Sunday, February 9, 2014

Counting My Blessings~

As I sit snuggled up next to a warm fire, listening to the sounds of cracking wood in contrast with the the rain falling outside I am overcome with emotions of gratitude.  Today we celebrated my niece Kaili and daughter Stellas Birthday, Kaili turning 5 and Stella 3.  They were born on the dame day two years and two hours apart.  Seeing them together today filled our hearts with joy.  I can still hear their laughter as they jumped on the trampoline.

I love you Stella Star
Stella is so beautiful, she speaks French and English, some Spanish.  She is growing up with so much love from us all and it just glows in her.  My heart is always warmed when I spend time with them all.  It felt so good to share with them my excitement for March 1st when I will be on stage doing my first motivational speaking event.  It feels so good to know that I have spent the past couple of years working towards these life changing goals so that I could write a new story, one that Stella can be proud of.  A story motivated by her, for her.

Over the past two years since I left my life behind me and set out determined to learn to love myself it has been Stella that has kept me going, in the moments I felt like giving up, it was always her that reminded me that I was not going to let my story end with me giving up and giving in.  I promised her and myself that I my choice to give her the life I couldn't would never be in vain and I have kept my promise to myself to set an example that anyone of us can change our lives, learn to love ourselves and write a new story.

When she ran up to kiss me goodbye and when she said Jusqu'à la prochaine fois (Until next time) to Kaili my heart exploded with gratitude for her fathers who are raising the most amazing little girl. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives, they are her fathers in every way.

When I take the stage in March, Stella will be there with me in my heart.  I will walk on stage saying a silent thank you to her for helping me to realize who I am.  She was truly the beginning of a new path for me, one I am so blessed to be walking now.  I am surrounded by the most inspiring, integrity filled souls today.  My life is so full of abundance and blessings and in my heart I thank her daily for being the one who helped me to take a new turn in life.

I love you all from a place of strength, confidence and gratitude for the many blessings I am surrounded with daily.

One Love,
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