Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pass the salt please...

Why on Gods green earth I ever thought I would run out of things to write about is beyond me, hahahahah.  Life is so full of meaning when we just slow down and enjoy each now moment in it.  This one is too cute not to share, and it has a great little message in it too.

Meet Dylan!
Dylan you seriously Rock, it was great hanging out with you too buddy!

Dylan is our neighbors 5 year old son who visits us any time there is a sign of kids out and about.  He is quite the ladies man, one of the most polite young men I have ever met at his age.  He is a resolution generator to the max, he just has this way about him when he comes over of keeping the peace, a keen sense of how to work things out, a way of expressing his feelings and ideas that brings all the other kids back to joy.  I really love this kid.

Today Kaili is having a play date with Veronica, a special girls only day.  They were enjoying the pool when Dylan came over.  I was writing and making some business calls.  I asked them to all come out of the pool area so I could go in and make some lunch, the girls moved the party to the grassy knoll with bean bags and diaries, you know girls stuff.  So Dylan followed me and asked if I needed any help, that is just how this kid rolls.

Memories in the making!

Of course I welcomed his involvement and asked if he would like lunch too, he replied, no thank you I am fine, I would like to help though, I really like helping.  (*Side note* In my next life God can I please have all my kids be Dylan hahaha.)  Okay before my own kids who could actually read this get their feelings hurt, you were great kids, very helpful and there is a point to this so stay tuned, wink.

I proceeded to cut up yellow and purple carrots, he noted the purple carrots.  I cut up celery, put some peanut butter on it, split a half of a bagel and added cream cheese, cut up some cucumbers, strawberries, added some raspberries and then some cherries.  Holding a juicy cherry in my hand I asked again, Dylan are you sure you don't want a cherry honey?

Dylan looked curious, are cherries good for your body he inquired.  Why yes they are I replied, in fact these ones are all organic so they have no icky pesticides on them.  Good he said I don't like to eat pesticides, sure I will have one.

I said so you like healthy food huh?  Yep he smiled, I really only like food that is good for my body.  You know what my favorite food is JoJo?  No, what is your favorite food Dylan?  My very favorite is tomatoes sliced with salt on them.  Wow, Dylan that is awesome I love tomatoes with salt, that is really cool that you like them, a lot of kids your age don't like tomatoes yet.  

He was happy to explain to me that he didn't like them until he tried them with white salt on them.  Speaking of salt I followed with... Dylan are you a good climber?  Yes I am a very good climber JoJo! he exclaimed excited.  Great can you climb up on that counter and in that cabinet grab me the salt.  He happily climbed up, opened up the cabinet and asked what does your salt look like? I described the big bottle with the black top with the pink salt in it.  He grabbed it, climbed down and came over to me looking at the bottle, curious... Why is it pink JoJo?

Well Dylan, it is pink because its pink Himalayan salt, I like it because it is better for my body than the white salt.  It has natural occurring iodine in in it and no fillers like regular table salt, its just healthier and it taste just like salt because it is salt.

Lunch was served.  The girls sat in the sun snacking on their goodies in between conversations about their diaries and Dylan talked more to me about his tomatoes, he wanted me to know that they grow their own and he gets to help pick them.  He likes the ones they grow so much better because they have more flavor and he suggested that I should come down to their house and have some tomatoes sometime.  I agreed I should and showed him our tomatoes that are a little behind this season due to the deer hopping the fence and eating to our first crop.

Our little tomato plants at mid summer are evidence of a never give up attitude that my sister has about her gardening!

His dad called him, it was time to go on their river trip that he was telling me all about, he started to run down the stairs to head home, turned around and came running back... JoJo what was the name of that salt so I can tell my dad about it and could I have one of those purple carrots to show him? Pink salt honey I replied and of course you can as I handed him a purple carrot, off he ran but not before yelling back up the stairs... It was great hanging out with you JoJo!

Man I really love that kid.  And I really love his parents.  For the majority one thing a lot of Santa Cruz parents have in common is nutrition!  We are truly an organic town of planet conscious folks.  Recycling, re-purposing are very important.  We don't wash our cars every week to preserve water, we catch water in our showers with buckets to water the lawn and plants, we don't flush for number 1, none of our kids do either.  At least that is the way it is with the people I know here.

We are truly blessed to live here.  I grew up here and hippies were abundant then too, haha.  I hated everything about my childhood so I wanted to get as far away from here as possible, there were a lot of ghosts here for me.  Even more so I didn't want to identify as a hippie, a tree huger, anything that resembled my mom who I harbored a lot of resentment for in my first 30 years.  Hence why you might know me as JoJo I changed my name when I was 14 because Lelania was way to hippie for me and reminded me of who I didn't want to be, me!  I didn't want to be me.  I tried to be a lot of things.

Leaving for about 25 years, raising my kids in the city of Sacramento, abandoning my roots of foot print conscious living, no more composts, no more of anything that reminded me of the parts I was running from.  I raised my kids with a  lot of fried foods, down south cooking, fast food too, candy, sodas, you know all the stuff I didn't get a lot of as a kid.  And we always had chips in the house.  I think I might have went years without a glass of water that didn't have sugar and koolaid in it or my daily 6 pack of Dr. Pepper.  My kids grew up eating conventionally grown veggies, processed foods, etc... I was on a budget and my goal was to make my food stretch till payday came around again.

I remember coming back years later after my sister had Nicky and Kaili, they would ask for hummus and carrots as a snack, they would say ewwwww to McDonalds, they were sure that good old Micky Dee's had toe nails and saw dust in it.  I learned a valuable lesson, unfortunately it came after raising my kids.  I was a kid raising kids, so I have since forgiven myself for my shortcomings as a parent and with much effort and persistence on my part the past 4 years of changing my own life has created change in theirs as far as food choices are concerned.  Truth be told I went above their heads to their wives who jumped right on board with our new organic lifestyle.  Hey, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do.

What I learned is that kids like what we like, they grow up with our values for the most part.  If you value clean eating they will too.  If you value home gardening, composting, recycling, water conservation they will too.  I believed for a long time that my kids wouldn't eat the good for you stuff, that was not the truth at all, the truth was that I didn't instill that in them, and I ignored the fact that I was the one who purchased the groceries, and the one who prepared their meals. The truth wasn't that they wouldn't eat it, the truth was that I didn't eat it so they didn't either.

Seeing little Dylan so excited about his home garden, talking about foods that are good for his body being his favorite is evidence of a value system that his parents have instilled in him.  He is physically and emotionally one of the most well balanced kids I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I cannot go back and do things differently now, and sometimes we just have to forgive ourselves for not knowing what we haven't learned yet.  I do get to make a difference in the lives of my grandchildren and other little ones in my life today.  I get to share here these awesome truths that were lost to me while raising my own and all because I didn't want to be who I was.  I didn't want to be a hippie.  I wouldn't say I am a hippie now, I wouldn't say I am not a hippie either.  The truth is that I am far to vast to be confined by any label today.  I really don't care for labels they are far to restrictive for this free spirit unless they are on produce at the grocery store guaranteeing me that the food I eat today is as Dylan would say.. good for my body. Wink again!

I love you all from a place of joy to share this moment with you today. And satisfaction for the healthy food I have blessed my won body with today.  Have an amazing day my friends.

One Love,

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