Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Carp Diem ~ Seize the Day

"To be heroic is to be courageous enough to die for something; to be inspirational is to be crazy enough to live for something" 

Sitting here reflecting over the past two years of this Journey on day two of waking up in my little house on wheels after returning home to Sacramento, Ca from Stuarts Draft, VA.  I have been up since 2:30 am due to my sleeping schedule still a bit off from the time differences and the long day of travel to get here.

2012 Began with the idea of a tree, 2014 ends with meeting my very own
tree from a past I no longer need to carry.  This has been one amazing
journey that has truly came full circle and continues on with a new me.
December marks the two year anniversary of when it all came to a head in my life and the decision to leave it all behind was fueled.  Looking back I am in awe of how much has changed in my life in two short years that feels more like a lifetime.  It is truly fascinating how much one can change about themselves with just making a concrete decision to do so.  My current self is thanking my past self for having the courage to make that choice.

I said coming home I would be happy to stay put for a while only to wake up this morning and begin planning more exploring in Spain and Italy later in 2014.  I think it is safe to say I have been infected with the travel bug after the past two years of being on the go, I am ready to expand my travels to outside of America.  I have a vacation planned for March at a resort in Scottsdale, AZ for the Great Green Event where I will be on stage giving a mindset training for Essante Organics.  Aside from some planned trips to the Bay Area for working with my team there and a photo shoot scheduled in Santa Cruz, Ca in February I am planning on staying put here in Sacramento until March.  For now I am happy to spend some time with my beautiful grandbabies.

My granddaugher Renee counted down the days on her calendar till I came home, we skyped daily while I was away and she is so excited I am home for Christmas.  We are having a vegan Christmas dinner this year, I actually got my daughter to agree to letting me cook an all vegan Christmas feast, the whole me doing all the cooking was the big selling point, haha, it really rocks to be able to introduce my family to healthier choices by living an example of better health.

I am honored to have been selected from the field to be on stage training this spring.  I am especially proud that I am training on mindset as I have come so far in understanding the power of our thoughts and choices in making positive changes in our lives.  I have learned that we can truly retrain our minds and bodies to encompass healthy thoughts, actions and overall being in general.  I have proven to myself that I am capable of anything I set my mind to and created a life worth living.

♥ My Essante Family ♥ 1st Great Green Event I had the honor of attending, I was forever changed when I found a home with this company who cares about leading the way in the Go Green Movement for a better future for us and our planet.  I have learned that we can have it all! We can have a path of passion and financial freedom too!

Renee, my soul sister I love you to pieces, giving you a cyber neck hug. ♥
Sitting here looking back I am struck with such empowering emotions of pride for all that I have accomplished in facing the challenges that are now behind me and excitement for the challenges that lie ahead.  I know now more than ever in life the truth that it is our challenges that create our character.  With each challenge in life comes such great opportunity to progress if only we face these challenges with courage.  Doing so brings the realization that fear is truly false evidence appearing real.

The Beginning!
2012 my first year on this Journey was spent traveling around California from park to park in One Love, painting the tree of life on the outside of my trailer while I repainted the inside of myself with colors of healing and love.  I was blessed to be able to gift One Love to a couple homeless kids who later gave her to a homeless family who now resides in that colorful painted trailer in Santa Cruz, Ca.  I bought my new rig and began 2013 a new me as well. This year I have traveled across the Country to visit my team and help promote toxic free living locally with them. I have seen Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas and Virginia. I have made such genuine connections and created memories to last a life time. I have been blessed to get to know so many on my team on such personal levels and expanded my family, my heart and my life in ways I never imagined.

Kimra & Co.  I love you all so much and will always
treasure the time we spent together in Virginia. ♥

I love being an Entrepreneur, the freedom to live traveling knowing I can take my work where ever I want to go.  Even more so I love being a friend, sister and family to so many amazing like minded souls who have also made the choice to break free of that J.O.B mindset and embark on their own journey of life changing challenges, like minded souls who have touched my heart and become a part of my life forever. Meeting them all in person and being a part of all their lives is such a blessing and has made 2013 a year to remember always!

One Love Journey has been a journey of going within to heal all that was wounded, to learn my worth and begin to love myself fully completely and in that came the realization of love for all that is.  Thank you God for showing me the way.

With 2014 right around the corner I remember this time two years ago when I had gotten to the point of having no reason to be here anymore.  I can still remember that day on my couch, sitting for 8 hours planning my end and that spark inside of me that said "not yet".  I can look back today and feel no more pain, no regrets, I only feel gratitude for getting to that point as it was that moment that awakened the realization in me that I did not want to die, I just didn't have anything to live for.  Today I have so much to live for, abundance floods my life in all the areas that matter most and I am living successful in each moment knowing that I am powerful, capable and pretty amazing.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
For anyone out there who is sick and tired of life, feeling burdened daily I impress upon you that it is not uncommon for the best years of your life to be proceeded by chaos.  Your feelings of hopelessness are really an opportunity to reach for hope and embrace faith.  I had to get to the point of realizing that if I didn't do something to change that I was going to wake up every day and my life was going to be the same or worse to decide to make a choice to change it all.  I learned that wishing was not enough, action was needed, action fueled by faith.  I had to say NO to all the evidence that supported my developed beliefs that life sucked and was not going to improve and say YES to the unknown and take that leap of faith and be courageous.  I wanted different results in life so I had to do something different.

Carp Diem ~ Seize The Day!

I love you all from a place of seizing the day!  A place of gratitude for my past self.

One Love,
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