Tuesday, December 10, 2013

♥ Lucky Tuesday ♥

♥ Peace & Love ♥
I woke up this morning feeling on top of the world, when I say morning I mean eaaarly.  I am still on EST apparently as 2:30am seems to be my time to open my eyes all excited to start my day.  I tried to talk myself into going back to sleep and decided that I was just to full of energy to consider it.  So I did the next best thing, I decorated my RV with Christmas lights, danced and sang with the music semi blasting and then settled in to a peaceful place and enjoyed some deep meditation and prayer time.

While meditating and praying I was overwhelmed with a sensation of deep healing love, I could feel each cell in my body shifting and filling with the light of love.  I was moved to tears and laid there weeping and laughing all at once.  I had three words in my being that floated around me in harmony with my breathing that said "God Is Love".

Every once in a while I am able to have these moving experiences during meditation.  I think I am realizing that they happen when I am not trying, when I am in a state of allowance.  When I start to meditate with the intent to have a moving experience it just doesn't go down that way, haha.  Starting my morning with fun activities and ending up in this peaceful place I just felt compelled to go within and there I found the comfort and love of the Universe embracing me.

My Beau
I feel so full of peace and love as I write to you, the sun is climbing up over the horizon to light the day as the light inside of me also climbs and lights the way for my day as this connection is not weakening rather it is strengthening as I continue to sing and dance around my little house on wheels this morning.  My cat thinks I am quite comical, oh I hadn't mentioned before now that I have a cat.

Pretty Lights 
I named him Beau, he is a really cool cat and has taken up residency with me for about three days now.  He was abandoned by a rather abusive previous owner and in need of a home.  I have plenty of room and well, being single could use the company to be honest.  He is a big ham, acts more like a dog than a cat which is really cool since I am more of a dog gal than a cat gal.

So me and Beau are chilling in the RV enjoying the Christmas lights, some music and the beginning of a new day together.  I am feeling excited more each day about being home.  My daughter Lovie agreed to let me cook an all Vegan Christmas Dinner this year, and I am so excited to show off my new NO BREAD/GLUTEN Vegan Stuffing that I mastered on Thanksgiving at Kimra's.

Merry Christmas to Me 
I got an early Christmas present yesterday,  a patio table and chairs complete with an umbrella for the patio area of my space and am looking forward to putting it to good use today when it is a little warmer outside and enjoying some book writing in the warm sun.

Well that is about all I have for you today, yes I know this blog is sort of random.  Truth be told I am trying out a new homework assignment given to me by my dear friend and business partner Amanda who instructed me to make an online calendar schedule and follow it this week.

You guessed it, blogging is on there and in an effort to stay on task I am just sharing my morning with you.  Can I just say that the whole schedule things is going to be an interesting experiment as I am just not a calendar type, I am a do everything last minute and crush it like a boss type, haha.  The thinking is that if I get a little more organized I will increase my productivity.  We shall see, hahahahahahahaaaaa.

Have a most blessed day my friends, I love you all from a place of being excited about what is happening all around me.  Work is taking off like crazy, I now have a team of almost 400 beautiful Wellness Warriors under me and that number is growing so fast now as many of them are serious about changing their lives and the world.  We are making such a difference in so many lives and that just feels good. There is something to be said for loving what you do!  If you don't love what you do ti is time to do something different, trust me, at first yes it will be a little scary but as you push forward you will thank yourself for it.

One Love,
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