Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We are Human Beings NOT Human Doings

As a spiritual Entrepreneur I am gifted opportunity after opportunity to ask myself the question... Who am I being while I am doing what I am doing.  As a network marketer I am faced with opportunities to answer this question quite often, opportunities disguised as human doings.

In my industry of choice the doing part of our lives is highly emphasized as a need to reach success.  Take daily massive action they say.  If you want to win, run, run, run they say.  The desire to cultivate some evidence of success leads often to us forgetting who we are being while we are doing what we are doing and days are lost to being human doings rather than mindful human beings.

Now I may be ridiculed by some for this post, so let me begin by saying that my experiences and my goals are unique to my-self.  And truth be told, I in great ways have "found my-self" in the beautiful industry of network marketing and in many instances I have also had the opportunity to "lose my-self". I use these terms found and lost simply for the sake of the story, the truth is I am never lost, you are never lost, we only feel that way and for a very good reason... feeling lost leads to being motivated to finding ourselves.  It's called growth, and if we already had it all figured out we would have no reason to experience any of it.

I have learned that my greatest goal is the feeling I feel when I am in that zone, the zone of self growth, the zone of alignment where my soul and my goals meet. That is my greatest success.  It was in my learning that there is no wrong choice, no wrong step, no wrong anything that I managed to really start to make things happen.

In working with my various coaching clients I have found the greatest rewards in the personal breakthroughs that my clients have, business and all things related externally falling into place when the internal issues are identified, addressed and resolved/released.

In essence the greatest success I have experienced is learning to not only answer the question-who am I being while I am doing what I am doing-but to answer it by showing up as authentic me, being of selfless service to others, taking joy in the success of others weather they benefit me or not. Seeing nothing as a set back, because what you might consider a set back is a great opportunity for growth in disguise.

I do not think it is an accident that I chose this industry smack dab in the middle of my spiritual journey into self love.  In fact I think I couldn't have chosen better haha.  The greatest challenge thus far has been balancing my spiritual journey with the fast paced nature of the industry I chose.  Or so I thought up until recently.

The past seven months of my career have been a whirlwind, it feels as if time sped up and I am still  trying to catch up with all that has and is happening.  This is momentum.  For the sake of those not in my industry, momentum is the time when a company goes bat shit crazy hahaha.  Seriously though, momentum is the time when a company is picking up such serious momentum that everyone wants in, or wants to destroy you because you are their greatest competition, haha, and being part of the fastest growing company in the entire industry generates a lot of the good, bad and ugly in people let me tell you.

However, I have discovered that all the fore-mentioned is to my souls benefit. It's like I have chosen the fast track spiritual path by choosing this industry when I look at everything I am presented with on a daily bases as an opportunity to continually redefine myself as a greater version of myself.   Never have I been given a greater opportunity to find inner balance of my spiritual path, my souls growth with and through my work life than now.  Dealing with such a multitude of fears, doubts, greed, competitive minds, truly amazing growth and breakthroughs in myself and others, the realizing of ones potential and being witness to that is the most awe inspiring situation I can think of. Being able to play a small role in lighting the spark that builds the flames of potential in others is something to be truly filled with gratitude for.

In this or any industry, any area of life really,, if we can stop determining who others are (defensive thoughts and actions, ie; blame) and utilizes the experiences we have with others to instead determine who we are going to be in relationship to them we grow much quicker than we do by learning the hard long lessons of blame and victim stance thinking.

When the goal is to see it all as a win, every loss, every failed attempt as a win, success is felt on a daily, progress is always happening and there is no reason to quit.  So I am not saying don't take daily action, I am saying be present when you are taking action as to who you are being while you are doing what you are doing and watch what happens.

At the end of the day whatever your chosen career is in this beautiful world, I think the key is to keep our focus on who we are being when we are doing what we are doing.  And, to see all the challenges presented to us as opportunities to decide more strongly who we are being in relationship to it all.

Soul Work is My Best Work
And for me, when I get to caught up in the rat race and lose sight of who I am and who I am becoming depression sets in, I operate on auto pilot and no real passion is present.  To be successful in the industry I am in at this point in my life I have to focus on the parts that truly sustain me on a soul level.  Making money is not enough for me.  Treating people who create volume in my organization better than those who do not is not okay with my soul.  All people are valuable, all people are welcome to work with me.  Remembering that I have as much to gain from them as they do from me and never making it the JoJo Williams show is what keeps me feeling good about my path and passionate about moving forward.

One thing has been missing however, writing this blog.  I have had some huge spiritual messages in a few forms delivered to me this past few weeks and I have heard them loud and clear.  I am excited to take time to write here again.

I love you all from a place of excitement for reconnecting with you here. Have a most amazing week my friends, one full of you being the best new created version of you.

One Love,

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