Monday, June 6, 2016

What if you decided to be happy now?

What if the whole point of this thing called life is simply to make as many mistakes as possible so that you can learn who you really are? Would you keep avoiding making mistakes?

What if the whole point was to get it wrong simply so that you could know what that feels like? Would you worry so much about always being right?

I danced at the Mountain Music Festival in Felton, CA with my sister and friends, it felt so good to dance again.

And what would happen if you started living your life without fear of getting it wrong, without trying to avoid mistakes and carrying unnecessary guilt for each one. Maybe you wouldn't need to judge others anymore. Maybe you wouldn't think the world is such a bad place if you started loving all of your mistakes, started laughing when you stumble and fall.

Don't let life run you over! Jump on the train and enjoy
the ride! You deserve nothing less!
When you think about it, isn't it kind of silly how much energy we invest into avoiding failing in life. Especially considering that it takes many failures to sharpen your skills in any pursuit. Why then do we avoid mistakes, avoid failure?

I think I know one reason. We are too busy trying to become something or someone. Too busy trying to gain something. We think then, we will be good enough. When we have enough accomplishments under our belt, then we can feel good about who we are. When we have enough money in the bank we can live a happy life.

What if you just decide to be happy now? I mean what could be so wrong with that. Stop reading for a moment, lift your head from the screen and look around you. Find one thing to be grateful for. It only takes one. Find one thing in this moment to feel gratitude for. Did you feel that? There was a shift in you. Gratitude is a powerful emotion. It lifts you up immediately. There is always something to be grateful for. Always!

Developing an attitude of gratitude rocks. Now lets talk about being grateful for our failures, for our mistakes, lets talk about getting truly grateful for the mistakes of others too. Lets stop judging ourselves and others on our failures and our successes. Lets stop teaching our children that they are only valuable when they accomplish things, and shaming them when they don't. The next time your kid burps at the table, laugh about it, burps happen. Is it more important that they say excuse me or that you laugh with them over a meal.

My sister and I were remembering a major life event in her life. A day that should have been the one of the greatest days of her life. There was a silly argument that day over something misplaced. An argument that got heated. What was lost was found, but the memory of that argument shadowed the memory of that day forever. Do you remember those family camping trips, or some other events that took place in your younger years? What do you remember, do you remember laughs, fun, or was there some mistake that created chaos that shadowed the joy?

Life is meant to be lived. Live it! Live every moment as if it is the only moment you have! 

We don't have to wait till the years have passed to miss the good times we let slip through our fingers while we were worried about this or that. We don't have to waste precious time concerned with being perfect, being presentable, being politically correct, being what society says we should be. Rather lets get excited about the messiness of life. Lets get excited about making mistakes and getting it wrong.

We are perfectly imperfect, there are no mistakes
and you certainly aren't one, stop living as if you
have limits, the only limits are the ones in your mind!
What if every event in your life is attracted to you for you? Think about it. What if your failed relationships were all a chance to work on you, instead you created a story in your mind about your worth, or lack of is more likely. You created a story about being a victim and the world being full of jerks. What if it was you all along and your inability to love yourself was why it happened each time. What if you had loved yourself when you you made mistakes early on, had loved yourself through every failure. Would your relationships have turned out different? Maybe, either way you wouldn't have needed to create stories about your worth when they didn't. No, because you would have loved yourself more when someone else who didn't love themselves couldn't love you.

What if you keep failing in life because you haven't embraced failure and you are going to keep failing until you do. When you get real about failure and love yourself just as you are, right where you are, you will get this point!

What if the whole point of life is for it to be messy, and the mess is the most beautiful part of it all. Would you be in such a hurry to clean it all up? What would happen if you stopped worrying so much about appearances and just loved yourself more on your bad hair days. What if you left the dishes in the sink and went out to dance with friends in the sun. There is value in doing the things that need doing, but what if sometimes you did the things that you want to do instead?

In the end all that we take with us are collective memories and hopefully a
sense of decency. Who we are is not what we say, it is how we live!
Shake it up! Shake your life up a little starting today. Shift the energy. Do something different, don't be scared to fail, don't worry if you make a mistake. Just shake it up. For one day just choose to forget you were ever told that you have to act or look a certain way. Laugh at things that you missed the day before. Be kind to yourself and a stranger. Slow down and speed up all at once. Be in a hurry to embrace it all, slow down getting there to do so.

I love you all from a place of celebrating a great week of realizations, a weekend of dancing in the sun with my tribe. I love you all from a place of true gratitude for this moment. What a great moment!

One Love,
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