Saturday, March 14, 2015

Life pretty much rocks!

In the beginning of this journey there were huge challenges.  When we embark on a journey of change there is fear that rises up in us, the threat of releasing identities that we have owned for a lifetime is scary.  Who am I if I am not...  insert any identity you have taken ownership of over the years of your life.

Some of us have taken on diseases as identities... I am a diabetic, I am a cancer survivor, etc... I am overweight, I am, I am, I am.... Words we use all day, everyday carelessly, two of the most powerful words we can ever speak for everything that follows truly creates the reality we live.  We are constantly creating ourselves with these two words and often using them in such a negative way that we paint ourselves and our lives with the paint brush of doubts and fears rather than  create a life of abundance in all areas, health, wealth, love and joy.

For me personally, I-like many-identified myself as a victim most of my life., I identified with a lot of things that were not even close to the truth of who I am, I thought myself a good person because I gave so much to others which is a great thing to do, but not so much at the expense of your own self preservation.  I have learned so much over these past few years.  I have grown to love myself deeply as I looked deep inside of myself where I was once so afraid to go.  I am not sure  what I  thought was going to be there that kept me from looking, I only know that facing that fear and discovering what is there has freed me.  Inside each of us is a light so bright that to look upon it you know that you are never alone, were never alone.  You know that you are loved, created from love and will return to love  Unlimited intelligence, power, creative capabilities, and so  much potential, more than you could  have ever imagine when looking outward for an identity exist in you as  you.

I had the most amazing week that I want to share with you.  I have actually had the most amazing past 10 weeks, and have been going and doing so much that finding time to sit down and pour it out into words here has not even been a part of my reality haha.  To give you a quick recap, since joining a new company in my business life, a decision that was not easy to make as I had identified myself there as well.  Those identities we take on, hahaaaaaaaaa.  I'm sorry but often these days I just laugh about it, about it all, about life and how attached we become to our identities, the boxes that we place over our heads that limit our view and blind us to the unlimited choices we have available to us with every situation.  Looking back over the past 10 weeks and seeing the results of not letting an identity stop me from making a bold choice, it is all I can do to sit here still typing because my spirit is singing and dancing, jumping up and down, and saying let's go girl we have more to do.

So much has changed in not only my life but the lives of hundreds, thousands of souls who are all coming together.  Abundance is being created for masses of people who have struggled to reach this point in our careers, some of us have paid our dues for years to finally get here, others are so blessed for this to be their first rodeo in this brilliant industry of network marketing, almost all of us who have joined forces are winning and it is such a blessing to be a part of it.

This past week was the best week ever for me and for my family.  I took a drive to Sacramento to surprise my daughter in law.  After buying myself a new car the week before and knowing that her truck is broken and she is taking the bus with my beautiful grandbabies.  I hatched a plan to give her my Durango, put it in the shop for a full service and any needed repairs to make sure it is in top shape for her and my babies.  One of my grandsons has a very rare disease and often ends up in ICU.  Knowing that she cannot fit all four kids in an ambulance I understand the importance of her having a safe, good running car that fits the whole family.

It felt so good to bless them, it felt so good to give simply for the sake of giving and to be able to do so.  After all that is why I joined this industry, to create financial freedom and to help others do the same.  Helping my family is one of my biggest reasons, is MY WHY!

I drove away from Sacramento filled with so much peace and joy, feeling gratitude beyond gratitude for where I am today.  Feeling so much love for myself for staying the course.  There were days, weeks, months when I asked myself why I was doing this, when I could have quit, but didn't.  And here I am... in 9 weeks I have earned more than the past three years combined, won a trip to Cancun this July.  Visiting Vegas this month, Tahoe in June, girls weekend to the  Discovery Bay coming up, all paid for in advance.  August in Canada, and a plan to squeeze Spain in there somewhere, the plan is to take a couple months and finish my book,  a long overdue project that my closest friends are now pushing me to complete.

Life pretty much rocks, all of it seriously rocks!
I have never felt so free, so capable, so proud and more than anything I have never felt so grateful.  I sat this morning contemplating my identity today and decided to consciously choose not to have one.  Or to have them all, haha.  What I mean is that I am no longer limited by an identity, there is no need to be.  Identities only limit us, label us.  The truth is that we can be and do whatever we put our heart and mind to.  We can recreate ourselves daily and we do not have to identify with limitations and restraints.  If I had to choose an identity today I would choose water!  Yeah, I would choose water, because I am fluid, I am persistent, I will always find a way, I am life, I am cleansing, I am refreshing, and so much more.

To anyone out there who is moved even one bit by this entry, I feel compelled to tell you that you are amazing, powerful, capable, and fluid like water too!  Today is  a great day to let go of any past identities that no longer serve you.  Today is a great day to no longer take ownership of anything that is holding you back, to start to pay attention to everything you think and say after those two most powerful words... I AM...  When you catch yourself saying you are things that limit you, change that and say only words that empower you, create the future version of yourself that you wish to become.  You are that powerful!

I love you all from a place of electric excitement for all that is happening in my life and the lives of all those close to me.  We are winning in life and that really rocks!

One Love,
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