Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Christmas Present to Me.... Health & Abundance!

Blessed to Be Here & Now
If my current self met my past self I doubt we would recognize each other and not because I look that much different, because I am that much different of a person from the inside out.  Who have and am constantly growing into emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally each day shocks me on some days.  As 2013 comes to an end and I sit her on the morning of Christmas Eve talking to you I am sitting in the realization that two years ago I set out on this journey of learning to love myself so scared and unsure.  My heart is filled with Gratitude for my past self having the courage to face all those fears and today my present self is flooded with the realization that I am capable, I am powerful beyond all my past beliefs about what I was capable of and how much I deserved abundance in all areas of life that matter most, specifically love.

That past scared, lonely and lost self who started putting all her belongings outside on the front lawn two years ago to leave a life that had spiraled to an all time low behind is sitting here today surrounded my so much love and support from so many souls who return the love I learned to have for myself to me in the most abundant ways.  I am rich beyond my dreams in all that matters most today.

My 12 Week Transformation

I ended my first 12 week transformation with Essante Organics yesterday and begun my second one today.  I am to happy to wait till the 1st to begin again and don't feel deprived at all of all the Holiday food, the fact that I have cured my anemia, sleep apnea and am reversing liver disease with this new healthy lifestyle of eating organic, raw, vegan and using honest products that are organic and toxic free to heal is the greatest Christmas present I could give myself.  As a bonus to focusing on my health I lost 30 pounds and 18 inches and wore heals to a Christmas party this week for the first time in a long time.  It feels great to be walking through the grocery store most trips now.

♥ Putting Health First ♥

I will be cooking a vegan dinner tonight at my daughter in laws house for her and my grand babies.  How exciting that my new lifestyle sets such a positive example for my family and loved ones, with that comes the knowing that I am helping to direct them down a much different path than the example I set in life before making all these changes in my life.

What I have taken away from 2013 in the biggest way is the understanding that time passes no matter what.  Either way the time passes and now that I am sitting her looking back over my second year of serious life changes and dedication to learning how to be my best self I am so grateful that I didn't just let it be another year of letting life happen to me and became a person who makes life happen for me.

Life Rocks!  Make it Rock & Roll Baybee!
I realize more now than ever how capable we are of completely changing the direction of our lives, this week while working on my book and reliving some past parts of my life the pain I expected to feel while writing about those events was not there.  The pain has been replaced with forgiveness, acceptance, humble pride and gratitude.  Immense gratitude for how I feel about my life here and now and how bright my future looks now.  Humble pride for learning the value in working towards goals and reaching them the right way with no shortcuts in life.

This year I have created a solid future for myself, I have aligned myself with a company whose mission matches my own.  Gained a position on the Field Advisory Board of this company, have begun my path as a mindset coach and motivational speaker.  I was nominated to do on stage mindset training at the next Great Green Event and have so many to thank for these amazing opportunities, people who love and believe in me.  Most of all I have myself to thank for pushing past the fears and limiting self doubts that told me I didn't deserve more and couldn't achieve more.  Gaining that knowing opened up the doors for others to support me.  If you are feeling discouraged in life let me express this truth to you... There are so many waiting to love you, to support you, to encourage you and all that it takes is your own ability to be the first to decide, to make the choice that you are worthy of that love and support and encouragement because you are worthy and powerful beyond your own imagination.

Today I am filled with so much gratitude for all of you in my life who encourage and inspire me to believe in myself and help me to help others to do the same.  I love you all from a place of excitement for all our futures.

One Love,

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