meant to be at the right time and in the right place.

Kimra thank you so much for all you have brought to my life, your love and support has brightened my life in very way!

I thought being vegan meant giving up taste and the foods I love, I really
had no idea that my world would be opened up to so much more flavor.
Meeting Kimra Luna Diggs and Victoria Masters for the first time was like seeing old friends, I was asked before they got here if I had met them already and had to pause for a moment and think about that because I felt like I had, and when they arrived it was like a reunion.  We had the best time yesterday with Jaina, Theresa and Glenn going out to eat at the Green Vegetarian and enjoying some organic vegan food, I have to say that their Big Wac burger felt like cheating and I only took a bight off of Kimra's.

I cannot tell you how much I already love this woman!

Last night was awesome, we had our Essante Mixer and I got to meet Miss Suzi Grantham who I have been trying to hang out with since I was here for 6 weeks a few months back.  It was like meeting my long lost twin, we have that much in common and I cannot wait to hang out with her again.

Power Women!!!

It's going to be a hot one here in Scottsdale, AZ today, it is just 7am and the heat is here already haha.  Time to get ready for our Great Green Event, if you are in Arizona and want to learn more come on down to the Double Tree in Scottsdale and join us, the event is free, the training is going to be awesome and you can meet the corporate team and me.

I love you all from a place of feeling sheer gratitude for everyone and everything in my life.

One Love,
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  1. Pure awesomeness! I can't wait to join you at a Great Green Event Soon! Thank you so much my dear friend for introducing me to Essante' Organics! Love the pics and you!