Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reiki, A Tree, and Me~

Kimra Luna my Soul Sister whom I have lived many lives with I love you!
This entry I might have had trouble believing if I had not experienced it for myself.  I can say with more certainty than ever that there is a divine force at work leading us, and when we trust that and follow we begin to understand the connections of all that is.  Those of us who have shared in this experience are forever changed

I came to Virginia to get healthy, mind, body and spirit.  While some life events got in the way of me journeying here when originally planned, the voice inside of me that said "GO" did not go away.  I thought I was coming here to learn more about my vegan diet, embark on a completely toxic free lifestyle with my Essante everyday use products, supplements and vegan protein shakes, and be introduced to the healing powers of Reiki to help me with curing my liver disease and anemia, I really had no idea how much more was in store for me here in Virginia.

Thank you for walking with me, guiding me, helping me heal.  I will carry
with me every step I take from here forward all that you have given me.
Today I am free of so much pain I carried, today I am whole, loved and I
know more than ever how powerful I am, capable I am and I thank you
for that Kimra.  I love you honey.  You are my soul sister!
In the first month here I received a few very moving Reiki treatments with Kimra Luna and began hypnotherapy Erin Glasser-Devore.  Six weeks of treatments now and I am no longer anemic, my liver enzymes are normal, my red blood cells are no longer dying and I no longer have sleep apnea.  I have lost over 22 pounds and 14 inches and my skin and hair are glowing.  These are the physical results of making these healthy changes in my life and opening up to alternative natural healing.  Aside from these amazing physical improvements something else is happening here that is hard to explain without fear of you all thinking me a bit flighty.  However, the messages sent to me from three of my energy healers from California to Texas to Virginia are all the same... Trust your voice, speak your truth with confidence.

Peace & Love
My first Reiki session with Kimra she was surprised to find my heart chakra so big, so open and so full of energies I have absorbed from others over my life.  She spent much time clearing out the energies I no longer need.  She told me that I have such an amazingly big heart capable of so much love, she has never worked with a heart so open.  I felt much release as she cleared those no longer needed energies and even more so as she guided me to cut the large tree trunk size chords that tied me to many over my life.  She was taken back by how many emotional ties I had tangled up and connected to me and helped me to sever them with calling upon Arch Angel Michael to cut the chords with love.  I felt light in the days that followed and also felt an array of emotions surfacing, especially after she attuned me.  Emotions of lower energies, anger, pain, regret, all coming to the surface.  I was confused at first about why I was feeling all of these uncomfortable emotions and she assured me that it was okay, a clearing was taking place and to just allow this process to take place and be an observer of these feelings rather than avoid them.

Erin, you have become such a blessing to me on my Journey
to self love and acceptance.  Thank you for sharing your time
and self with me and helping me to release so much, to believe
in myself in a new way.  I love you always.
In that week I also began hypnotherapy with Erin and during my first session uncovered some deep seeded childhood memories that helped me to understand over the weeks that followed where my fears come from and to release many of them.  Erin's approach with me is so nonthreatening, she puts me in a place of protection allowing me to share so openly with her and has become great counsel for me.

During my third session with Kimra she was guided by her guides to work on past life traumas.  She felt so much past life energy and spent much time releasing these energies.  I felt a surge of emotions flowing through me during this session, hard to put into words really other than to say that I felt somewhat out of body during this session.  Afterwards Kimra and I meditated together and before I go any further with this let me take you back a bit.  Since arriving here I have been drawn to this tree, not voluntarily so either.  Every time I drive to town with Kimra's husband Seth I see this tree, my heart if filled with an overwhelming feeling of great pain.  I said to Seth on one trip... "There is something so odd about that tree, I cannot explain it, but it makes me so sad."

Soul Sisters
Now let me continue where I left off.  Kimra and I began to meditate after our third Reiki session.  I was instantly embraced within myself, felt warmth around me and a whirl of lights circling around me reaching up, up and up.  Kimra began to speak and I was aware of her words yet not taken away from this space of being embraced in light and love.  The words were just pouring out of her effortlessly and they spoke truth, my heart knew they were my story.  A story long, long ago.  She was seeing a past life of mine, she explains now that she could make a movie of it, it was so vivid to her, she was there viewing it all happen.  She saw me in a big colonial style house, there were big white columns on the front porch.  She felt very strongly that it was here, here in this land.  She saw me and  I was scared, someone was blackmailing me.  I was hiding a lot of people in the house trying to protect them and men were coming on horses to kill them all.  I was telling them all that they needed to leave, rushing them out the back door through the fields of some kind of crop that stretched across the plantation.  She then saw me on the porch yelling for the men on horses to leave, screaming that my husband was a general and they had no right to be on my property.  The took me and hung me.  Kimra was struck with emotions as this was all so real to her.  I saw none of it until she talked of me being hung and there I stood with myself comforting myself, sharing the light that was surrounding me with my past me and letting myself know that she is not alone.  And then my eyes opened as tears ran down my face.  We hugged and I thanked her.

Ready for a day out in Virginia with Kelly 
The next few days I felt more emotions surfacing and spent a lot of time resting.  The week the followed I planned a day out on the town with Kimra's neighbor Kelly to go look at her new house and do some shopping with her.  She being vegetarian but interested in becoming vegan wanted my help in picking out a vegan cheese as that was kind of the deal breaker for her in this decision.  We had fun shopping and I showed her so many alternatives available for her in her desire to go vegan and organic.

Having fun helping Kelly find vegan options for a new diet.  

We stopped for lunch and were enjoying laughs and talking when out of the blue she started telling me about this tree that she saw when she first moved into the townhouse next to Kimra.  A tree that brought her such feelings of pain and fear that she actually went and looked up archives on the tree and learned it was an old hanging tree, hundreds of people were hung from it's branches and she understood why she felt the way she felt when she saw that tree on her walks in the morning with her dog.

I have to go backwards again for a moment, back to my last trip to Arizona for the Great Green Event.  On the drive home from that event with my Momma Theresa we stopped at this crystal and stone place between Arizona and California that had table after table lined up outside all covered in different stones, rocks, metals and crystals.  The American Indian woman who lived and worked there helped me as I picked out a ring that called to me and told me that it was a type of metal that reflects negative energy, it is used for protection.  I bought the ring and placed it on my wedding finger and have wore it ever since.  I also picked out a pendulum of amethyst and have been using it to learn to talk to my highest self and guides.

Back to lunch.  As Kelly is telling me her story about this tree my heart started racing and I felt dizzy with emotions as I said "I know the tree".  Right as I said the words my metal ring on my finger shattered on both sides and broke in half and feel on the table.  Kelly and I both sat there mouths open looking at the ring on the table and agreed to take that route home to see if we were in fact talking about the same tree, indeed we were, but I already knew that.  When I arrived home to Kimra's I went to my pendulum, I meditated a moment to clear myself of emotions that might influence the answer and asked my guides if that was the tree I was hung from in the lifetime Kimra experienced in our meditation together and the answer was yes.  I then went to Kimra who has worked with a pendulum much longer than I and asked her to ask the same question without telling her of my answer and she was also given the answer YES!

Karen you have been such a gift of life and love to me since the very
beginning of this Journey when we first met and became connected for life.
Thank you for always being there for me to help guide me through this
process of healing and learning to love myself.  I love you.
Later that night I called Karen my energy healer in Sacramento and shared the story with her, I told her that I felt like I needed to go to the tree and do something, that I thought maybe the tree should be cut down.  She with soft comforting voice assured me that the tree is not evil or to blame but that she carries pain just like I do about what happened.  She encouraged me to go to the tree and offer love, forgiveness and tell her it was not her fault that her limbs were used to take lives.  She felt this tree carries much pain over all the lives taken while being hung from her branches.  As I listened to the words I knew that she was right and my heart was filled with love for that tree and the realization that this tree carries the same pains we all do.  I made the decision to go to the tree.

Karen shared with me almost the same words that Kimra did after our session and meditation, that I no longer need to be a martyr in this life, I have already lived that and this time I am meant to do it for me, to love myself is my lesson in this life.  I can forgive myself, I did not fail anyone and all is as it should be, it is okay to let go and let God.  I also spoke with my friend Renee's Christ Consciousness Teacher John who saw this in his heart also and share such deep insight with me as to where the work is meant to take place within me.  I was flooded with support this week from across the Country to guide me and help me through this, I feel so loved.

On Saturday morning I woke excited and a little nervous.  I knew that after my Saturday Success Training call I was headed to see the tree.  I had prepared some organic tobacco and a healing crystal to bring as a gift.  Tobacco is an old Indian tradition to show respect to a tree.  I meditated in the morning, spent much time in prayer asking God for guidance and even more so to help me to connect with this tree so that she will know my hearts thoughts and hear my words of love and forgiveness.

I love you!

After my call Seth and I headed out to the car and down the road to the tree.  The sun was shinning through her branches and I was taken back as I got out of the car and began walking toward the tree realizing how big she was up close.  Tears began to flow down my cheeks as I got closer, I imagined her life energy, a string of light from the core of the earth to the heavens running through her, and felt my own life energy stretching the same and in that moment saw us as connected, as one.  I spoke to her offering respect and love as I knelt down and placed the tobacco and crystal at her base, thanking her for allowing me to connect with her.    I stood and touched her trunk as I told her that it was not her fault, that she is a giver of life not a take of life.  I laughed as I told her that I am here, I live again and will live again, you have shown me this and helped me to heal and I am here to help you heal to return the favor.  I thanked her for helping me to heal and shared a moment of silence with her as I prayed, then I hugged her and kissed her.  The wind began to blow and all her limbs danced in the wind and I knew in my heart that she was beginning to free herself of that pain that I have been releasing.  I felt surrounded in warmth and love as I walked away.  A knowing inside of me that all is as it should be.

Sunrise in Virginia, November 13, 2013

Each day that I raise, I will praise, I will praise
Each day that I raise I will give thanks, I will give thanks.
Here I sit four days later and still in awe of what has transpired this past week.  I have an understanding, an even deeper understanding of life than I did before I came here.  I know that I was meant to come here.  Having the opportunity to heal a past life trauma in the land it actually happened in is pretty awesome.  I have spent each day since resting much, I feel so much lighter that I am almost dizzy from the lack of weight I carried.

So yeah, it is official I am a tree huger now, haha!  Proudly so.  I love you all from a place of peace, of knowing and of trusting.

One Love,

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