Sunday, August 9, 2015

The greatest gift...

There is a whole world outside of the one we live in.  Get
out, take an adventure, connect with the rest of the world.
At the last minute I bought a ticket and headed to Salt Lake City, Utah last Friday.  We had a company event and some of my team was flying and driving in.  My business partner, and soul sister, Amanda agreed one of us should be there.  The event actually began on Friday and carried through Sunday, however, I was not letting arriving late stop me. I felt pulled to go and pushed by Amanda hahahaaaaaaaaa.

A new city, a new experience.  Salt Lake City is beautiful, the architecture is
breath taking.  Grateful I jumped on a plane and didn't miss what was waiting
for me on this life changing trip. 
In Cancun a couple weeks ago Amanda was asked to get on stage at the Utah event for the Ruby panel.  She quickly messaged our corporate contact to let them know I would be attending instead, and to get me on stage for the panel.  I was excited to do so. I have found that I love the stage. it's the look in the audiences eyes that I have grown to adore, the look of dreams waking up inside of souls who were living a life less than they deserve, creating a life they resent, who have made the choice to change, that makes my heart smile and my fears of being on stage subside.  I have grown into loving this whole facing my fears thing, each time I do great things happen.  Being on stage I get to play a small role in the awakening that happens in us in this industry of dreams.  I know what lies ahead for the new person who perseveres here; so much more than they anticipate. We all join for the money and we get so much more than we bargained for in the experiences on our journey to success.  We get a self development crash course that can-if we stay the course-be literally life changing.

I love you Sharon!  You're a guiding light, your heart so bright.  Thank you for coming into my life and being such a gift!

My experience at this event renders this event the greatest of my career to date.  I was given the gift of going back in time, without forgetting what I know now, the greatest reward I could have been given at this point in my career.  First, before I tell you what happened, let me go back a bit.

Bill and Jack, you two are salt of the earth, so blessed to
call you both friends.  Thank you for making SLC great!
Leaving my former company, where we were the top leaders in that company, did all the weekly hangouts, calls, and event trainings, and joining a globally established company was like jumping from a little goldfish tank to a vast sea of possibilities. It meant starting at the beginning again and working our way up into leadership positions, that excited me.  I knew coming in everything would be different and I was grateful to learn how I could apply that to my own growth, energized by the idea of going back to basics and building with that sense of urgency again.  I truly see my industry as the best soul growth opportunity available, daily I am given opportunities to determine who I wish to be in relationship to various experiences.

I began this new journey with my current company almost 8 months ago at the very beginning of a massive momentum situation in the US and Canada. From day one I made a growing list; two columns... one for who I want to become and another for who I do not want to become as a leader.  Every time something or someone comes into my awareness that resembles who I want to or do not want to model myself, after I put it on the appropriate side of my list.  So I have been working these past couple of months on developing myself as a humble servant and been praying daily for opportunities to be of humble service to support my goal of never seeing myself as above anyone, rather developing myself as someone who walks beside all others hand in hand.

I love my team, best business partners and friends ever!!!

Patty you touched my heart, you go girl!!!
My prayers were answered last weekend in the greatest way.  I arrived in the early morning hours of Saturday after several delays on both flights from San Jose.  After 3 hours of sleep I readied myself,  noticing I had forgotten my Ruby pin, we wear pins to signify our accomplishments in rank achievements. To reach Ruby Directory you need to have 12 Executives, 2 Sapphires and 200 previous month cycles on your team.  It is a great accomplishment and secures you as a 6 figure yearly earner in the company, providing you keep your foot on the gas and maintain the requirements. My core value being challenge, I excel in this industry, I am certainly in the right industry at this point in my journey as I get to do so much for so many and through this I have had more growth than I could have ever imagined.

Over coffee I tried to find a scooter rental company who could deliver a mobility scooter in a crunch. None were open.  I said to myself... Oh well, tough it out girly your team is down there, and headed down to the convention center.  I met up with my sponsor, friend, and mentor Cedrick to pick up my ticket and he informed that the Ruby panel happened the day before. No worries, I thought, it will be nice to sit with my team for this one.  One of the first events was the newly ranked Sapphire and Sapphire Elite march, complete with drums and the crowd of some 900 excited souls cheering as the new Sapphire Executives entered the room, I captured it on video, super excited because one of my team members, Mr. Jack Branch, just earned the new rank making him a shoe in for the $6000 bonus on the table till the end of August 2015.

Ruby and above lunch

Cedrick Harris & Kevin Giguere
We broke for lunch and I headed to the Ruby and above lunch to dine with my soul sister Ruby Director Sharon, My Diamond Director sponsor Cedrick, and many other Diamonds in the company, as well as the corporate staff and owners of the company.  After lunch I headed up to my room to catch a moment of putting my legs up, they were really hurting, there had been so much walking just to get to the bathroom, to the lunch rooms, etc... I needed a few minutes as the pain was getting unbearable.  I am excited to say I see the orthopedic surgeon next month for my knee replacement surgery.  Until then I am determined to keep moving haha.

So thankful to my business partners, my friends for being so supportive!
I was dreading walking back down to the convention center.  Sharon was texting me, telling me to get back down there.  She suggested I ask the front desk for a wheelchair and a ride down.  I called down to the front desk and asked for a ride down feeling defeated but determined to be there with my team.  I texted a couple of my team to ask if they would mind pushing me around the rest of the day. They were super supportive and happy to help.  My escort arrived with my chair and we headed down. I closed my eyes for a split second and said some kind words to myself to not be embarrassed of the chair, to be proud of myself for being here and not letting my limitations stop me from being a part of what I love.

We entered the elevator and I recognized the lady holding the door open as one of the Sapphires from the march. I smiled and congratulated her on her accomplishment. She excitedly said thank you and placed her hand on my shoulder and said... Don't give up you will get there too.  I humbly said thank you.  I didn't feel any need to correct her, this was her moment, I was grateful for the opportunity to just be of humble service, and said another silent thank you to God.

We got downstairs and I ran into another new Sapphire, and the same thing happened. It was like I was in some strange alternate universe where the exact same words were spoken, and again I humbly said thank you.  I ran into members of leadership who I work with directly daily who did not recognize me, and I had to introduce myself, this repeated throughout the day, again and again.  It was so bizarre and so awesome.  I sat in the audience listening to one of the Diamond Directors tell his story of how he overcame great physical challenges after a serious car accident, losing a leg and gaining a lot of weight.  The crowd roared as he shared how he had lost over 50lbs with our products and regained his health and mobility in the process. I was deeply moved and cheered with everyone else but for very personal reasons.  I looked around the room, I cheered for us, the room who is here now, because this is when we need to be cheered, when we show up in the beginning.  Cheer for us because we showed up when we were challenged in doing so.

After the event my team pushed me 6 blocks to dinner, we laughed along the way.  It was so good to be with my team and I didn't care about my chair at this point.  I was whole, I was complete, something so important happened to me this day - I was gifted the opportunity to remember what I felt like when I first joined this industry, as one of the people in the audience.  I remembered wanting to get on that stage one day, wanting to be somebody, feeling like nobody.  Being given the opportunity to be unrecognized for a day was the greatest gift ever.  Because it is truly the new person who is the most important, the new person who joins your business is the person who needs to be recognized the most.

On our way to dinner, we ran into Wendy and Randy outside of the hotel, it was great to reconnect with Wendy after meeting her in Florida last November when Amanda and I were looking into joining Jeunesse.

After dinner we hailed a cab back to the hotel, entered the lobby and there were groups of people hanging out surrounding the owners of the company and various corporate leadership and Diamond Directors.  They were taking photos with them, prodding for golden nuggets to take away on their own journey to getting to these high ranking, high paying positions.  I saw the Diamond whose speech touched me and thanked him, shared that he had touched me deeply and he smiled and said... You're next, don't give up you will be on stage one day too.  I laughed at this point, not at him, but I couldn't help myself. I was laughing at the Universe, laughing excitedly at his encouraging gesture.  He smiled curiously and in explanation I shared that I have been on many stages as a top leader in my previous company and that he was about the 16th person to assure me that I too would be next and at this point I was quite sure I would hahahahaaaaa. We laughed together and then others around him recognized me, the spell was broken and I was remembered again.

Malia I love you so much, so happy we got to hang out and get to know each other better.  I am excited to share your journey.

I woke up Sunday and sat in grateful prayer and meditation for the great gift I was given. I saw so clearly the message in it and what it could mean for me on my journey.  I was reminded of who matters most in my line of business, the new person.  I was reminded to see beyond what I might think of a person, specifically someone like me, an obese woman in a wheelchair with no rank pin on her collar. I was given the gift of being what I would have and did considered a nobody, myself a nobody in the beginning, just wanting evidence that I could become more, become somebody in an industry that I thought was something so different than what it became for me.

I went downstairs for our final day of training with my sponsor, Industry Leader Cedrick Harris, who is so much more than a sponsor to me. He is so much more than the fastest Diamond Director in our company history. He is a friend and my first mentor.  I was on his team in my first company. He was the first "Ah Ha" moment for me.  I will never forget, I sat in the back of the room feeling like a nobody; a broken obese woman in a wheelchair who had been awakened to the possibility of a new life, a chance to get off of government assistance, a chance to get healthy.  I looked at him on stage and thought us worlds apart, wondering if I could ever be up there, on stage. And then he spoke.  He shared his story of humble beginnings, coming from the streets just like me and I realized that day that he was no different than me, he simply started sooner. I was awakened to the truth that we all start at the beginning. I knew that day that there was only one way I could fail at becoming somebody in this industry. The only way I could fail was if I quit!

Thank you Cedrick.  I don't think you actually know how you have impacted my and many others lives, sometimes in ways you may not even know.  I celebrate your courage to be true to you, to live your dreams and your heart for helping others do the same.  I love and appreciate you!

Making new friends everywhere I go! 
What I didn't know that day and learned on this event was that I was somebody way back then. I was courageous then. I showed up and I kept showing up everyday over the past almost 4 years of my career.  At this event I thought of the new person after being gifted to a day of being the new person again, but knowing what I know now.  I thought of how the new person has so many doubts about what is possible and looks to the leaders wondering if there is something special about them, hoping to gain that special something too, eager to learn the secret to being special and unlocking the gates to the golden palace that is freedom from all the burdens we wish to escape by joining this industry. I stalked Cedrick back then, determined to learn more from him, determined to make sure he knew who I was, and determined to be a valued team member on his team.  I learned the most about him when I actually left his team and my first company, to join my second where I climbed in leadership over two years, taking a position as one of the top leaders in the company and falling in love with being on stage lighting up the eyes and hearts of the new person. I also fell in love with my own voice, the inner voice that I denied in years past.  Learning we have a voice is so powerful, sharing that voice with others is so empowering in changing the world, one person at a time.

Our last day training was team specific, everyone who attended on Cedricks team were treated to a full day of training from him and other leaders on the team. I stood up and shared this story with our team. I shared what I had experienced and how it had changed me.  I asked how we apply this to our business, as we are in such a hurry to get close to leadership that we do not take the time to acknowledge the very people who will get us there, the new people in the room.

I learned something so valuable at this event.  I remembered what matters most and was literally transformed.  When I take the stage again one day I will stand up there with a completely different mindset than ever before.  Being so early on in my career still, the times I have taken the stage to train and to share my story have been mostly about me.  While I was excited to take part in changing lives, I was also driven to become somebody, and more than anything I was so nervous about even being up there that most of my thoughts were consumed with what others were thinking about me.  This event has transformed me and I know now that as I grow my speaking career I will take more stages and will do so with a completely new outlook and goal, and that is to touch the hearts of the new person. It is all about them now, and that cannot be reversed.

It was always about helping others for me, however, there was the drive to reach my own goals; mingled with the limiting beliefs that I was not "somebody" yet.  I am eternally grateful and know more than ever that everything happens for a reason.  I was not meant to be on that panel or to remember my Ruby pin.  I was meant to be one of the new people, with the new people for a day, and that my friends is how life works. When we ask for things, they are given to us. Often in the most unexpected ways. The lessons gained when we pay attention are life changing. The key is to pay attention to all experiences, with a goal to find the opportunity in each one.  To do so; we must remove all labels we attach to our experiences.  Stop determining one experience as unwanted, as bad, and another as wanted, as good.  In doing so we miss the greatest gifts. For it is truly the experiences that we determine as unwanted ones that render the greatest growth for us.

I have spent the most of this year, with a goal of seeing the value in all experiences.  A goal of detaching from labels.  A goal of becoming the observer of my emotions, and determining who I am in relationship to each person and experience in my life.  I chose this goal after reading "The Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.  Great book.  I am so grateful to Eckhart, and to myself for this goal. This goal has brought me here to this event where instead of feeling wounded by not being recognized, or feeling less than, I felt excited, humbled, humored and enlightened by the experience.  I found a great lesson in this experience, one that has already fueled a new goal for me. A new goal to help others know they are somebody now through realizing that I was somebody all along.

I love you all from a place of hoping one message from this post touches your heart the very most.  No matter where you are in your life, what ever your dreams and aspirations are, get started!  That's all you have to do. Just start, and start with a knowing that you are somebody now. In this moment you are somebody who made a decision to start a new path, to aspire to reach a new goal.  You do not need to be celebrated later. Celebrate yourself today for making the choice to begin, because that choice alone will change your life. Your daily choice to believe in yourself, to know you are somebody now, will carry you through.  It truly is not the destination that renders. That is just the carrot dangling to keep us moving forward. No it is the journey, where all the magic happens. The journey is where the greater rewards are rendered.  It is the journey where we learn who we were all along, somebody who can do anything, be anything, we set our minds and hearts to do!

One Love,

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