Saturday, March 29, 2014

Feel the rain!

As I sit outside in the rain lost in my thoughts about life, the black top around me fills with puddles from the falling drops of water.  I begin to laugh as I see the sparkle of light that each rain drop brings as it hits the puddles, dancing stars are all around me now.

The ripples extend out with each drop as air bubbles rise to the surface from underneath the blacktop.  Floating about the top of the puddle, air trapped in a bubble of water, together as one, water and air, until the very drops of rain that created the bubble release it with a drop and the bubble pops.  The air is free once again.

I am reminded that we are not much different than those pockets of air beneath the blacktop. We fill the spaces in the cracks of the concrete jungle around us and take up residency, get comfortable filling taking up space in life until a storm comes in and the rain begins to pour, filling every crack, every crevice and pushing us out of our comfortable pocket of refuge from the world above, around us.  

Pushed out we find ourselves trapped in a bubble surrounded by the very water born of the storm that awakened in us the need to flee our old ways, old thoughts, old beliefs.  Trapped in that bubble we dance on the surface of the water encased in, surrounded by it.  Until the moment the very rain that pushed us from our comfortable hiding place drops on our new bubble and frees us to dance on the wind once more.

Storms are the beginning of a cleansing, washing away the old to make way for the new.  The water that falls may be inconvenient, however it brings life, new life is born in every storm.  Our lives are no different it is that which we lose that makes way for new gain, new growth, a new life to begin.

When it rains, don't just get wet, feel the rain, sing in the rain, welcome the changes to come for they will bring new life and awaken in you what laid dormant while you slept just beneath the service.

One Love,

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