Friday, April 25, 2014

Awakening, our most important work, our soul work!

 This past week I have taken a break form my normal routine of building as an Entrepreneur and been catapulted into much more important work, my soul work.  I fell ill, at first I was not sure how.  I don't recall being around anyone sick, I have a strong immune system now that I take time to care for my body with the foods I eat and more.  However, sicker I got and discovered I have pneumonia.  One of my team flew in from North Caroline to come work one on one with me here.  She landed on the 2nd day of me becoming ill and has played a great role in taking care of me, allowing me to simply rest and do what feels good.

I have spent much time this past week reading, praying, resting and have found myself in a place of great realization and peace.  A place where I needed to go obviously as so much has been revealed to me in my quietest moments and while my body fell ill, my soul grew stronger from the experience.  I am coming out of being physically ill and both my physical body and energy body are stronger for the experience I had this week.  I feel strong to share the messages I received this week as one of the strongest messages I have been given is to use my voice and not fear doing so.

It is ideas that shape and direct reality.  Begin today seeding ideas of intentions that are inclusive of all beings freed from suffering created by separatism.  Work daily to become centered in a place of love for all life, for it is those who do harm to others that are the most lost and need to be included the most.  It is fearing those that do harm that fuels their power to harm.  Choose simply not to participate in that reality and continue to build on ideas of a reality that is one of community where all are included in love and in harmony with all of God's creation, all life, everywhere, included in this new reality.

Our return to harmony with nature is our destiny.  All things are created from love and all shall return to love.  We are powerful creators of this destiny and can at any time choose to check out of the illusion that we are helpless victims of those more powerful than us, that is truly the illusion.  Learning to know and grow our own powerful light through a connection to our Creator that lives in us, through us always and connects us to all life everywhere is how we awaken and change the course we are on and fulfill our destiny to create heaven on earth.

No matter what your belief system, embrace the message all holy paths follow and that is to love each other, to treat each other as you would want to be treated and to wish for all others the very same you wish for yourself.  Open up to the truth that the divine truth is in you, always was and always will be.  No amount of outer attempts to disconnect you from the truth inside of you once you choose to awaken that truth by going within.  Setting the intention to know this truth is all that is needed, continuing to seek this truth inside you is all that is needed.

It is the moments you feel the strongest defenses arise in you that you are at the threshold of a great shift inside of you.  We have been conditioned in fear for a long, long time.  Defenses arise in us to keep us in this place of fear and keep us easily controlled by those who know the truth of our powerful connection to our creator and know that we are the very essence of creation here to create.  We have had that truth buried deep in us, but not taken away as it cannot be taken away as it is who we are, what we are built from.

We are in times of a great change that is taking place all over this planet.  And like all great changes proceeded by chaos this time is no different.  Life as we know it is coming to an end a new era is beginning.  Deep within all of us we sense this, often we fear this sense we are feeling as change into the unknown is and can be very threatening to us, especially in our conditioned mindset.  A mindset that we have adapted that says that we are helpless and need larger systems to protect and guide us.  The truth is that we only need know our inner selves and our divine connection to our Creator.  With this knowing there is nothing to fear, not even death.  Death of our physical bodies is merely an experience, like all experiences, it is neither good nor bad unless we create it that way.  If we see death of our physical bodies as painful and the end we create discourse in the process.

You are light, you are love, you are infinite intelligence.
Anyone with any common sense would recognize that each religion claiming to have superiority and to have the line, the only telephone line to God is complete foolishness.  These religious institutions are designed as control mechanisms to manage humanity with fear. Do not fear dying, know that you will be met by beings that love you to show you the way home.  You do not lose who you are when you die, make a decision in this moment that you have nothing to fear when you die.  Say to yourself, when it is my time to go and I will go fearlessly into the arms of those who love me.  Sit quietly and make an agreement with reality about your death, say to your highest self... when it is time to experience my death in this reality I want to exit with no pain and peacefully.  I want to feel good about this transition and know in my heart that this is part of the great process and I am going to return home and I will carry my conscious with me, everything I have learned will go with me.  I make this agreement here and now.  When my time comes it is going to be good.  Then worry no more and move forward in life with intentions to take part in creating a new world, one born of ideas that seed love, compassion, community.  This point of view not be mistaken as directed at individuals or anyone, at the institution itself is what I speak of, not those withing it.

Choose to dismiss the reality that only some of us are going to be saved and the rest punished.  That is a fear based conditioning that was created for control in this reality and can create being lost in the next.  Self forgiveness is the key to understanding how loved you are by creation.  Accepting that it is not about right and wrong, good and evil but rather about your souls growth through experiences is empowering and helps us to see the truth that we do not deserve to be punished rather we are here learning to reach for the light in us.  And how could we know this light without it's counterpart darkness?  We could not.  If we accept that truth we understand that what we consider dark, wrong, evil is that which propels us to be guided to make the right choices, to learn how to make the best decisions that will help us to know the light in us, the light of creation that is love.

In this awakening of truth we gain gratitude for those who do harm, for those we consider dark or evil.  We understand that they played an important role pushing us toward our greater self.  In that gratitude we gain compassion for them and in that compassion we take part in the healing of even them.  It is in this place of gratitude, compassion and love that we heal all of humanity, all of life here on earth and create the heaven on earth we seek so desperately.  God gave us the power to create heaven on earth as we are an extension of the Creator therefor ourselves creators.  We have been mislead and taken part in creating a world based on separatism, that time is over and we are waking up to our oneness and the truth that we are all connected by our creator, the web of creation exist in us, as us and today a new time is coming into view.

Each of us plays a great role in this truth and creating this heaven on earth by embracing love and releasing all fears.  The more we focus our intentions on oneness, on loving all that is without judgement or fear the faster we create the heaven on earth we seek.  When I look back over my own life as I sit here in the rain with these words flowing from me effortlessly I remember when I was asleep and living in fear as a victim of life.  I allowed life to happen to me as if I had no say in it and was only affected by it.  I am so full of empowering energy today with the knowing that I affected reality with those beliefs, not the other way around.  I am filled with joy with the knowing that if I, someone so lost in the conditioned life I lived can awaken to this truth in me that all life across this planet is itself awakening to this truth too.

I did not wake up one day and say it is all a lie and simply knew.  It was a process, one that began when I lost everything in my life that I held onto as false security and it was there in those moments and days of despair that I began to wake up to the truth that everything I need is inside of me and began a journey of traveling deeper and deeper within to find this truth.  I really did not know in the beginning and still forget sometimes today that this process was and is taking place.  It is so easy to get caught up in the illusion again and again.  Some days, sometimes for many days I forget to go within and I spend so much time focused on outward details then something happens to remind me.  This time I got pneumonia and was forced to stop and rest, to close my eyes and to put off those daily tasks I get lost in so that I could sit, sip tea and read, meditate, pray and remember that the greatest work I can do right now during this time of great change is my soul work.  I am reminded to balance my inner and outer work.

Excited to be here with you in this time of change.
As I am healing and my physical body is being restored from this past week of being ill.  I am also renewed as this week was so needed to take me back to basics and remind me of what matters most.  I am very blessed to be on a path where what I believe in, what I desire for all our futures is my means of income to survive with and I can create abundance in the current system to help others and myself while the new system comes into place.  We have gotten so lost in the old system of survival and so many of us are hanging onto it for dear life as it is being ripped away from us to make way for the new system that will sustain us as this old system was never intended to sustain life.  A new era of healing is already taking place.  I am excited about it and know that my role in it is as valuable as your own role in it is.  We are powerful creators and when we align with the light inside of us, we radiate that light outward and help others to embrace the truth within themselves.

In closing I remind you and myself that great change is often reached by things being shaken up a bit.  In order for a new way of life to be born the old way of life must crumble.  Do not fear any of this, see it for what it is and embrace your inner knowing that this is all part of a divine plan and we never end, our spirit never dies.  Realize this truth and then you remember who you truly are and that there is nothing to fear.

I love you all from a place of such gratitude and love for all life and excitement for this awakening taking place  I love you all from a place of knowing that we all agreed to be here to take place in this time of great change and we are fulfilling our agreements in our own ways.  There is no wrong path my friends, it was always our path we were on.  Our greatest discourse in relationships were contracts we made with each other to play out roles in each others lives to push and pull us along this path to our awakening.  Now is a great time to forgive yourself and all others and replace lower emotions of pain, regret and resentments with gratitude and love.

One Love,
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