Thursday, May 12, 2016

Before you join the witness protection program...

Hey, I get it! Those annoying family members who show up at every family gathering and spend the whole night talking about their amazing network marketing products, the great results they have had and how you should buy from them. You've heard it at the last four get togethers' and you have been dodging their calls for weeks in-between the unavoidable meetings.

No one likes commercials! We will fast forward past them every chance we get, and before that was available we muted them. Except on Superbowl Sunday of course, some of you only watch the game for those commercials, admit it.

Before you go another three months without talking to your once loved and cherished friend or family member here is some food for thought, something you may have never considered. There is something very special about what you get when you actually support your friends and family in their home based business, something that you can never get buying from some corporation who you have no investment in. That something is customer service. Let me explain...

When you go to Walmart and purchase a protein shake, or a night creme and have an issue what do you do? You take it back, they refund your money and whatever goals you had hoped to accomplish by purchasing that product are shelved until the next time you decide to put your beauty or health first and invest a little into you.

I have been in the industry of direct sales for over five years now. That is about 4 years longer than most of us last in this industry. Most cannot handle their friends and family joining the witness protection program. Most cannot handle the level of ridicule and rejection that we are subjected to. Most will quit before they get to experience the magic that I am talking about with you today. That magic is priceless and truly gives a new meaning to the saying... You get what you pay for.

There are these moments when I am gifted the opportunity to truly impact someones life in the greatest ways. For example... I currently offer a line of products that focus on youth enhancement, ranging from skin care to DNA cellular level repair, to weight loss and not just any weight loss, food based lifestyle weight loss where I get to help others understand the connection between the food you eat, how you combine it, and the impacts of balancing your blood sugar, how that effects your hormones, and turns your metabolism into a fat burning, muscle building machine. As a Health Coach as well, I am truly gifted the opportunity to share in the most magical moments of someones life.

When someone joins my program, buys my products and begins a journey into health and weight loss there are going to be challenges, big challenges for most. Now, if they had bought a book about weight loss, and did this on their own, buying products online or from some store, in those challenging moments who do they turn to? Not everyone is ready to be their own inspiration, in fact most aren't ready or they wouldn't be where they are now. If they need help, support and guidance they are pretty much on their own, you are pretty much on your own.

The blessing of buying from someone in the home based business arena is that you get so much more than you paid for. You get support. You get community. You get guidance. And if you have a problem you have a multitude of solutions to choose from, including returning your products if you so choose. But when you bought that product from the store or from your neighbor you had some goals you hoped to achieve by doing so, wouldn't you agree? So, why not give yourself a better chance at achieving your goals by buying from someone who genuinely cares about your goals? Just makes sense when you think about it.

Not to mention that by doing so you are supporting someone you know. How is that not better than supporting some greedy corporation whose idea of customer service is a phone operator or teller who doesn't even know your name?

I have seen peoples lives changed in ways that still make my heart smile today thinking about it. I have grown to love the industry of direct sales for all the right reasons, and the ones most people quit for, well those reasons could never hold a candle to the magic that happens here.

So before you hit ignore on that call, or roll your eyes at your cousin at the family BBQ. Think about it, what have you got to lose? You spend money everyday on things you don't even remember now. Maybe next time listen to them and see if what they have actually holds some value for you. The only reason they are bugging you is because someone told them to follow up. And that someone was pretty smart considering that 85% do not purchase until the 5th to 12th exposure. Why do you think you see the same commercials on TV repeatedly.

I love you all from a place of doing what I love and loving what I do. Punching someone else's time clock will never be better than being told no by a few hundred people a year.

One Love,

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