Thursday, October 24, 2013

Who is going to save you from you?

Wishing for things to be different is not the same thing as truly wanting things to be different.  Most times in life we wait until things are so bad to realize our own power to change it all.

We spend our lives looking for someone to save us, someone besides ourselves.  Denying our own power to create change in our lives, to create the life we want to live.  We look toward our parents to fix things, our spouse, our teachers, our boss's, our doctor, our government, and ultimately to God to save us from ourselves.  God gave us Free Will for a reason, God gave us, each and every single one of us Free Will to choose our own path.  Yet still we live most our lives wishing and hoping something and someone else will save us, taking no responsibility in using this gift bestowed upon us.

What if I told you that the entire Universe exist inside of you and that it IS your belief that your life is determined by outer circumstances and influences that is the only disconnect between you and the life you want to live.  Are you happy?  Truly happy with your life?  If not than what are you waiting for? Why are you accepting an unhappy life? Who are you blaming, who are hoping will save you?  When is the last time you looked in the mirror, really looked in the mirror?  Go look in the mirror right now, there in the reflection of you, you will see the one person who has complete control over the life you are living, you have chosen to live an unhappy life when you can at any time choose to live a happy one.  God gave you all the same opportunities as he did me, her and him.  All of us given the same power of free will, all of us creators of our own destiny.

No one is born predisposition to be happier than another, sure some of us have more challenges in life to create the life we want to live and those of us who do are the luckiest of us.  It is us who have a harder hand dealt to us that will grow to be the strongest of us if we own our power to do so.

I am speaking from experience.  I took for granted my health until I was faced with the consequences of that choice.  I waited to learn to love and value myself until I was completely alone and faced with only myself.  I spent my life taking short cuts because I didn't believe in my own ability or worth to do it the right way.  I am speaking from experience and here to tell you right now that it was always me, I was the creator of what I got in life and I would surely still be creating all the wrong things if I hadn't woken up and decided to change it all.

Let's talk about our health for a moment.  Everywhere we look someone is faced with health problems, everyone knows someone who is sick or dying, maybe that someone is you.  It was me.  I was accepting the thought that I had degenerative arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, etc... That kept me looking to doctors for medicine as I became less and less able to walk and more and more obese.  I was on so many medications, addicted to pain pills for years.  Relied on antidepressants to get out of bed, anxiety meds and pain pills to get through the day, and sleeping pills to get to bed.  A lifetime of addictions and not limited to pharmaceutical drugs.  There was illegal drug use as well.  And what about the drugs that we don't even see as an addiction, the energy drinks, the food we eat.  I was polluting my body with all kinds of these hidden drugs, then going to the doctor for help for a condition I created and accepting more drugs to ease the pain, help me sleep, help me wake up.  Never once in all that time did I acknowledge that not only had I gotten myself in this situation, I completely denied my own ability to get myself out.

I remember the day my Doctor told me that I couldn't quit all those pills cold turkey and I replied saying... Watch me!  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and DECIDED that I was going to CHANGE IT! And I DID!  That was the beginning of me taking my power back.  It was one split second, one moment of making a new choice.  I didn't have it all mapped out, I had no idea how I was going to change my life I just knew I was and I realized that I AM the only ONE who can truly CHANGE MY OWN LIFE!

You see I could have kept sitting there crying about how bad I felt, I could still be sitting here now crying about it all, sicker, more addicted, further disconnected from my own power.  Many of us still are sitting here telling ourselves that we cannot change our lives, waiting till the time is right, hoping someone will save us.  Denying our own power to change it!  It is a choice!  If you are sitting there sick, broke, unhappy then starting today, start realizing that you are choosing to be sick, broke and unhappy.  It begins with that realization.  Once you realize that you are choosing everything you can begin to choose anything you want to choose.

You can decide today that you are going to make a way and a way will present itself.  If you are in pain right this moment reading these words, stop for one second and say aloud, so this is what pain feels like and be an observer of that pain.  If you are sad and lonely stop and say "so this is what loneliness feels like" and be the observer.  Recognize that all these experiences are merely that, experiences.  Recognize that you have chosen these experiences and now it is in your avoidance of acknowledging them that you suffer the most and become a victim of yourself.

It truly is in the avoidance of our emotions that we suffer the most.  I feel sad and lonely, so what I am sad and lonely.  Am I going to sit here all day trying to deny how I feel and waiting for something or someone to come along and help me feel differently when all along I can choose to accept this is how I feel and DECIDE I AM ready to feel differently and begin creating a new reality.

I do not believe for one second we were given this beautiful thing called life so that we could spend it suffering and waiting for something or someone else to end our suffering.  That simply does not add up to the logical or emotional mind.  To be born only to be a victim of life is not what we are here for.  That is what we accepted.  Along the way we stopped believing in magic, miracles, and most of all ourselves.

I love you all from a place of gratitude for the day I woke up from the illusion that I was a victim of this life and made the choice to own my own infinite power to change it and gratitude for the opportunity to be here today to remind you that you are amazing, you are strong, you are capable, you were born to create the life of your dreams and you only need to know this to do it, to make it come to be!

One Love,

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