Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Two shelves and a drawer, the power of ones intentions!

Here we are a year later, laughing as the sun rises over the ridge outside my home office window, masked by the fog that is creating a bright luminous glow all around us.  I am on the phone with Sharon, laughing about life, business, coincidences and our power to manifest via the Law Of Attraction. My beautiful little sister enters the room, protein shake in hand for me, laughing as she joins in on the conversation. Reminding me of a story that played out almost a year ago to the day. We were both reminded of an event that rendered great evidence of our power to attract exactly what we want into our lives almost instantly.

November 2014 First Month in our new house.

We had just moved into our new house together.  It was a time of great change for my little sister; she was separating from her husband, one of the toughest decisions of her life.  We chose to get a place together so I could support her and the kids through the process; I hung up my RV life for the time to join her on this great new journey into the unknown.  Wanting to make this transition as peaceful as possible for all concerned she literally walked away with barely anything from the house they shared. That could all be figured out later.  For now, caring about everyone's feelings mattered more.

A blank canvas to be painted with character and love
We consciously made the decision that we would start from scratch, and didn't want to buy anything new if we could help it.  We wanted to re-purpose, rather than buy new.  We chose to accept free or buy from local friends and wanted to create an eclectic environment of the right elements and colors to create a positive Feng shui energy flow in our home.  The TV sat up against the wall waiting to be mounted along side the surround system someone gifted us.  I will never forget it, my little sister stood there that night in the middle of our living room, looking at the TV, and said, We will find a perfect stand to go under the TV to house this gift and it will have two shelves and a drawer.  It will be old and perfect for our house.  And without another word we both smiled, a knowing smile.

My Sister is the most loving and amazing mother I know
The very next day my sister went to pick up a free box-spring she'd found online. Upon meeting the woman and loading the box-spring something else happened.  As she was saying her goodbye, the woman stopped her and said, "I feel like there is something else I am supposed to give you. I just want to give you more stuff.  Do you need a recliner? to which my sister gratefully said yes.  Recliner loaded.  "I also have this low stand, Do you need a stand? It has two shelves and a drawer, it is quite weathered, but if you want it, it is yours."

The stand sat in the corner of the storage unit, all the way in the back, buried by other things.  Who knows how long that stand sat there. Who knows how long it sat in the back of this woman's mind. Today it came to the front of her mind and of course they dug it out and Tamar brought it home. She walked in the house with the stand and my jaw dropped.  It hadn't even been 24 hours since the night before when she stood in that very room describing this stand to me and saying we would find it.

Our awesome energy LIVING ROOM is filled with stories, stories that cannot be bought and paid for then thrown in a dump to fill up land fills.  We are being the change we want to see in the world, one step at a time becoming more conscious beings who remember our connection to eachother and all life on earth!

From my office desk I can see that stand, Just about every day I get to look at this little weathered old stand with two shelves and a drawer.  And I am reminded of the power of ones intentions. I am reminded of how simple it really is.  You see, when she said we would find this table she got specific about the table it self. It would be old, and it would have two shelves and a drawer.  She did not however get specific about the manner in which the universe would deliver this stand to us.  Neither of us did, We were content knowing exactly what stand we wanted, and knew the universe would do the rest. There was no doubt  There was no resistance in us. And in less than 24 hours wa-la, our stand was here.

Life is great, worth enjoying and all about what we expect
In life, becoming a match for what we want can seem so challenging. We make it so.  It is our own blocks that stop it from playing out like this. We get exactly what we anticipate in life repeatedly.  We say, see I knew this would happen, and yes dear you did.  You see that is the key right there.  Your beliefs dictate it all.  You will always be right about what happens next. If you could simply change what you believe about life.  Change what you think about, what you expect and how you feel about it all.  Just do your part and let the Universe do it's part.  God designed a perfect system to bring to us exactly what we desire. Let go and let God is a great saying for a reason if you ask me.

I love you all from a place of great joy as I sit at my desk looking at that little stand!  Be blessed, let the Universe do the rest.

One Love,

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  1. OHHHHH I love this story!! The law of attraction is something POWERFUL that us, as humanity, are just beginning to tap into. Or maybe just me. :) Either way, it is absolutely wonderful of you for sharing. <3