Monday, September 23, 2013

I am not afraid to die & I am not lucky to be Fat, my worth is so much more... My AH HA moments!

Inner Peace Baybeee!
The week started on Tuesday with the most turbulent plane ride I have ever experienced.  There were many nervous faces on the plane and I overheard many comments as I sat there smiling and thinking to myself...
"Well Self, if this is how we gotta go, what an awesome ride it will be."  I was shocked at how calm I was while the plane jumped all over the place several times during the flight, mostly during our descent into Phoenix, AZ.

That was my first "AH HA" moment of this most amazing week in Scottsdale, AZ.  I realized during that flight just how NOT afraid of dying I have become.  I remember when I used to be terrified of dying, not in my younger years of course as I was still invincible then as I think most of us are.  It was when I started to realize that I was getting older, that life was not all dares and excitement that I began to fear death.  I didn't want to die just like I never wanted to go to sleep as a child for fear I would miss something.

Facing and overcoming all my fears is allowing me to become the woman I came here to be, is allowing me to life fully!

Me and Jaina getting our special time on, love you girl!
I love life more now than ever before, however somehow now I do not fear leaving this life behind in the same way I used to.  Today I have something I didn't have then, I have this knowing inside of me, this faith that this is not it, this life is merely the blink of an eye for my soul and for the first time in my life I am really living.  I am living life on my terms, I am living life loving me!  I have this amazing relationship with myself and with all life, with my Creator and with the Universe that puts this life into such brilliant perspective for me, I get it now!  I get that this life is about experiences, lessons and growth for my soul.  I understand that when I leave this life I return home to light and love.  That rocks!

Sushi Bars Rock and have plenty of vegan options that is so cool.
I spent the first couple days with one of my Team One Love gals Miss Jaina training, working on confidence in sharing our amazing product line and having fun just getting to know her, had fun dining out with our CEO Michael Wenniger and Jane Orlov at my first Sushi Bar, that was awesome.  And then on Thursday and Friday the rest of the crew arrived and I finally got to meet the more of my team in person all of whom traveled miles to join us for the Essante Great Green Event.

Friday night we all got together for the Essante Mixer and I had the pleasure of meeting my long lost twin Suzi Grantham, I spoke about her in my last entry, I cannot speak on her enough she is simply amazing and I feel so blessed to know her in person now, we had connected on Facebook some time ago through our mutual friend Jesse and I have been so impressed by her uplifting self ever since.  Meeting Kimra was a huge "AH HA" moment for me, I was asked if I had met her previously before she got there and paused to think "had I?"  as I really felt like we have know each other all our lives and remembered that we had not in fact met in person yet.  Well when we did it was like seeing an old friend and picking up right where we left off.

Check out OUR Team rocking the house and getting award after award, way to crush it TEAM ONE LOVE!

I was so taken back by her passion, her dedication and her confidence and she reminded me of some very important things that I love about this new me.  Her second in command Miss Victoria is too much fun for words, so giving of a spirit and a serious force to be reconed with in the future of organic living. we, without knowing ahead of time just kept ordering the same dishes at our now favorite spot to eat at in Phoenix... The Green Vegetarian, talk about great vegan food at an affordable price, man oh man I wish there was one of these on every block.  I think if we had more options for organic, gmo free vegan food more people would expand their pallets to enjoy more veggies in life.


Okay, now to the big parts of the week.  The Great Green Event!  What an awesome day.  I learned so much with the valuable training, cried when the new overview video launched and almost threw up when I learned I was opening for Todd Falcone when I did my presentation for the event.  As if I wasn't already nervous enough.  I know this may come as a shock to many on my team but I get so nervous before each call, each presentation and this being my first event presentation the pressure was on.  I found out when we broke for lunch that I would be going on stage right after and opening for Todd, I was like "what?" shouldn't he go first he is the top dog here he should go first then he can leave and I don't have to present right in front of him, haha.  I have always been a best under pressure type of gal and the added adrenaline only made my energy soar as I was announced and took the stage with tears in my eyes after Angie Levine our CMO's heartfelt introduction that she gave with tears in her own eyes.  I love this woman I am so privileged to work side by side with her in taking this company to momentum, she is so real, so genuine and goes out of her way to help us grow.

Great Attendance and Great participation! 

My girl Kelly Laassadi getting her Gold Pin, you go girl.
I started my presentation sharing how nervous I was with the audience, pointing out to them that I am no different than each of them and that facing our fears is how we advance in any area of life.  The I asked the question... Do you know where you are?  I followed by impressing where we really are in this company and  recalling the last event 4 months ago.  Being a ground floor company our events are small in comparison to companies who have long passed the momentum stage.  Also, and more importantly here at Essante we don't do Hype, Essante has taken a totally different approach to every area of this industry starting with being the first company to go Certified Organic and Toxic Free, creating a comp plan that pays us our worth by building a solid foundation for long term residual income and 100% matching bonus checks and taken it further by leaving all the enticing glitter and glam of fake free car programs and cardboard checks that are not really cashable out of the mix.

My Momma Theresa getting her Silver Pin, so happy for you Mom
I remember our last event, my very first event in Essante that I walked into the room to see some 85 people there and thinking to myself...  "WOW, this is where it all begins, this is where the intimate inner circle is formed, this is where the top earners and leaders started out in each and every company in the history of network marketing and I am here... I AM HERE!"  I also remembered sitting outside with some of the leaders I had been looking up to over the proceeding months and hearing them complain about how small the event was, or what was wrong with it, blah, blah blah and sitting there spoke up and offered another way to look at it because that is who I am and how I roll.   I shared this with the audience and pointed out that those people were not in attendance today!  I looked around at the familiar faces that were once again in the audience and the new faces that joined us and said... Those of us that are here today, show up again in four months and again after that, we are the inner circle of Essante, we are the visionaries that saw the future of this company and will forge a path to greatness in a new way of living.  Then the crowd applauded with excitement as I followed by telling them that my own team has doubled in size since our last event.

Sometimes, we are so attached to our way of life that we turn down
wonderful opportunities simply because we don't know what to do with it!
Even though I was the one speaking, I myself, was reminded again and had yet another "AH HA" moment while looking at all those excited faces that this is just the beginning and it is those of us who show up for success and those of us who realize what a once in a lifetime amazing opportunity it is to be here in the beginning that will be the faces on the pictures of the walls of the Essante High Rise building in down town Phoenix, AZ in the future when Organic and Toxic Free living is the way of life we all know.  Those of us who understand that the world is going green ONCE and had the courage, confidence and foresight to see the future and stepped up to the plate to be a positive force in helping shape the direction of this company, WE will look back and know we understood what so many in life miss, what so many of us have missed again and again, myself included.  We often miss opportunities like this because we are so conditioned to need to feel secure and our desire to feel successful leads us to follow others who are successful and join others who have done it already rather than be the first to lead, the first to do it, the first to see what is going to be rather than what is or what has been.

My girl Julie James Ward getting her Gold Pin!!!!
In this industry so many jump from company to company hoping to find that Golden ticket when the truth is that YOU ARE THE GOLDEN TICKET.  We can become successful in any company with any product line, however the amount of work that it will take and the level of success that you will reach depends more on timing than most will admit to themselves because positioning yourself in the most beneficial position requires a certain mindset, it requires a pioneer spirit who see's what can be and will not settle for what is.  It requires someone who is solution focused, driven by challenges and not defeated by them  I have watched leaders I admired greatly go from adamantly and passionately promoting toxic free living, shouting off the roof tops the dangers of toxins, the bad side effects of whey protein and more to giving up their vision over pettiness and go right back to saying that now toxins are okay and whey is better with some other company all because they lost confidence in their own ability to forge an unseen path with faith and found every area they could to blame lack of success on something or someone else rather than seeing their own ability to create the direction this company is taking and the funny thing is that some of their complaints they left over have since changed and they didn't help that happen by giving up.

Jessica, Julie and Toma (who joined us all the way from the Ukraine) you blessed me in more ways than one this week, I love you all so much and see such greatness ahead for you and Essante as you amazing wellness warriors share the gift of choice with the world.

Dr. JJ Levine President of Essante and Mrs. Angie Levine our CMO
I love your dedication to a toxic free future for us all and our planet
I stood there talking to all these faces I have come to know and love and saw the excitement and again was reminded of the importance of events, the importance of investing in our future.  After all this is our business and how much we make it our business determines how successful we will be.  But most of all I was reminded of the fact that I AM HERE! And like many there I also walked away taking that with me again and am renewed to go out and spread the word about Essante to the world and help as many as I can to learn the importance of getting those toxins out of Our lives and helping our planet heal one wellness warrior at a time.  Not one complaint did I hear this round, so many who traveled from afar got it and I know in my heart we have reached this turning point and am filled with so much gratitude for my own ability to be a pioneer in this company and be part of the driving force that is taking us to momentum.

Victoria Masters before the event, girl you are a born leader and such a positive force on our team,  I am so blessed to be working with you for such a great cause I love you to pieces!

At the end of the day who I am is about how I feel about me, who I become
is about how I treat me, how much I love me as I am right here and right now!
I ended my presentation by getting really bold.  As many of you know my first month in Essante I lost a lot of weight on the alkalizing line and protein shakes before I took off on my journey across the country to work directly with my team and started gaining much of it back.  It was hard to stay on a set eating plan living in so many different houses but even more so there was something else going on that I needed to address and prove to myself.  I had heard one too many times of how lucky I am to be Fat, that it gave me an advantage over all the skinny people and was the reason I was able to attract so many to join me.  That never sat easy with me and left me questioning my own skills and abilities in this industry, I found myself asking myself...  Self, is it true, are you just fat and not really all that talented?  Even more so I asked myself some hard questions, what is it that am really promoting here?  What is this really about for ME?

In my last company it was all about getting skinny, looking sexy, the whole companies attitude is about sexy people attract sexy people, shoot... even the Founders said those very words in episode one of their series when the director was questioning them about all the sexy people.  I competed in a competition to earn the chance to work with Ben Silverman on an upcoming show and lost to 10 people who had already hit goal, so many walked away from that event asking how all the winners were going to show people like me, like them that we can do this, we can get healthy when they had already reached goal, where was the challenge?  But at that event I was on stage, my stair climbing video was played in front of thousands and even became a household video for challenge parties and I gained a huge following.  Again I heard how lucky I was to be fat and my beginning success in Essante was also often attributed to that moment on stage with my previous company.

I want to be healthy and I recognize that part of that is losing weight, what I have learned is that it is a package deal, my health comes first and in that I will lose weight, not the other way around.  We hear so often from our doctors you need to loose weight no matter what we go to see them for, we see images in the media that say we are not sexy if we are not thin and at the end of the day are left feeling less than and turn to food even more to feel better.  A lifestyle change begins with an inner change, an inner acceptance of ourselves as we are, loving us now so we can become healthier tomorrow.

That's me Baybeee, all 357 pounds of me and I love me right here and right now!
I wanted to know that I am not my weight and more so to get away from my value, our value being placed on numbers on a scale.  I wanted to prove to myself that I am talented not lucky to be fat.  I wanted to show others like me that you do not have to get skinny to be valued, to win.  I made the decision back then that my goal is not to lose weight and stopped doing weekly weigh ins, in fact I stopped weighing in at all.  My last weigh in I was 311 lbs, a long way down from the 430 I started at way back when I was in my wheelchair.  And, I knew that I have gained back weight I didn't need a scale to tell me that. But what I have learned since then is that I am talented in helping others believe in themselves and a scale was not needed to do so.  I have helped build a team in 7 months with 248 people under me without one weigh in to do it.  I didn't separate myself from them by losing weight to prove anything to anyone.  I just focused on what has grown to be such a huge passion for me, my main passion... Helping the world go green.  When I think of all the lives we are helping and the millions we will touch as the years go on and the effect that those millions will have on the planets future I can't help but laugh and cry all at once.  It is a righteous mission indeed and more than anything I am so grateful to be a part of something so good and to be able to combine earning a living with a righteous goal to help everyone and our planet.

So here I am, I have proved to myself that I am a wellness warrior and now I am ready to help myself get well'er haha.  I am ready to loose the rest of this weight and get all my mobility back, to be able to go and do what I want and not be held back by this weight I have lived with all my life and I am solid in my new foundation of doing it the right way, I now know that there is a right way.  I hear diet pushers and companies talk about a lifestyle as they shove pills and toxic meal replacements down our throats.  And while they can help us lose weight and get sexy we are totally unaware of what is going on inside our bodies.  I no longer have to trade my health for a need to be accepted as sexy or successful because of how I look.  So here I am and I am ready!  What I really want to do is help others like me to know that we don't have to give up health to fit into a size pants that society says looks good and allows all these fad diet companies to prey on our insecurities so I got bold and I got on a scale for my weigh in right there on stage.

My awesome CEO Michael Wenniger whom I love beyond words because'
he is so REAL, he is ONE OF US, he is dedicated to a vision he saw years
ago before it was becoming mainstream awareness it is today and he welcomes
us all with open arms no matter who we are he loves us all and that rocks.
I weighted in at 357 pounds.  I stood there as my girl Kimra took my measurements after my weigh in and shared with the audience how important it is to not be ashamed of who we are or where we are now.  And more importantly how important it is to face our fear of what others think of us because of our weight.  I stood there embracing my 357 lbs and made it very very clear that my focus is on my health and that while I will be weighing in every week when I begin this 12 week Transformation Challenge on October 1st with some 30 team members who are doing this with me that I am focused on a REAL lifestyle change, an organic/toxin free lifestyle and invited anyone there and you reading this today to join us in showing the world the value in alkalizing your body and gaining your health and realizing that weigh loss is a byproduct and bonus of that choice.

Kimra and Todd Falcone
I will be putting my video up soon and so many are joining us to work on our health, some want to get their pH leveled, some gain muscle and some like myself are fighting diseases.  We all have goals but we all have one common goal... WE all want to be healthy and to share health with the world.  That rocks the most.  While we are all competing to win $2500 cash, more so we are competing to be our best selves and no matter who wins we all win and that rocks even more.

 I left the stage in my socks feeling so relieved to have stood up and said I weigh 357 pounds and didn't feel one ounce of shame over it.  I know so many of us want to be thinner and I am weighing in publicly to show those of you out there like myself how that goal is secondary when you choose health and not only reachable but much easier to maintain if you choose health as your goal.  Every diet pusher in the world will tell you that their products are healthy, do your homework and read the ingredients, read the fine print baybeee...  It is your health that matters most and if someone says buy this to get healthy it is up to you to make sure that what is in that product is real health and real health is not created by a panel of scientist in a lab who can explain away your concerns over ingredients that you have seen study after study to say they are not safe! Real healt is created from Mother Earth.  I don't care how many doctors they pay to say that their product is safe, if it isn't real food it wasn't made for your body.  A lifestyle change is about getting back to basics, understanding how your body works and giving it what it craves most... real, organic nutrition.  You don't even have to buy my products to live a healthy lifestyle, to get healthy and to loose weight, you can do it all on your own.  I am happy to share how any day of the week with you as my biggest goal is to do good and that comes well before selling you some products even though mine are made from mother earth and great for those who want to join us.

Todd Falcone kicking us some massive game!

Todd Falcone who is a master presenter took the stage after me, his energy is simply amazing, he is so on point and just real.  I took away so many "AH HA" moments from him and look forward to hearing more from him in the future.  The event was amazing and we all celebrated at another vegan dinner at The Green Vegetarian with all the amazing emerging leaders in attendance while we masterminded some plans for the days, weeks and months ahead.  We are already planning for our next event and I have no doubt that my team will more than triple in size this round.

Our CEO Michael Wenniger, myself and the most awesome Todd Falcone

Glenn, Momma Theresa and I packed up yesterday and made the long drive back to Bakersfield, CA where I am sitting right now talking to you in their RV enjoying a bright sunny morning and preparing to get on the Leader Board call with an amazing team of Leaders who shares my pioneer spirit for the future and looking forward to the Global Leadership Call tonight that I will be hosting with many guests from the event who will share their big "AH HA" moments on our take away call.  You can join our calls any and every Monday Night at 9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST by calling the Global Conference Line at 1-712-432-9090 PIN 9090#.  To listen to previous calls you can CLICK HERE for the Corporate Soundcloud page and to check out my own awesome personal team One Love training calls visit my soundcloud by CLICKING HERE!  If you want to follow my Journey on this 12 week transformation challenge you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel HERE.


One Love,

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