Monday, May 23, 2016

Time is on our side!

Let's get on purpose!
Happy Monday Beloveds,
Whew, what a week. I have learned much this week and am eager to share it all with you. First I finished a great book two weeks ago that is a must share. I feel confident in saying, I believe if everyone on this planet stopped what they are doing right now and read Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping. we could change the world in an instant. More importantly you can change your world by reading this book. It changed mine in the best ways.

Okay, where were we... Oh yeah, my busy week. I have been busy in the best ways. With launching two new coaching programs, Starting a weekly newsletter (sign up here), building a new website in collaboration with an amazing group of light workers that will launch in the weeks ahead and working on my energy art for an upcoming booth in June I have been a highly productive girl. Days rolling into days of the most focused dedication to all my dreams and goals has been really awesome, but you know what really freakikng rocked? Friday! Friday really rocked. Friday was the day where it all came to a screeching halt.

You know that little voice of self destruction that you have inside of you? Yeah, well I have that little voice to, that voice is not exclusive to any one of us, we all have that self sabotage side to us. And Friday that side of me decided to remind me of it's immense power to bring me down, way down. There are these days where I say mean things to myself, where I get lonely, sad, where I tell myself I'm not good enough. And Friday was one of those days. By mid day I started going down hill. I was sad, it was another Friday night at home alone. No plans.I don't have to spend Friday nights alone, I could go out with my sister and friends, I could be social. The truth is I am dedicated to a path that fulfills me and these lonely days are far and few between, but they come and I realize I am single, I realize that I might actually like the idea of having a partner, or at the least going back to the time in life where nightlife existed. I was slipping into the abyss of sadness when I just went there. I drove into town and bought a big BBQ tri tip sandwich, chips, cookies, came home and ate it all, watched TV (something I rarely ever do) TV is a trigger, it's a life sucker, dream stealer. But I was wallowing in my own disappointment of myself and negative self talk. As I sat on my bed taking off my slippers before bed I looked at my night stand and there was my affirmation journal. The one I read every night before bed. The same hand written affirmations of a truth I read every night, written by me, to me, to help me remember who I am, what I'm worth. I felt guilty, how could I read it this night, I was too busy listening to old lies. I cried. When enough tears had fallen I picked it up, held it to my heart and started taking to myself... your guilt is a waste of time JoJo! You obviously needed to experience a little more self hate, no biggie, we can experience more if you like. We can live the lies as long as you like, the truth will still be the truth, the truth is you are worthy even when you live in lies, you are worthy now! Then I read my affirmations and feel asleep thankful.

I woke up at 4am Friday morning full of energy and excitement, showered, and went to work on my current projects. I accomplished so much, worked 14 hours straight as the inspiration flowed into and out of me with such ease that I didn't even realize how much time had passed until I was dizzy from it all. I realized I needed a break from working so I decided to put my feet up and read some of my new book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. Picking up where I had last left the book on Wednesday night, I began this paragraph...

"Truly enlightened people, those who experience deep happiness daily, are prepared to put off short-term pleasure for the sake of long-term fulfillment. So they tackle their weaknesses and fears head on, even if dipping into the zone of the unknown brings with it a measure of discomfort. They resolve to live by the wisdom of Kaizen, improving every aspect of themselves ceaselessly and continuously. With time, things that were once difficult become easy. Fears that once prevented them from all the happiness, health and prosperity they deserved fall to the wayside like stickmen toppled by a hurricane."

What are you putting into your mind? What we put in matters so much. What we put in determines what we get out!

Isn't it cool how life works out, how the little coincidences aren't really coincidens at all when we are open to hearing the messages meant for us. It is no mistake that I got this message at this exact moment. I heard the message loud and clear, the reminder that I am in pursuit of my dreams, that I am missing nothing in my life. And the truth is that I have spent years of my life enjoying pleasures over the pursuit of a higher purpose in life. I have also spent much of that time in my life bored. And that is something I want to talk about with you today.

After reading I got my second wind and cleaned this fridge to prepare for food prep on Sunday, I picked up a new local client for food prep so I had to prepare two meals a day for three people as well as prep things for two more meals a day for all three people, that is a lot of food haha. I had to shop for it all, unpack it, sort it, cook it with love, package it while I blessed every meal with prayer. I take food prep seriously ya'll. Our relationship with our food matters, I will be discussing this very topic in this weeks newsletter, so if you are not subscribed, get subscribed. As I was doing dishes after cleaning the fridge it hit me, I'd had another perfect food day, every time the alarm went off alerting me to a meal time, I already had my food or shake in hand, without even thinking about it, planning it, worrying about it, it was second nature, I was good to me without effort. It was just like Thursday, and many other days, most days, these days where I have been super busy in the pursuit of my goals and just ate good.

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I realized that I'm happiest when I'm working toward my goals and dreams, challenging myself to learn more, grow more, be more. I am happiest when I am following my well planned out routine of combining my spiritual practice and growth with my business practice and growth. And when I'm happy, I take good care of me effortlessly. All the tools and knowledge I've gained in the past 5 years, more specifically the past 6 months in regards to my new weight loss lifestyle have become second nature to me and the only time I lose my mind and go rogue on my eating is when I am depressed or I am bored, bored being the bigger one to discuss here because it is the trigger that leads to depression.

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Boredom is a trigger for everything self destructive. Boredom is the time we waste waiting for things outside ourselves to fulfill us, make us happy. Boredom is what we are victim to when we are not living self aware and in pursuit of our dreams. And boredom make me eat. I am sure some of you can relate to this. Boredom tells me that my life sucks and food makes it all better. You know what I am talking about don't you. Maybe it is not food for you, maybe you have another go to that fills the void when boredom has set in. You see when we listen to our self destructive voice, and tell ourselves things like I was telling myself on Thursday about how worthless I was, who did I think I was to believe I could do all this cool stuff I am doing, I don't know enough, I am not good enough, I have to many issues, and the many other fear based limited thoughts that ran through my mind that day stopped me dead in my tracks, led me to the couch where I flipped on the tv in an attempt to escape the thoughts and led me to food to fill the void.

I had the biggest realization, I might not know all I need to know to do all that I have set out to do, but that is the whole point of doing new things, you have to learn new things. Combining education with inspiration and having the courage to develop the habits needed to succeed is the key. When that voice speaks lies to me I can remember to answer back with the truth. The truth is that I am capable, powerful, magnificent in all that I do, even when I fail! And so are you! Developing a daily routine that edges the boredom out and fills every part of you with passion and purpose is a decision away. First say to yourself one truth... I deserve to do this! Then start with a pen and paper and write out a goal, then a to do list to reach that goal and get moving. If you need to learn new things to accomplish the things on your to do list, learn them, whatever you are afraid to do, do that. Just do it and trust that every failure and every success is a part of the win. Keep a schedule, wake up with purpose knowing what needs to be completed each day. And make sure to schedule in time for you. I have learned that true results come from true balance. Balancing my spiritual growth with my business growth is key for me. When I get lopsided doing one more than the other I lose on both sides. I meditate every morning, I read every night before bed, both my current book and my self written affirmations and in-between I study, teach, cook, paint, in-between I do all that stuff on my list.
Life Can Really Rock! 

I love you all from a place of "AH-HA" "HECK-YEAH" and "YES, YES, YES". Have an amazing week my soul friends. OH, one more thing, the whole reason I named this blog "Time is on our side..." If you think you don't have time to work on your dreams make time. Use up your evenings and weekends, wake up earlier, go to be later. Trust me, if you do so one day you will own all your time and everyday will be a weekend day, hahaha. 

Till next time,
One Love,

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