Tuesday, February 18, 2014

♥ Thank you Theresa & Terry ♥

I love my new stairs!  You two seriously rock!
This morning I am filled with gratitude for two really amazing women.  Theresa and Terry, the managers of the park I am staying at in Sacramento and I have become very close friends.  I have watched these two beautiful, caring souls work daily to improve the lives of everyone around them.

Yesterday I went out to get my hair done and do some last minute shopping for shoes to match my suit for my on stage motivational speech coming up in Arizona on March 1st.  I came home to find my stairs painted to match my RV.  These gals seriously rock!

My little house on wheels fits perfectly in this new space.

I love my little space! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
That is not all, I was moved two days ago into a new spot in the park.  Getting to know me Theresa and Terry have come to learn a lot about me and what I am passionate about.  I share with everyone in the park all the knowledge I gain about natural remedies, many here are elderly and tired of the many medications their doc's have them on that are not helping improve their life.  I have also shared my passion for sustainable living, organic gardening and dreams of settling down eventually somewhere, where I can plant my own organic garden.

The box is bigger than it looks, the plants are going to be planted around
the park, and I am getting organic dirt and seeds for this spring.  So excited!
Theresa and Terry also know that I love to meditate, and how I feel about grounding (placing my feet on the earth) while meditating to connect with the energies of our Mother Earth.  So they did something really awesome.  They worked on a space in the park, put in grass, added a planter box for gardening and a nice rock area in the back for my table and chairs so I have privacy to make videos, read, entertain and meditate.

Beau has made this his cat door haha!  
I am so excited to start planting and sharing what I grow with the park.  What a blessing to be able to share with others and have them share with you.  I love the little community I am staying in right now and feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many awesome people here.

My grandson came over and played outside in my new spot, he loved the rocks and the grass.  My daughter in law and I decided that Sunday dinners would be great here and are excited to BBQ (veggies of course haha) This summer.

There is nothing like a community coming together to warm the heart.  I love you all from a place of gratitude and hope for all communities to care and share.

One Love,

Thank you Theresa and Terry, I love the welcome mat you put at the bottom or my stairs, a great surprise, I love you both so much!  Thank you for all you do to be of service to others.  ♥

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