Thursday, October 17, 2013

Alternative Healing Rocks!

Healing, mind, body and spirit 
I spent the evening at the local Emergency room here in Stuarts Draft, Va last night.  The past few days I have felt pretty under the weather and been dealing with some intense lower back pain and abdominal pain.  Five hours and several tests later we discovered that I have kidney stones and to tell you the truth I am so excited about that.  Sounds crazy I know, however I got some other news back during all those tests...  My anemia is gone, my red blood cell count is normal, I am absorbing iron again!  Even better, my liver enzymes are normal, my ammonia levels all normal.  This the best news ever.  For months now my body would not absorb iron and my red blood cell count was getting lower and lower with no explanation as to why.  My liver enzymes were off and my ammonia levels high.

I have been using a combination of Gerson Therapy, a mostly raw all vegan diet and the entire line of my Essante Organics products.  I have eliminated the toxins from all my daily use products as I now know that they are just as bad if not worse than the stuff I put in my body, their chemicals go directly to my blood supply in seconds.  My diet is a very detoxing diet and it is not uncommon for kidney stones to pass during a detox program.

I was bad to my body, bad to myself for a lot of years and getting my health back is a journey that does not happen over night either.  I am so blessed to be around so many healthy people who support me and help me with so much valuable information. It is awesome seeing us all getting healthier together and even more so being able to earn an awesome living doing so.

While I was at the hospital last night my awesome friend and teammate Kimra hosted the Go Green Hangout with several guests who like myself have awesome testimony to share about how they are regaining their health too.  If you have any desire to learn more about ways to improve your health and eliminate toxins check out this video and more on similar subjects on THIS CHANNEL.

I woke up this morning with the sunrise bursting into my window and from the moment I opened my eyes was filled with the same faith I closed them feeling.  I sat last night on the edge of my bed praying in gratitude for the good news and committing myself even more to this path of regaining my life, doing things the right way, making good choices that show me how much I love and value me and more so this life, this gift given to me from my Creator who is with me always, each step of the way.  God is good all the time, I am truly learning what that means, I am seeing the evidence of walking a path of faith and having God in my life.

I love you all from a place of feeling so blessed to be here.

One Love,

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