Sunday, May 1, 2016

Don't Mind Me...

In matters of the mind, sometimes we have to lose our mind to gain our sanity in life. Human potential, your potential becomes limited when the mind is your go to tool for navigating your life. Now you type A personalities are likely appalled at this point, humor yourself and keep reading.

Let's talk about the mind for a moment to really understand our minds purpose. Our mind is best compared to a computer system. It takes in information for the purpose of calculating that data, and when we use our mind to make decisions in our lives we go to our mind to retrieve data. I think we can all agree about these facts regarding the mind. The mind is the thinker part of us. Not to be confused as the feeling part of us.

The problem comes in when we only use our mind while making decisions in life. The mind offers us the opportunity to recall information stored for evaluation in our decision process. If we are not accessing our creative mind, our heart, our soul, the other parts of ourselves, then we limiting our own potential by basing current moment decisions on past information. The past could have rendered us some painful experiences, or some very rewarding ones. Basing our future potential on past results, well, I think you are getting my point here. We are limiting our view of what IS possible based on what WAS possible.

All things in life are balanced through love and only love. The addition of fear, hate, anger,
resentments, cannot create balance. Life is far to perfect to be fair. Fair includes the mindset of
 an eye for an eye. Love brings balance to all of life.

I have learned how to listen to my soul in my decisions. This is my practice of learning how to pay attention to soul guidance through a combination of using emotions, images, visions, feelings and body sensations while making decisions. There are certain sensations in my body that guide me in my decision making today. I have learned how to listen to my soul through these body sensations, but it didn't start out that way. This is some cool stuff right here, that just happened while seeking guidance from a power greater than myself, my greater self, my soul! It could be but not limited to a ringing in my ear, a tingle up my left arm, strong jolts, feelings of being tapped on the shoulder, etc... these are some of the ways my soul talks to me, warns me, encourages me, confirms things for me.

In the beginning of connecting with this part of myself, my higher self, there was an exercise I would do to help me in the decisions making process that I want to share with you. Listening to our souls guidance is so valuable in shifting from this fear based reality model to our destined reality of Heaven on Earth so to speak. We all play a great role in this shift taking place on our planet at this time. Fear feeds the old paradigm of war, lack, victim consciousness. It is love, in embracing love, that we shift to the new paradigm. Part of overcoming that fear based thinking model for me was the coming into the actual realization that I really do have a soul. I truly am an infinite spiritual being. Learning to ask for and recognize guidance from that infinite omniscient part of me has been the most freeing experience for me, and I am sure it will be for you too.

Tend to your garden with love and compassion. Seek the advice of your soul to nurture and
renew you in all things. Bring healing to the planet with a nurturing heart. Nurture that which
you cherish, or it shall not continue to grow. You are the keeper of your sacred garden.

The Exercise
In the matter of making choices in life. I developed a process to bring in my soul to sort out the bigger decisions. As time progressed I no longer needed all these steps, as certain things started happening during  this process that taught me about what my soul was saying to me via repeat sensations in my body. This occurred quite by accident on purpose, haha. I did the exercise with each decision, and each time my soul guided me, corresponding sensations occurred in my physical body and I  started realizing these were not mere coincidences. I wanted to share that part with you, this may be an experience for you as well. So make note during this exercise of your body and repeat sensations that occur that could be divine guidance. Our soul, and our guides speak to us in many ways. Learning the physical body sensations your soul and guides use is powerful.

I usually took a shower before sitting with the really big decisions in my life. In my shower I would say the following mantra...

I command all energy that is not my own to returned
 to source for purification in love and returned to it's owner in love.
It is done!
I command all energy that I have left behind or has been taken from me
be returned to source for purification in love and returned to me now.
It is done!

I imagine energy being returned to me, and take notes of the directions it is coming from. I see my energy body in my mind being filled with my energy and becoming full, whole, complete. Then I thank the earth for the water cleansing my body, and ask Jesus to bless this water. Imagining this water becomes pure Christ Light and is coating me in a layer of protection, strengthening my own Christ Light from within.

You are safe always, you are protected always. You are an infinite being, full of unlimited
potential, a powerful creator here to create. Call upon your Angels and Guides to support
you in times of doubt and despair, hand your burdens over to them to carry on their wings
to the heavens. Be healed in the light that is within you. Know your worth and give your
gifts to the world. You are an important part of the great shift taking place, it is time for
your human potential to be remembered and all to be healed and restored through love.

This exercise is one I still repeat regularly, not limited to decisions in my life. I used this practice before decisions in my life because it is important to remove negative energy and fear from the decision making process to be clear to fully receive guidance from the soul, pure guidance is easier to recognize when there are no clouds of doubt blocking the visions. Everything is energy, and we do pick up energy from others and the same is true that others take energy from us. We don't even have to be in the presence of another for this to take place. When someone on the other side of the planet is focused on you, thinking thoughts directed at you, those positive or negative thoughts carry energy which is directed at you. Regularly cleaning the energy in your body, home, office or any environment is just a good practice. You can sage, open windows, burn incense, and or light a white candle in the center of a room and let it burn all the way to the end to clean the energy in the space. Do any and all of these things setting the intention that this space is now cleansed of all negative and stagnant energy, renewed and blessed. It is done. Remember you are always in control, there is nothing to fear in energy. You are the light, and you recycle negative energy into positive energy simply by intending to with a knowing that you are the light. Keeping your home clutter free and clean of dust helps to assure a clean energy space. 

After the space is clear, I am cleansed, I then light a candle and invite my soul and guides into the space. You can do this or not, it is up to you. These little rituals I do help set my spiritual intentions into action through physical action. The mind likes to see things to fully accept that something is happening that it should record, take not of, make adjustments for future recall. The mind likes to see it to believe it. Another reason we should include other parts of ourselves in our decisions in life, if we only believed what we see, how much would we honestly achieve? 

Now Sit with pen and paper with a line drawn down the middle of it in front of you. Close your eyes and focus on one of the two paths available to you in a particular decision. Even if you are not presented with two different paths you are always presented with two choices. To do or not to do the one thing you are considering is two paths. Sit with one of the paths. You can even say out loud or in your mind, In choosing to (insert choice) I feel... I imagine... and whatever thoughts, images, emotions arise in you, write them down on one side of the paper. With no judgement, no attachment, simply write them down. Keep doing this until there are no more thoughts, emotions or images coming in. Now sit and do the same thing with the second path available. Remember to take not of any physical sensations in your body associated with these responses to imagining your choices. As time goes on you will notice if there are repeat sensations associated with specific information.

Open your heart to free you of your suffering and pain. Open your heart to sing the truth that has resided in you
since the beginning of creation. Look upon your challenges as the greatest gifts offering you growth, seek the gift
in each challenge and you will move swiftly toward your goals. Trust the divine nature and timing of all things.
There are no mistakes in this life, and remember that those you may have discourse with are your best soul friends
when you embrace this truth and make peace with all, living in gratitude for all the roles played by all the souls
in your life, you will see what your heart always knew. There is only love.

Once you have cleared yourself of all thoughts, emotions and images associated with both paths look at your lists. Read them both and cross out everything associated with fear or others. Your decisions in life are best made putting yourself first. Any ideas that you know what is best for others is an idea born of ego and of the mind. You do not know what is best for others. Sometimes in life suffering or loss is what is best for us, think of times in your own life when such events rendered great new doors opening for you. Put you on a new path that led you where you realized you were meant to go. These events played a great role in you getting where you are. When we make decisions based on what others think or how others are going to be impacted we are not listening to our soul guidance we are listening to our ego or mind and often basing things on fear. Fear of hurting others, fear of disappointing others, fear of what others might think of us. Cross everything off both lists that has to do with others. Cross everything off the lists that has to do with fear. Your soul has no fears. Your soul has no judgements. Your soul sees all and values all. Your souls guidance won't always avoid you discomfort or pain. This practice is not a guarantee that your choice is going to render you what you consider favorable results. Remember your soul knows things you do not and knows when discomfort or pain is exactly what you need to move forward in your soul growth.

Now look at your lists. What is left? Now that you have only the positives, what is left? How much positive is there for or against the decision? If you have 12 positives on one side and only 2 on the other I think it is pretty clear what your soul is guiding you to do. If you are pretty much 50/50 what do you feel when you read those positives? What sensations do you feel in your body? Which positives move you the most?

There is no right or wrong way to do this. And you can actually develop your own way of listening to your soul. The intent to listen to your soul will spark creative thought in you just like it did me and lead you to a way of listening. Simply starting with asking for guidance from your soul and your spirit guides opens up a flood gate of new inspiration. We all have Angels and Spirit Guides that travel our whole life with us. They work with the laws of the Universe and cannot involve themselves unless asked to do so by you, this is because you have free will and that must always be respected. It is a universal law. If you ask for guidance, you will receive it, so pay attention to the subtle things happening around you, guidance comes in many ways. It could be a song verse, something that feels like a coincidence, a moment of deja vu, 

Now as your new decision making process grows, so does your mind. You are inviting in new experiences that will enter new data into your mind, and make available new information to recall from in the future. You are also rewiring your brain. And in this process you are actually waking up creative parts of your brain. Notice that I said brain in one part of this sentence and mind in the other. They are not one and the same, but they do work directly together. They are the thinker parts of you. Integrating the thinker parts of you with the feeler parts of you creates a more whole you and allows you to navigate through life creating a life by intent. 

I am no expert on any one of these subjects and only speaking from my own experiences, growing experiences. That I, myself, am still learning, so take all this information and decide for yourself if it resonates with truth for you. Because the truth is that I am not really learning anything as much as I am remembering everything. The same is true for you. We are remembering everything, everything that we all ready know as the infinite beings we truly are. And together, sharing as we awaken and remember, we all grow. What we know today, may change tomorrow. We gain parts of the puzzle on the journey exactly when we are supposed to. So our idea today could change tomorrow. Having a level of humility in all this is very valuable. Learning that it is okay to change our mind, that it is okay to be mistaken, is to learn that it is okay to grow.

Make today the best day of your life!
I love you all from a place of gratitude for the Angel that visited me in my dreams to discuss this topic, the human potential and look forward to sharing more of what I remembered in that dream as I understand more. Sound cray cray?  Good remember that I said at the beginning of this entry that sometimes you have to lose your mind to gain your sanity!  In the words of the Great... Let's go Crazy! ~Prince

One Love, 
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