Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do they have a name for people who are addicted to travel?

My New Spot
It really wouldn't matter if they did, I have never been one for labels any how.  If I am going to be addicted to something it might as well be traveling, we only live once and I am loving living these days.  I am starting to get excited about this summer, I will be spending a lot of it on the beach which is were I am most at peace.

I haven't written much lately because I have been very busy working and moving, meditating and reading and just doing me.  Yes I moved again, found a cute little park not to far from where I was with a nice spot for a garden and got all set up, got a big papason chair and planted some tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, basil and sweet potatoes, the salsa is going down this year.  And my garden is where I have spent most of my days, reading good books, taking care of business and enjoying the spring weather.  I have to say one of my favorite things about owning my own business is I can make my office where ever I want it to be.

Sisters For LIfe
As much as I love this space I can feel the Sacramento, Ca summer heat coming and the Santa Cruz ocean is calling my name, haha.  I do not plan to take my RV, I will leave it here and have hired someone to care for it, my garden and Beau so that I can do what I love most, go with the wind and take my journey on the road.  I could use a break from RV living to be honest and am eyeballing some nice locations to set up shop down there for the summer.  I spent last weekend down there with the family and had the best weekend ever.  On Saturday riding home from a day at the beach my sister looked at me and said... Best day ever!  We high five'd and laughed together like old times.  I spent time with my life long friend Lavada who I pretty much grew up with, so good to see her again and looking forward to seeing her more this summer.

My grandson, niece and nephew made my day at the beach extra special

I love you so much Baby Bee
My grandson went with me and had the time of his life with his cousins, I plan on bringing him and my other grandbabies down for some of the summer in shifts so they too can enjoy the sun and surf with me.  I have worked very hard this past year and this summer I will continue to work toward my goals while also treating myself, I have earned it, I can afford it and I deserve it.  Wow, that feels good!

5 Kinds of Peppers, so excited!
I have some awesome folks on my bay area team that I am looking forward to dedicating some quality coaching time to and just having fun with.  I also cannot wait to spend time with my sister and the kids.  This should be a fun and adventurous summer that renders great things, I feel it so deeply inside me.  I have been very blessed lately, so many positive things happening and I cannot help but laugh out loud several times a day in wonder and awe at what my life is like now compared to then.  Then being when I had no love for myself and lived day to day just getting by.

My grandsons first ever train ride!  So many questions, haha
I have also been putting in time developing my business blog which is a task all it's own among the many things I have going on today.  I am excited about what is happening in my business life, above all else what it is teaching me about myself.  The industry I am in is truly one of the most challenging self development courses one can embark on.  While it is not for everyone, it is for anyone! Anyone who is willing to stay committed to their dreams and goals and challenge their fears and discover how truly capable and resourceful they are.  I finally read the right book, the one every Entrepreneur should read... Your First Year In Network Marketing by Mark & Rene Yarnell.

His second train ride returning home, he was a seasoned pro, haha
I am reading a second time now, it truly is that good.  I keep thinking... Why the heck didn't anyone give me this book when I started and the answer I came up with was... so that I could see the importance of giving it to everyone who joins my team.  And now I do and the results are awesome.  In this industry there is so much to be turned off by, however at the core of it the truth of it there is this unlimited potential for freedom in every are of life and there are millions of good people who all want the same thing, FREEDOM here  I am now connected with some of the best of them and loving myself even more for not letting my own doubts and fears stop me from moving forward.  There were days when I really came close to giving up, something inside of me said not yet!

I was pouting about leaving Santa Cruz on the morning
it was time to pack and head home, shortly after arriving
home I started making plans for a return, haa
When I started this journey of self love I really had no idea what would come next, I just new something new had happen or I wouldn't have kept going.  I now understand the power we all harness inside ourselves to change our lives and create a whole new life.  It really is one choice that opens doors to more choices and just making good choices repeatedly leads to better doors of opportunity opening.

At some point you realize that you create the opportunities, that point usually follows the realization that you created all the disadvantages and stress in your life as well.  We cannot have one without the other.  Life does not happen to us, either we are creating what we want or we are creating what we don't want, weather we admit that or not.

Sometimes getting real about that takes some pain and from there grows gain.

I love you all from a place of wishing for you, freedom and abundance.  If you are stuck in a place you don't want to be in, ask yourself one question...  Why am I staying here?  It is the realization that if I didn't do something different my life was going to stay the same or become worse that led me to do something different and I began getting new results in life.  Had I stayed there it would have never gotten better or worse yet I might not be here today to cry about it.  You deserve happiness, you deserve joy, you deserve freedom and you have everything you need inside of you to create it all!

One Love,
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