Monday, September 26, 2016

Mastering Your Mind

Today I want to talk to you about something so important, something that literally dictates every area of your life, and is rarely thought of, paid attention to, and very few of us actually take the time to understand and master. I am talking about our mind. And more specifically the thoughts that cross our mind every second of every day of our lives.

Did you know that the average person thinks 60,000 thoughts per day? And of those 60,000 thoughts 95% of them are the very same thoughts you thought about the day before, and the day before that. This is what is referred to as impoverished thinking. Also, of those repeat thoughts that take up 95% of your daily thoughts, most people are thinking negative thoughts, worrisome thoughts, thoughts based in fear, thoughts of the past. The majority of people walking around each day are living as prisoners of the past, thinking worrisome thoughts, worry that robs you of your life force.

Repeat thoughts create our beliefs, really all a belief is, is a chronic thought that you have thought over and over again. Beliefs about yourself, beliefs about what is possible for you. Beliefs about the world around you, the world as a whole. And all of these beliefs dictate the life you life, the experience you have, the amount of success you achieve in all areas of life, the amount of joy, peace, love you experience. Your thoughts are literally creating your life.

By controlling your thoughts, and the way you respond to the events in your life, you can begin to control your destiny. This works in all areas. Your mind is truly that powerful, if you don’t believe me it is simply because you have thought long enough so little of yourself and your abilities, you have accepted the lies of your chronic thoughts of worry, and formed beliefs about yourself and life. I propose that right here, right now you entertain the ideas and concepts I am going to present to you, weather you believe me or not is really of no consequence, if you adapt the practices I am going to share with you, you can discover for yourself if what I am saying is true, if you truly are the creator of your own experiences, results, truly are the master designer of your life. And if I am right, even a little bit right, wouldn’t you like to find out? Yes, of course you would, you are seeking self-improvement, or you wouldn’t be drawn to this article.

For the sake of a simple example that anyone reading this can surely relate to, let me show you just how powerful of a magnet your mind is for attracting to you what you think about. Think of a time you bought a new car. A new model, something you have never owned, never thought of owning, but the salesman talked you into this make and this model and you drove off the lot in the car. All of a sudden you notice this car everywhere on the road, you never really realized how many people are driving this car, until you had one. What about for you ladies, when you became pregnant for the first time, all of a sudden you noticed other pregnant women everywhere, you started seeing baby stuff everywhere. What about a time you became interested in a new subject, and all of a sudden you can’t go anywhere without seeing something on that subject, you log onto Facebook and all of a sudden your news feed is dripping with topics related. This is referred to as the concentrated mind, whatever your mind concentrates on is attracted to you. Can you see, even just a little how powerful your mind is in creating the reality around you? Now think for a minute about those 61,750 repeat thoughts you’re thinking a day, thoughts mostly about worry, fear, the past, all the things you don’t want to happen.

That should help you to understand more clearly why you have experienced repeat scenarios in your life. Yet you have thought yourself unlucky, the world an unfair place, yourself a victim of circumstance and a plethora of other reasons you have for why things always seem to not work out for you. When the truth is that you can change all that, you can begin right now in fact. You can begin to live out the unlimited beauty of your imagination not the perceived limitations of your past, built on stories you have told yourself about the past relating to the future. I say stories because there are the facts of what happened and then there is the story you built around the facts. Mostly stories that said you were inadequate in some way, said others treat you badly, leave you, etc. You play out these stories repeatedly in your life. Similar patterns in your relationships. Similar patterns in your employment. There are themes that reveal clues of deep memories, mostly forgotten of original events that you began a story about and built on again and again. It is time to change the story. To do so you have to come to a place of full ownership of your life. How can you change what you do not take responsibility for? You cannot!  You can begin to see the seeds of potential opportunity in every future challenging, even painful experiences and act with courage nourishing those seeds so that they can grow into your dreams realized.

I know for some it may be hard to come to a place of ownership about the things that have happened to you. I ask you to consider that all events in your life were experiences you needed for your souls growth. Imagine that you had to play out all rolls in many lifetimes. In some you too were the villain, the hero, the victim, the dictator, all roles you have or will play them. Just that idea alone allows a shift to occur in you. A shift toward ownership, a shift away from victim-hood.

Many of us have spent most of our time thinking about what we are putting out into the world, and very little time on what we are putting into your inner world. Working diligently to perfect our image, to gain outer acceptance and approval. To be the funniest person at the party. To impress our boss, the neighbors. You get the picture. How much time do you spend on the thoughts you have before and during these activities? Everything in life is created twice. First in your mind, second into your physical reality. There is not a thing that has been created in history that was not first a thought. So today let’s talk about what we think about and how to think for successful living. First, seeking approval from without will never satisfy is from within. Spending time to impress others in an attempt to succeed is thinking that our success is determined by others, by circumstances. While we are living in a world of co-creators, our world is mostly determined by our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. We draw forth versions of others and experiences that are a match for our thoughts about ourselves. Spend more time thinking about how you feel about yourself than worrying about what others think about you.

The very fact that you have a dreams and desires means that you have the ability to realize them. The beginning is to have desires, to dream. It is time to awaken your creative mind, and to learn to operate on complete certainty, the spiritual mind always operates on complete certainty. Your mind is a filter, the creative force of creation constantly is flowing through that filter and creating your experiences, creating the world you see. What you think you are, you literally become. What you think possible, literally becomes the extent of what is possible. You must also have patience, remember certainty is not anxious, certainty knows that what is certain is certain to come. So prepare for its arriva, expect it, but don’t need for it. You must feel that it is already here and if you truly believe it is guaranteed to manifest then it really is already accomplished.

Let’s address the negative thoughts that plague your mind by introducing a technique that helps rid your mind of worry and other negative thinking referred to as opposition thinking. It is a law of nature that the mind can only hold one thought at a time. Consciously replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones, and doing so repeatedly, you will begin to train your mind. To master your mind you must first master your thoughts. If you are thinking a particularly hard to kick negative thought, a long existing pattern of thought that wants to stay put, take physical action to back up your new positive thoughts, get up, do some happy movements, act out physically motions that you would do if you were excited, happy, etc… Make funny faces in the mirror, smile, jump around, dance, anything to shift your focus from negative to positive thinking. You may feel silly, good, feeling silly is fun, and fun is positive. So have fun with yourself for a change. As time goes on you will master changing your thoughts instantly I assure you.

I want you to understand that thoughts are essential, living things, think of them as little sparks of energy, creative energy. Everything is energy, even your thoughts, in fact your thoughts are the most powerful energy because they create your experiences in life. They create your beliefs, your limitations or lack thereof. What you believe you are, you literally become. The quality of your thoughts literally determine the quality of your life. Through a daily practice of thinking with intent, you can create a strong mind. Weak minds lead to weak actions, weak results. A strong, disciplined mind can achieve anything. And anyone can strengthen their mind through daily practices like this simple one of choosing your thoughts.

Now that you are monitoring your thoughts, using opposition thinking, let’s move onto another practice called creative envisioning. Remember I said that all things created are created twice, first in your mind. The same is true for who you are, who you can become. Who you can become rest entirely on who you think yourself to be. You must first envision yourself as the person you want to become in order to become that person. And do so on a daily basis, repeating actions that the person you want to become would be acting on. The mind loves repeat actions, repeat thoughts, this is how daily habits are formed through strengthened neuro pathways. And the mind loves pictures. What is the picture in your mind of your self-image?. If your self-image tells you that you are no good at the things you need to do to succeed, you will not be good at these things and you will not gain the success you desire. If you are allowing thoughts and pictures to run through your mind that are limiting, you are limited. However, if you start running inspiring, uplifting pictures through your mind, amazing new things begin to happen to you and for you. There are several ways to do this practice. You likely have already attempted some. Writing positive affirmations, mantras, creating dream boards, meditating, practicing visualization. If you have made a dream board, how much time have you spent each day since creating it, actually sitting still staring at that board, imagining yourself in possession of all that is on that board? Or does it just hang on the wall, sit in some corner collecting dust? You see this practice takes practice, daily practice, focused concentration. It takes 21 days for a new neuro pathway to be formed in your brain. And then for that pathway to become strong, second nature it must be traveled regularly.

Changing who you are and what you have in life begins first in your mind. If you are not willing to take the time now to spend each day feeling as you would feel if you were already who you wish to become what makes you think you are ready to become that person at all? In order to become more we must first imagine it, and grow into it. This is a practice that takes dedication. At first it might be difficult to get into the true feelings of having and being what you want to have and be. Your mind has spent years thinking repeat thoughts about how hard life is, and about how little control you have over any of it. If you truly want to change your life, you must dedicate yourself fully to changing your mind. Change your mind and you change your life.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard and said myself that there is not enough time in the day to do these things. Saying that we do not have time to dedicate to changing our thoughts and lives is saying we do not really want change at all. Make time to master your inner world and you will create all the time you desire in your outer world. You have to love your dreams more than you love your disappointments in life. Be unwilling to accept less than you deserve, strive for greater. Make time.

I want to wrap up by returning to the beginning when I spoke of the concentrated mind. Now that you are monitoring your thoughts, replacing the negative ones with positive ones, and taking time daily to envision a new you, a new life. I want to introduce to you the power of a concentrated mind. A concentrated mind knows its aim in life. Focuses in on that aim, eliminating all useless thoughts that produce useless actions. In laymen terms you have to know where you are going if you are going to get there. Setting clearly defined goals, writing them down, keeping a daily journal on these goals and practicing nurturing your goals creates a concentrated mind. The more you think about what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you are going to do it, the more you attract to you all that you need to accomplish everything you concentrate your energies on accomplishing.

The most powerful way to concentrate your mind is the pursuit of what you love. I suggest you find what it is that you truly love about what you are doing. Let me give you an example. I love helping others to love themselves. To remember who they are, that we were all born divine with unlimited potential and great gifts. I love inspiring others, I love with every fiber of my soul being a part of something bigger than myself. I love deeply I get to help people overcome parts of their selves that hold them back in life. I thrive in challenges because challenges grow character of spirit and all of our life paths are rich in challenges. I developed myself and my life so that I can truly do what I love, be of service to the great shift taking place. I had to overcome limiting beliefs about myself to do so, I had to address beliefs not only about myself and the world around me, I also had to address my beliefs about money and doing what you love to earn it. Where I once thought being of service was cheapened by income I now see a world where we all do what we love and live in abundance doing so. You see it is all about perspective. My perspective fuels me to stay committed on a very deep level. Does yours? I find great fulfillment in being of greater service to the world in the simplest ways. And I know that if I can aid just one soul in finding their own greater purpose through a journey of self-love and radical forgiveness that I have changed the world for generations to come. My mind is concentrated indeed.

I have given you some new things to think about, thoughts to replace the old ones, if you want to think repeat thoughts daily, you might as well make them good ones. If you would like to dive deeper into this topic two books I suggest reading are The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma and Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping. These two books literally transformed my life. I can say in confidence that if the world stopped and sat down in silence and read both of these books, adopted the principles described in the most understandable terms that we could literally transform the world in an instant. I love you all. Have an amazing day.

One Love,

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