Sunday, September 25, 2016

Don't Hold Back

Love with all your heart and soul. Don't hold back based on fears of what could go wrong. Go after your dreams and goals with all your heart and soul. Don't hold back based on fears of what could go wrong. Forgive with all your heart and soul don't hold on to hatred because of what could go wrong.

When you hold back because of what could go wrong you are setting it up to go all wrong. The woman who thought her husband would cheat gets cheated on and says 'I knew it', no honey you grew it. The man who wouldn't commit because he couldn't trust that she wouldn't end up leaving, gets left, and says 'I knew it', no darlin you grew it. The entrepreneur who never gives it their all and fails says 'I knew it', no sweetheart you grew it.

Now if you give all your heart and soul does that mean you won't lose anyways? No it certainly does not. However, you know you're not to blame. It's nothing you did wrong. You are still standing. You now know what your worth. Get up, dust your ass off and do it all again. Because if your honest with yourself, you lived fully giving your all! You enjoyed every minute of it in a whole new way.

The one who couldn't trust spent every day in doubt and missed the beauty of trusting and loving fully. The one who never faces their fears lived every day feeling small and never fully standing tall.
If you try and fail you learn more about who you are. If you don't you just confirm your jaded perceptions of who everyone else is.

Have you ever heard the saying "what you resist, persists"? What you spend your energy on is destined to be created in your life. You are that powerful of a creator. The universe is set up to work on your behalf, from a higher level you are learning through each experience you have. The problem is sometimes we get caught up in the events and miss the gifts. We tell ourselves stories about the world around us being an unfair place, unsafe place. We allow those stories to build and become beliefs that dictate how we live and in doing so we stop living fully. We stop taking risks, we stop trusting others. We stop.

I believe you are ready to start living fully, the fact that you are reading this is evidence of that, the Universe in action bringing to you just what you need, right when you need it. Everything is connected, you likely have been crying out for some relief from the experiences in your life. Maybe, you have been wishing things were different and this just so happened to show up in your reality at this moment.

Take some time to consider the idea that you have played a great role in your life to date. Spend some time accepting the idea that everything that has happened to you has been attracted to you, by you, for you. The people in our lives are truly gifts, they are mirror reflections of how we feel about ourselves, about the world around us. They are giving us great opportunities to see what we are an energetic match for based on our own beliefs about our worth, our purpose, our place in the world. They are opportunities for us to chose who to be in each moment.

Once you take full responsibility for what you have been creating, then and only then will you be empowered to create something new. You have it in you. Go for it!

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