Friday, March 7, 2014

Writing a new story!

Waking up in a state of pure gratitude with the excitement of last weekend in Phoenix, AZ still swirling in me.  So many "AH-HA" moments, I am feeling so blessed.  Let me start at the beginning, the morning of my flight I sat in prayer and in meditation I set my intentions that when my flight left the ground in California I was leaving the old earth as I knew it behind.  Leaving behind all the past pains, regrets, doubts, resentments.  I decided that the old me on that plane was not going to land in Phoenix.  I decided firmly that when the new me lands safely on the ground in Phoenix I was landing on a new earth, one where love presides over all.  A new me landing in on a new earth where all things are possible and the change is emulated in love.

Essante Organics Presenters Board
Kali Willford, Christina Haydel, Victoria Masters, Jane Orlov, JoJo Williams, Kelly Laassadi, Ernie Pinard, Kimra Luna, Amanda Prokopowich. 

Ernie, thank you for who you are in my life.  I love you!
I had a great flight and landed safely in Arizona with excitement.  Cheryl and her husband picked me up and we headed to the Wild Horse Pass Casino & Hotel in Scottsdale.  I checked in and met up with Victora, Cody and Christina for lunch!  From there the days just flowed together in fun and excitement had by all.  I cannot tell you what this weekend meant to me, so many dreams realized, such an impact it all had on me.  I am certainly on a new earth and a new me today!

Creating the life we want to live together and encouraging others to know that they can do it too!

Celina I love you so much and can't wait for our
trip to Hawaii after the next GGE in September!

One of my biggest realizations was that my 5 closest friends today are so full of light and love, souls who create life, manifest dreams and lift up all around them.  They say you will become most like the 5 people you spend the most time with.  It really hit me while spending time with Amanda, Ernie, Jerry, Angie, Dr. JJ, Michael, Kimra, Victoria, Michael and Jenya that these are the people I talk to every day, they lift me up, and I them.  Everyday we interact, work together, share our lives and this weekend we came together in person and it was as if we had never been without each other.  With tears of joy in my heart I shared this big AH-HA moment with Ernie and Jerry in the car, the realization that my closest friends today are those who support me becoming my best self, who love themselves and me completely, unconditionally.

Hanging with Brilliant Minds!

Dr. JJ & Angie Levine I cherish your friendship and thank you for mentoring
me and believing in me!  I love you both so much.
I have worked so hard to change my life over the past couple of years, I shared where that all began on stage at the Great Green Event.  I started at the end.  The day I sat on my couch planning my own suicide and what would never have became had I gone through with my plan to end my story there.  Something in me realized that was not how my story was going to end and those of you who have followed my story over the past two years here know that I sold and gave away everything I owned, bought an old travel trailer and began on a journey to find myself, to find a reason to live.

Face Everything And Rise
It all began with me being sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Through the months in that first year I learned that everything I got in life was my responsibility, all of it!  I learned to accept myself as I am and give myself the love I never believed I deserved.  I found my higher power.  I learned that I am never alone, God is with me always, holding me.  I learned that all that I thought made me a victim created the brilliant warrior, activist spirit I am today.  Along the way I found a new purpose in life and today I thank God for it all!

Amanda and Angie my soul sisters who light the way for us all!
I was on the phone with Angie Levine last night, she is our CMO at Essante Organics, an amazing woman who is so genuine, so positive and so honest.  We talked for a long time, she said something to me that really hit me... She said, "JoJo, I have never known anyone to go through as much as you have gone through this past year and still push forward with such positive passion, you have never stopped growing and today you are a completely transformed person from the woman I met a year ago."

My Friends ♥
I stopped for a moment and realized how much I have seen this year, lost five so close to me, discovered I have liver disease, battled some serious personal stuff, and then I replied from my heart saying... "I couldn't have done it without you, without all of you and most of all without God.   I realize that through all the challenges this past year I never once felt like a victim, never once said WHY ME.  I faced it all with such excitement to learn from it, to grow from it.  And in that realization I share with you the power of acceptance and knowing that it is all so valuable and it all creates us, lets us build our character and helps us to remember who we are.

Making my dreams a reality with courage and faith!

Success Happens Here!
We choose our path, we choose our parents, we choose our experiences.  We wanted all this that we have lived through so that we could grow our souls.  We get here and we forget that we asked for this life and isn't that the point? Yes it is!

I love you Amanda! Thank you for always reminding me of who I am!
 The moment I really got that, really understood that I chose it all I took accountability for my life, I surrendered to the process of life and in that surrender I gained control of my destiny!  That is how it works, we spend most our lives trying to control everything and it is not until we surrender that we gain true control and begin to walk a path of dharma.

Corporate Platinum Dinner celebrating the top paid executives in the company with our corporate staff!
Linda Wenniger, CFO, JoJo Williams, Platinum Executive and Field Advisory Board Member, Jane Orlov, Platinum Executive and Field Advisory Board Member, Michael Wenniger, CEO, Amanda Prokopowich, Platinum Executive and Field Advisory Board Membe, Angie Levine, CMO, Dr. JJ Levine, President, Daniel Wenniger, CCO

Today the people in my life are those who support this new earth and we are all wellness warriors on a mission to change the world beginning with our own world.  We have been so blessed to find a company and community that is congruent with our core beliefs and dreams of doing good.  Essante Organics puts the Unity in CommUnity!

All for one and one for all! Team One Love

We either let life happen to us or we make life happen
for us, this is how making life happen for me feels every
single day today!
I know with certainty that today I am living life on my terms, I am living life loving myself and all else and want to say that I love you all from a place of believing that you too are on your path to greatness of life!  I didn't give up on that day, I decided that was not how my story was going to end and today I am here, I am strong, I am love and I am loved!  Never give up, never give in, love it all and learn from every bit of it and create the life of your dreams, how your story ends is up to you, it always has been!

One Love,

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  1. A weekend filled with joy, excitment, and most of all LOVE. Everyone grew with each other and it was just beautiful to witness. So excited for what's to come for TEAM ONE LOVE! I will forever cherish the memories made at this past GGE <3

    1. Team One Love for life, I cannot wait to see you again at the next event Christina ♥