Monday, February 17, 2014

The end becomes the beginning...

We truly have no idea what we are truly capable of until we throw all caution to the wind and take risks, face our fears and challenge ourselves to become more than we believe we are capable of being.  Many of us spend most of our lives dominated by our fears while deep down inside wishing for more out of life.  We accept what we know because it is comfortable.

Even when it is not comfortable it feels easier than changing it and I believe that is because we don't even know where to begin.  These days are different days than any in our history.  The world is changing on a massive scale and we are being pushed to change with it.  Everywhere we look the comforts we fight so hard to hang on to are being stripped from people we know.  Houses foreclosing, marriages ending, cars being repossessed, jobs being lost, etc...

During all this it can feel like the end of the world to those going through it.  If this is you, and your life is crumbling around you, you may feel lost and hopeless, confused and angry.  I am excited to tell you that it is not uncommon for the best years of your life to be proceeded by chaos and disaster.  What feels like the end right now is truly the beginning.  You are being presented with the opportunity to build a whole new life on a new foundation built on what matters most.

We all have our own battles to overcome, each life an individual journey of learning and growing into what we came here to learn and grow into.  Sometimes we have to lose it all to grab a hold of what cannot be taken from us, the things we ignored, took for granted and considered secondary to the illusionary comforts and false security we have been conditioned to value so much.

What I have learned is that every single thing I thought I needed to complete me, the things, the relationships, the false independence I needed so desperately that I was willing to do anything to maintain it, only to become dependent upon the very things I grasped onto to feel a level of independence, all of it did nothing to complete me.  None of it completed me, kept me safe, gave me happiness, joy and freedom.

It was in losing it all, letting go of it all and walking a simpler path, in learning to complete myself that I found the Freedom, Joy and Happiness I longed for.  What I thought was happiness and freedom was not that at all.  In fact I was a slave to these things that I believed completed me.  What I learned in letting go of it all is that I complete me, my relationship with my highest self and my Creator complete me.

The really cool thing is that when we love ourselves, truly love ourselves without judgement, we cannot help but love all others, all else.  We see through the eyes of love and walk a life of acceptance and compassion.  This path of self love is filled with treasures and abundance in ways we never imagined.  Today my life is filled with abundance in all areas.  I have the comforts that I used to falsely believe gave me independence, my income ever growing, the material things in my life manifesting at effortless rates.  However, these things do not complete me and there is no fear of loss of them.

It is when we need something that we fear losing it, and our fears are always realized in life if we do not challenge them to see the truth behind them.  It is in letting go, surrendering to the truth of why we are here and giving it all up that we realize that nothing of importance can be taken from us, everything else is replaceable.

I am sitting here this morning putting the finishing touches on my training for my first on stage motivational speaking gig on March 1st.  Tears streaming down my face as I think back to where this Journey began and the realization sets in that I am not who I was and who I was never defined me because I was not living authentically back then.  In amazement I am realizing that I have come from that place to this place today.  Remembering that broken down shell of a woman who was so scared and had no reason to be here anymore.  A woman who had single handedly destroyed my life while believing myself of victim of others and circumstances.  I believed myself a failure at everything, lost, alone and hopeless I was just done with life.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the little bit of light that was still alive inside of me that said "NOT YET, you are not done YET!  This is not how your story ends".

What I have learned is that we are all amazing and have so much to offer ourselves and others.  Your story is so valuable to others, each step of it a treasure that should be shared.  Your story of overcoming your greatest fears is empowering to thousands, millions of others on the planet who are going through the same things as you.

No matter where you are today, trust that you can be wherever you want to be tomorrow!  You CAN!  It begins with one choice, one choice to let go of that which does not sustain you and grab a hold with all your might to that which sustains you!

Looking back over my life today I can see how it all served me.  Every single situation that I believed was a burden and created me the victim was actually the parts that built the amazing woman of strength and character I am today.

One Love
When we ask ourselves this question we can see things in a much clearer light... How much would I grow if life were just an easy road?  Where would the challenge be?  It is our challenges that teach us what we are capable of.  I have learned that I agreed to come here, I understood when I made that agreement that I would face great challenges and I was excited about that.  Then I got here and forgot who I was.  If I had remembered who I was and that I had agreed to this, the challenges would not have had the same impact on my souls growth.  Today I am remembering who I am, and I am realizing that it is in overcoming lives challenges that we earn the right to remember.

I love you all from a place of excitement for what comes next and a knowing that I am up for it all and ready to face it all with gratitude for the experience of it.  I have this knowing in me that at the end of this life, even if that were right now this moment that I am able to look back today and say... I figured it out, I faced every challenge and I grew, I learned what love really is and gave it to myself without limits and found my way home.

One Love,
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