Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ramblings of an Entrepreneur~

I was born into a long line of generations raised in poverty.  It didn't have to be that way.  My great, great, great, great grandfather owned Manhattan New York when it was nothing but swamp land and sold it for $16.  I am not mad at him, he grew up in poverty too and when we grow up in poverty we often miss the really big opportunities that could not only change our life but the lives of generations to come.

I have vowed to break the chain of poverty in my family line.  I am working to crack the poverty mindset I inherited and create a new mindset for my future generations.  My rags to riches story will be a true story that my family tells long after I am gone.

JoJo Williams
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I plan on teaching them so much more too.  I am changing it all!  One of us has to do it, and I was born for the job.  A born rebel, always fighting against authority, never really good at working for someone else, but great at working for myself.  I just had to grow up a little bit, harness my gifts that I thought were curses and learn to utilize my skill set the right way.  I had to learn to take every step and stop taking short cuts.  I had to learn to love myself, that has been the biggest challenge for me, learning to love ourselves is a journey worth taking and the only one that will enable us to truly know what we deserve in life and begin manifesting that!

I worked hard raising my kids to give them all the things I didn't have but I did it wrong.  I taught them a sense of entitlement by cleaning up all their mistakes in the name of protection.  I am not down on myself for that, I just see it for what it is now, and know I did the best I could with what I had at the time.  We are always doing the best we can and one day we wake up and do better.

Today I am setting a new example for my children and theirs.  I have great goals of all the good I can do and a logical mind that no longer robs anyone of their opportunities to learn their own lessons and pull themselves up from what they created in their own lives..  I had to accept that I was not a victim of any of it to truly understand that no one else is a victim either.

I have this knowing in me now that when it is all said and done and even if that were today I will look back and say.... I decided to change and did!  I decided how my story was going to end and changed the ending creating a new beginning for others.  I lived life on my terms and my terms finally became my friend not my foe.

JoJo Williams
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