Saturday, October 5, 2013

Virginia Baybeeeeeeee

Yeah that's right I am in Virginia!  I know it is hard to keep track of me these days but let me just say how good it feels to be at a place in life where I can hop a plane or a train and just go where I want to when I want to go there, haha.  And right now  I want to be in Stuarts Draft, Virginia with my Girl Kimra Luna Diggs aka The Miss Fit Mama and her most serine home and family.

I flew in on the 1st and let me just say that Virginia is beautiful, it is humid, however the views all around me are beautiful.  There are rolling hills and mountains everywhere I look all covered in green trees and fields.  The morning birds sing a song of life and the night skies are bright with stars.  The sound of crickets all night makes me sleep so good.

This past five days has been such a retreat for me, the peace and serenity in this household is just what I need on my journey in healing myself naturally.  I can best describe the energy in this household with one word... LOVE!  Unconditional love fills every corner of this peace filled home.  Kimra and her husband have so much love and respect for each other, their communication sounds like a song of support and inspiration.  They are two completely different people and neither tries to change the other, it is a beautiful relationship.  Their relationship with their two beautiful sons is an example all parents should strive for.  The treat their children like people not property, they let them make choices, have their voice and approach each moment with love and excitement.  I am very blessed to have this time with Kimra and her family and feel so welcome here.

I woke up feeling rested and happy tears rolled down my cheeks after I weighed myself and realized I have lost 12 pounds since my public weigh in in Phoenix, Arizona at the last Great Green Event on September 21st.  I probably would have weighed in sooner but I shipped my scale along with other items I didn't have room for in my luggage on the plane and my boxes arrived yesterday.  I will be staying her in Virginia for the next 12 weeks while I compete in the Essante 12 Week Transformation with countless other Wellness Warriors who have joined me to get healthy and lose weight together with an organic/toxic free lifestyle.

I woke before the sun this morning and sat outside watching the sunrise, taking in the crisp morning air and seeing the trees illuminated by the sun I was taken back by all the colors of the leaves on the trees as we enter fall.  This is going to be a beautiful fall and I am filled with gratitude for where I am today.

Mary can say how I am feeling this morning best.... Sing it Mary!

Kimra and I have been crushing it out business wise, 5 New Wellness Warriors joined my team this week and even more joined her team!  I am getting ready for my Saturday Success Training call and feeling so blessed to be on this path of doing what I believe in, earning a good living doing it and surrounded by the most amazing, positive and uplifting souls right now.  

I love you all from a place of knowing! Knowing that it is I who creates my destiny and through the relationship I have built with myself, my Creator and the Universe as a whole I am whole and complete, today I accept myself unconditionally and celebrate love!

One Love,

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