Friday, October 10, 2014

To give or not to give... Just say NO to Pinkwashing!

Breast cancer awareness month raises awareness on more than this preventable disease itself.  While stores are lined with products sporting the "feel good" pink ribbon social media is stirring with graphics and articles that shine another light on the Komen Foundation.
You have got to love social media, truly it has created an information highway that allows us to share information that takes on a life of it's own.  The general theme is we are waking up and social media is a great tool in aiding this awakening.  The truth is that several well known charities have been pulling the wool over our eyes for a long time.  These charities understand that we purchase on emotion, we want to feel good about our lives, we want to feel good about our contribution to society.  And too often feeling good is enough, it enables us to say... I did my part!  In a world where doing our part often feels overwhelming as the state of things has spiraled out of what we believe to be our control, so we donate to charities in an effort to make some small difference.  We buy products cleverly disguised as "doing their part" too as another effort to feel better.  After all what feels better than a cute powder pink ribbon on our favorite yogurt. Yogurt often including ingredients linked to the disease itself.

The Susan G. Komen foundation is not the only culprit in charities that exploit the public for self gain.  Well known charities like Goodwill who operate as a non profit organization take donated items and resell them for a profit with the claim that they are a not-for-profit organization that provides job training, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges. Goodwill claims to raise money for their programs through a chain of thrift stores which also operate as non-profits.  However, you cannot help but question these claims when you look at he salary of the CEO, who in 2011 received a total reported compensation of $725,000.

Don't let the name fool ya!  Before you believe that Goodwill is helping provide jobs do some research on the pay these employees receive.  Exploiting people is never okay, no matter how you spin it!

I never donate to Goodwill for the record.  I prefer to go to the local homeless shelter of whatever town I am in and donate directly to those in need.  The thought of them having to pay for items I am giving away never sat well with me anyways.

At the end of the day I think now is a good time for us to really ask ourselves where are our donations really going?  And to go even further and ask ourselves if we want to support corporations who exploit us by buying their products?  Is it enough to just temporarily feel better about our own lives by purchasing products deceptively colored with little pink ribbons or do we want to really have an impact on the world with mindful purchases and carefully thought out donations that really benefit those less fortunate?
We have reached a place in history where corporations have taken over everything, and everything is for profit for the most part.  Our Governments worldwide are ran by the very corporations who are rolling in the dough off our mindless purchases.  And while we individually feel powerless to address this there honestly is so much we can do as individuals to impact the whole.

For starters, simply developing some habits that support small business and local farmers has a huge impact.  The truth is we are either supporting a corrupt system or we are not.  The time of counting on someone else to fix the problems in our world are long past, it is us "The People" who have to save ourselves.  And we, the people are powerful!  We have every say in the direction our planet takes. And it begins with one small step at a time that can render huge results.

Here is a list of things you can do as an individual to impact change...

1. Practice the "One Store" method.

As much as possible only shop at stores that have one, maybe two locations.  Shopping at major stores like the all powerful Walmart supports one family being very rich while exploiting it's employees and destroying the foundation of Ma and Pa small businesses.  While we save a buck shopping at the mega one stop shop store, small business owners go out of business and end up having to take jobs working for companies like Walmart whose bottom line is always profit.  Not to mention, what are you getting by shopping at Walmart?  Toxic products at a discount! Still feel good about saving a buck on cancer?  It's time to bring the power back to the people by only supporting small businesses, our dollars count and caring about our community and the future of our planet depends on who we spend our money with.  A change in how we spend can create a change in how we can earn, open up the possibilities to entrepreneurship once again for future generations to come. You are either an Entrepreneur or you work for or shop from one!

2. Support local organic farmers.
By shopping at local organic farms you are benefiting yourself, the farmer and the environment.  By the way, there are countless organic farmers locally who are not USDA certified and there is good reason for that, those are the ones who I prefer to support the most and I will tell you why.  The USDA another government association cashes in big time on certification fees while in many instances crippling the farmers who struggle to obtain certification.  The USDA also has some very sketchy requirements for certification and is itself questionable.  So don't get hung up on certification, you are much smarter than these government agencies give you credit for.  Do some research and find local organic farmers who do not use dangerous pesticides and support them.

3. If it has a commercial don't buy it.
Don't be swayed by cute cartoon characters on products that are filled with carcinogens proven to be linked to serious life altering and threatening diseases and conditions.  If a company is spending millions on marketing it is pretty much safe to assume they are spending very little on ingredients.  We do not need to be told what to buy, manipulated by Disney characters on our babies bubble bath and toothpaste.  Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for the cancer causing carcinogens in your babies bubble bath and bath wash to enter their blood supply when they are wet?  Yeah, that is not so cool, so while they are all excited to be taking a bath with their princess bath wash they are bathing in a toxic soup that can seriously threaten their health.  Can you put a price on protecting your loved ones?

4. Learn how to read labels.
And learn how to research ingredients.  Check out this site... to learn about the dangers associated with your everyday products.  What you put on your body matters just as much if not more than what you put in your body.  The personal care industry is self regulated and determines what is safe all on it's own, not that involvement by the FDA would make any difference as the FDA referred to these days as the Facilitated Death Association is the most fraudulent government agency of them all in my opinion. When I see the term "FDA Approved" on anything I investigate the ingredients more thoroughly.

5. Grow your own food.
There is no better way to protect your family than growing your own food.  By doing so you are not only in control of the quality, you also save a lot of money on your grocery bill all while teaching your children how to provide for their own needs, something that we have forgotten how to do as a society.  I strongly suggest reading the book "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" by Thom Hartman to learn how we got to where we are and where we are headed as a planet if we do not take action now.  This book will empower you to know your power to impact change on this planet.  Complaining about the state of the world while ignoring our opportunities to change it is pointless. Educate yourself, you are more powerful than you could imagine.

6. Donate directly to those in need.
When you have to give, give directly to those who need the help.  Sure you might have to drive an extra mile, sure you might have to do some research to find out where to go to give directly to those in need.  It's worth it to know that your contributions are fully going to those in need rather than lining the pockets of the greedy while those in need receive a small percentage of your efforts.  Adopt a family in need, Get involved in your local community and help those around you.  It is time to get back to commUNITY.

7. Become an Entrepreneur.
Inside everyone of us is a wealth of ideas, inspiration, empowerment.  Own your life, stop making some corporation rich by working endless hours for them or buying their chemical laden products just save a buck.  Get involved in the multi-level marketing movement.  Think I am crazy?  Think mlm's are a scam? Take a closer look.  Yes like any industry there is greed and corruption, however in the world of network marketing you choose which company to endorse and if you chose wisely and only get behind companies that care about more than profit by selling cheap chemical products with limited compensation plans and dig deeper to find the companies truly making a difference you can become a part of something bigger than yourself while embarking on a journey of owning your life and creating time freedom and financial freedom.  I used to think that mlm's were a scam too, until I stopped mindlessly repeating what I had heard others about the industry and did some homework of my own.  If you are interested in learning more about a career in this industry and see the vision of investing in organics read this book "Your First Year In Network Marketing" by Mark Yarnell to get the real scoop on the pros and cons of embarking on a career in network marketing to see if this is for you, if so contact me. Send me a friend request on Facebook and lets connect.

The time has come to make our dollars count, to stop supporting a corrupt system and to take the future of our planet seriously even if our governments will not.  Let's face reality, our governments are not much more than puppets for corporations today, it does not matter what party you affiliate with, they are ran by the same people, the misconception that they oppose each other is a smoke screen to keep us at odds while they all work together.

I say "our governments" because this is not a "One Country" issue, this is global epidemic of corrupt governments that are all ran by the same corporations and cleverly disguise this so that we the people sit around pointing fingers at each other breeding separatism among us.  The fear of a one world government is mute, we are already a one world government, all of us being raped by the same power structure.  It is time for us to wake up and recognize ourselves as one people of one planet and come together as people empowering ourselves by owning that we have choices and begin to make our choices consciously.

We have choices, when we really want a new world we begin to make better
choices.  Be the change you want to see!
I love you all from a place of taking responsibility for my part in all this.  I was one of the mindless among us, the consumers among us born into this carefully orchestrated conditioned society that has held us prisoner to our own choices.  I woke up, and I began to take my life back.  You are so powerful in creating a new world for us all.  Every choice we make casts a vote for the direction we take as a planet.  I understand that at first it feels overwhelming when we remove the rose colored glasses and see the truth of what we have become.  That passes I assure you, and what follows is empowerment to be the change you wish to see.

One Love,
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