Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Be True To You~

When the truth is awakened in you, living the lie is no longer possible~ JoJo Williams
Loving my new location, sitting up in the mountains of Scotts Valley
overlooking the valley on a beautiful private property, so blessed!
I have a beautiful story to tell you, a true story and one that just unfolded in my life.  I am filled with joy and gratitude as I write this entry sitting on the mountain in my new location looking out over the valley while the deer eat breakfast in my front yard and the sun rises over trees to the East.  As the sky is painted glowing orange by the hand of the sun I sit in awe of how beautiful life can be when we move into a space of allowance and acceptance.

If you read my last entry you know that I was guided to connect with nature and the moon energies, and to sit with the new moon and set my intentions of allowance for abundance and love to flow to me effortlessly.  I did so, stayed mindful for the first couple of weeks to stay in this space of allowance and ease and moved through the days that followed forgetting about it all as life played out and the rush to prepare for the Great Green Event in Arizona took hold of me.  There was much to do to prepare for this reunion with my colleagues and my on stage training of our compensation plan.

Getting Set Up in my New Location
Mid moon cycle a twist in the plot appeared as a relationship in my life took a quirky turn, someone who I value deeply and have gained much from in areas of my growth presented me with some challenging advice that went against everything that I have come to know, the truth growing inside of me.  My last entry and several posts on social media promoted some advice given to me in a way that caused me to question everything.  I was told that if I wanted to attract business builders to me I needed to stop promoting love and spirituality, that doing so would never attract to me my ideal clients who would bring massive abundance to my organization.

Shopping and trying on clothes for the
event was a blast, so much fun!
Confused by this, I felt wounded and a bit angry.  I chose to own my emotions, observe them and evaluate this advice from my heart space. I know it is common practice to wait till we reach a certain level of success to share the struggles and challenges, I have my own style, I believe that it is in sharing it all honestly as it happens, that I can touch hearts and inspire courage in others to share their journey.  I believe that we have lost ourselves in fear of what others think and the time has come to reach out, to create a world of reciprocity, where we give and receive, to acknowledge that all our fears exist only inside us, never outside of us. Promoting this truth is the core of me today.  I was scared in the beginning to share it, but faced that fear, and you have been able to support me along the way, I have learned that we are all so much alike, we all long for the same things, we all cry the same tears.  To deny what I am learning for the sake of attracting money to me would not be true to me or to you.  Our soul work is our best work!

When I arrived in Arizona I chose to seek counsel from other mentors in my life who also flew into Arizona for our event, two friends and mentors whom I also trust and value deeply, whom have had a great impact on my personal and business growth.  Spent the week contemplating this advice I was given and praying on it.  The message in my heart was.. Be true to you, let your voice speak only your truth, trust, have faith, you know the way.

Flying to Arizona for Essante Organics Great Green Event
My week in Arizona was AMAZING! Each event is a new experience, and this one was very special, I was blessed to share a suite with two women whom I love deeply, and to spend time with our amazing field and corporate leadership.  We all crushed it on stage, I looked fantastic at the meet and greet dressed in an all black jumpsuit, and I felt on top of the world despite the fact that I was sick with a lung infection that had little impact on my state of mind, haha. Each event grows in numbers, gets more exciting and again I am reminded of how blessed I am to be here in this magical time of ground floor where the leaders emerge and the inner circle of leadership is formed.  Seeing such beautiful souls who have embarked on a journey to overcome their limiting doubts and fears taking the stage to be awarded their rank advancement pins and share their story just made my heart smile.

Essante Organics Field Advisory Board with President Dr. JJ Levine

I love you my Soul Sisters!
By last Tuesday as the week came to an end and I shared a cab to the airport with Amanda and Victoria my head was spinning in the clouds, the glow of joy in me so bright that I felt I needed to seriously go roll around on the earth and ground all this energy surging through me.  We entered airport security together and the TSA agent remembered me from over a year ago, and exclaimed... "Hey you, I remember you, you switched airlines you traitor, haha, hey do you still have those oils?" We had a quick conversation, exchanged contact information and all of us girls laughed about him remembering me from so long ago.  Then parted ways with hugs and tears as we said our goodbyes.  I had two hours to go till boarding time and decided to sit down and have breakfast.

All that we are is Love, everything else is a lie!
My phone rang as my breakfast was delivered and the most beautiful voice on the other line introduced herself and let me know she had been researching my company, looked at all the leaders on the Field Advisory Board and chosen to join me, she had some questions about our compensation plan, however it was a done deal, she was set on signing up, however we needed to wait one day until the new moon to seal the deal.  It hit me, this is the end of the cycle, I shared with her what this meant to me and shared my story of the Angles and setting my intentions on the new moon.  We shared several moments of blessed conversation, connected on a deep spiritual level and then I asked her... "Can I ask you why you chose me? I really like to know where I am most effective in my marketing, out of us all, what guided you to choose me?"  To which she replied... "Well JoJo, to be honest I chose you because you promote love and spirituality openly with confidence."

Tears filled my eyes as I apologized for getting emotional and shared that I had just decided that very morning to release a mentoring relationship with someone with love who was guiding me to deny that part of my journey publicly. I told her she had no idea what this meant to me, and what confirmation it was that I had chosen well to stay true to me and continue to promote the truth growing in me of Unity, Oneness and Love.  She laughed an understanding laugh and replied... "well my dear, you also have no idea.  You do not even know who I am yet.  When you release this relationship with love please let this person know why I chose you and then let them know that I am a 6 Figure Earner and have a downline of over 94,000 people and have come to you to make millions together."

Live out your dreams, hold your vision with faith and know that you can create your life to be whatever you choose, this is your story, you are writing every scene, write a beautiful life, it is in you, you were born for greatness, know it, own it!

In the days that followed a combination of my inbox blowing up with leads and my prospecting efforts rendered effortless sign ups rendered the conformation of my success that was always here, and that all that was needed was my trust in a power greater than myself.  I have learned that when I am not confident in myself to be confident in my Creator.  The rewards of surrender so sweet I cannot tell you the shift that has occurred in me, it is to great to put into words here.  However, I want to share this with you to say to you that you have abundance awaiting you, I know this because each of us deserves to live the life we dare to create and all that is needed is Faith!  Embrace your vision. I am learning, we can create great abundance in our lives by doing good work for ourselves, others and our planet.  The lie, the conditioned belief that we must sacrifice some part of ourselves for financial gain couldn't be further from the truth. The Truth is that WE CAN create abundance, unlimited abundance in our lives for doing great good in the world.

I found these cards I made two years ago while unpacking and setting up my
RV in my new location after my summer vacation at my little sisters house.
There was a time when my emotions owned me, through owning them I have
begun to own my life and create a new story, one written from self love.
I began this journey scared, lacking worth, with no self love. As I unpacked and set up my RV this past weekend in my new location I came across tools I created a couple of years ago to aid me in learning to love myself.  It hit me how far I have come, how much I have grown, how much my life has changed and the realization came over me that this time I have spent on the road in my RV has been a cocoon of sorts, one I am beginning to emerge from as a butterfly ready to spread her wings and truly fly.  Three years now I have worked to remember a truth that has been in me all along, a truth that no conditioning can erase, the truth that we are all one, the truth that everything besides love is a lie.  The truth that I am love, you are love and we are one.  The truth that we are creating this life we live, all of it, our doing.  And now that I understand none of us are victims of this life, it is not happening to us, we are creating it all, and through owning this truth we are empowered to change it into whatever we choose it to be, and being true to me and this truth has rendered great results.

My niece and nephew were so happy to see me return from my trip!
I encourage you to live your truth, to challenge your limiting conditioned beliefs and to choose to no longer be a victim of the reality you are creating, to have faith that you are divine, you are worthy and you are a great gift from God to this world.  Go out and create greatness, because God makes no mistakes and you are perfectly perfect and deserving of all the love, joy, peace and abundance in your life that you desire.

I love you all from a place of enlightenment to the truth that when we base our now moment actions on a past or present model of the world we are limited in our vision to create a new world, we are the pioneers to light the way for the new world that is coming and cannot be stopped by limited views of how it should be, how we should look and act.  Be true to you, let your light shine, be the change you want to see in this world, you are that powerful, that amazing and you are supported from the heavens, you are loved!

One Love,

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