Friday, December 20, 2013

What Would Jesus Do?

I took a much needed break from social media yesterday.  The latest debate about what is right or wrong about the latest drama involving Duck Dynasty was just the sign I needed to remind me that sometimes it is good to go to a peaceful place of prayer and meditation.  I spend a good portion of my days these days helping, guiding and counseling others.  I have to remind myself sometimes that I am not all that good to them if I am not being good to myself first.

This has been a week of much retreat, I spent the weekend with my beautiful granddaughter and disconnected from my cyber world and work to just be with her.  We sat out on the stairs in the sun while I braided her hair just like old times.  It was a great weekend.

As I began my morning yesterday sipping my tea and scrolling through my news feed on Facebook I saw the latest drama unfolding as friends posted comments backing their side of the argument.  I was actually surprised by some of them as they were coming from people who I am used to seeing post positive posts that promote unity and compassion.  I was reminded of how easily one can become distracted from their own path of compassion by stories like these.  I felt feelings arising in me leading me to want to defend a side of the argument as I saw feelings being hurt in the name of sharing our opinion.

I love you Renee, you are a guiding light for me 
I found myself asking myself... "what would Jesus do?".  He would love them all was the answer that flowed into my heart.  He would love them all!  That answer led me to ask my next question as I sat in front of selfie ("selfie" being my self talk mirror) How can I best love everyone right now with these feelings of discouragement arising in my seeing the separation taking place among us over the latest drama being promoted by the media and us on social media.  Another answer flooded my heart... Go within.  So I did just that.  I notified my fellow presenters and field advisory board that I was taking a much needed day off and shut down the computer, turned off my phone and spent the day going within.  I meditated, prayed, read the first chapter of my newest book borrowed from Margaret.  The new book is "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins and I can tell you already that I love this book.  I can clearly see just from reading the forward and first chapter that this book touches on our individual power to affect change globally just from changing our own habits.

I braided a heart into your crown to remind you always
that you are loved, you are love.
I was pleasantly surprised when I walked to the mailbox to find another book sent to me as a Christmas present from Julie, thank you so much Julie I love you to pieces.  I am excited to read this one next.  "Designed To Reign by Joesph Prince" is a book I have heard much about and am very excited to read.  Julie lives in Virginia and I was so blessed to spend time with her and her family while in Virginia and got to meet Jessica who also gifted me a book, this one being a book I write in and I used it daily, thank you Jessica I love you so much honey.

I even took some time to watch a movie yesterday and that was fun, a break from thinking to just laugh.  It was a day of great escape.  During my meditation and prayer I found peace and meditated for peace for the world.  I have learned on my journey that doing just that, meditating for peace is so much more effective than joining the latest debate and helps me to come back to a place where I can walk with compassion and just love us all the very way Jesus and Buddha and many other enlightened souls did who showed us the way to peace and compassion, who walked in the love of Creator and shared that love without judgement or separation in their lives here on earth.

I spent Wednesday with Margaret and Alex in Lincoln, Ca.
What an amazing day of bonding we had.  I am truly blessed to have
you both in my life today, I love you both with all my heart
I am reminded of the words "fight the good fight".  Today I see those words so differently than I did in past years.  I grew up sticking up for the underdog, fighting the bullies and quite the fighter I was.  That fighting spirit is strong in me and I am very blessed to have a clearer and growing understanding today of what it means to fight for something.  It does not mean fighting against something else.  I am reminded that it is in showing others the way, not in telling them which way to go that we are truly living our truth.

When people start spouting off bible versus to defend their opinions, opinions that are lacking compassion and are full of judgment, opinions that condemn another human being are they really fighting the good fight? Or are they pushing their opinion on others that the expense of others?  In responding to that and also using the bible to point out that judgement is an equal sin I would only be doing the very same thing.  I decided that love was the way to go and first I needed to get centered in love to be the love I wanted to share.

Margaret treated me out to a fabulous vegan lunch at a totally awesome
vegan restaurant in Roseville, Ca.  Thank you so much Margaret.
I have come to understand that helping others to discover their own truth does not include pushing my truth on them.  When I began this journey and started learning that I was worthy of God's love I had a lot of self condemning beliefs to shed myself of.  Beliefs that were built up over a life time of being subjected to a society and world that is so full of judgement and separatism.  I believed I could not possibly be loved by such a judging God as I was taught by many in my upbringing that God was just that.  My image of God was that of a man sitting on a throne condemning the bad people and my life taught me I was not good from a very young age.  The gap between me and my creator seemed much to big to ever cross and that led me down a life of pain, feeling alone and unloved, unworthy.

Many so called Christians crossed my path over my life and not one of them effectively expressed to me that I too was worthy as they all focused on what was wrong, what would be condemned in me rather than fueled the flame of goodness in me so that it could grow and burn bright.  There was one who taught me by example and that was my Grandmother.  I saw her as a saint.  Her and her prayer group prayed for me my whole live every week and when she passed I lost all hope that God would take mercy on me because she was no longer here to ask for it.

What I grew up hearing most of my life that I only heard more of in my adult life was others opinions, opinions backed by bible versus.  Those opinions were not based in compassion, love and peace.  they were not the shinning example of walking in Christ Consciousness that I resonate with today.  Years of my life spent lost, seeking love and only finding it thorough self sacrifice because I didn't believe I deserved better.  Years that could have been different had more people in my path lived their truth rather than shared it as an opinion, an opinion that excluded me in my own mind, one that condemned me as my worth formed from too young an age to remember was built with a solid foundation of self hatred and unworthiness.

Today I have made much peace with the truth of who I am and worked hard to tear down that old foundation of lies that said I didn't deserve love and begun to rebuild a foundation of worthiness and love.  In doing so I am not so quick to forget how I felt faced with a world of judgement growing up and reminded not to be too quick to join the club of the so called righteous, the saved of us who believe themselves to be fighting the good fight while they are careless with their opinions not realizing that those very opinions are no different than the ones that kept a young girl like myself from finding the truth inside of myself for many, many years.

♥ Life a life of Compassion ♥

I am reminded that there are so many lost who like myself seeking acceptance, love, worthiness and a desire to connect in love and compassion.  I am reminded that the question "What would Jesus do?" is more than a bumper sticker worn on the back of cars to imply that we are living like Jesus did.  The truth is that Jesus never saw one single one of us as less than whole, healthy, worthy.  Had he seen anyone as a condemned sinner, as too sick to heal he would not have been a savior at all.  He didn't use freedom of speech to condemn anyone for anything.  He walked in the love of his Father and shared that love and compassion with all whose paths he crossed, he healed us by seeing us as healthy, he brought us to God by seeing us as saved, as worthy despite all our short comings.

I am reminded that engaging in arguments even on Facebook about who is right or wrong where matters of God are concerned is not doing what Jesus would do at all.  That posting about it is only promoting the separation it promotes and keeping people like the little girl I was away from the light of God because we are taught that that light is full of judgmental opinions that told me I was not good enough to be loved by God.

ღ Aloha Ke Akua ღ God Is Love 

I am reminded that excluding and hurting others in the name of "my opinion" and backing it up with Bible versus to feel good about my choice to isolate and hurt others does not make my opinion Godly and certainly does not attract others to the love that is God so that they too can feel loved and worthy of that love.

Today I woke up feeling strong and capable of sharing my feelings and I am here to ask all my friends who read this to be the change you want to see in the world.  Refrain from opinion and gravitate towards example.  Spread love not separation.  Choose not to engage in the drama that keeps others who need to know Gods love the most lost in a world full of separation and judgment.  Be compassion, walk with one held by compassion and the other by love and share that opinion without it condemning any other as that is not our place and is not fighting the good fight at all.

I love you all from a place of compassion and love.  a place of determination to continue to learn what it means to walk with compassion, to extend that compassion to myself for my own mistakes along the way so that I do not fall into that place of better than and always see myself as equal to all others.  Thank you for joining me this morning.

One Love,
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