Monday, October 10, 2016

Hilary Clinton AND Donald Trump - An Energetic perspective of what is really taking place with the 2016 Presidential Election.

Let's stop for a minute, back away from the drama taking place, take some deep breaths and spend a few moments together considering something deeper, more meaningful, something that offers empowerment and reminds us that we have choices and we are powerful. And by WE, I mean you and me, he and she, us and them. By WE I mean The People. Let's take some time to consider, to question and to reevaluate what is taking place here. Because if we are all honest, we really don't like what is happening to us, to our relationships, our communities and the country as a whole during this election. I have titled this entry Hilary Clinton AND Donald Trump to introduce to you the idea that there is no "vs." Open up your mind, contemplate what you are about to read and decide for yourself if you agree with it.

Being an highly sensitive empath, I have felt your pain, your anger, your frustration with the 2016 election. When I say "your" I am speaking of the global consciousness energy that I am highly attuned to and feel deeply. Sometimes as if the emotions of all, are my own emotions and feelings. In moments I forget that what I am feeling is not always my own, I have come to understand the purpose for this forgetting. Through feeling emotions as my own, I work through them, gain a deeper clarity through personally experiencing and acting upon those feelings by diving into the illusion head first, once again. What I mean by diving into the illusion is I, myself begin to go to battle, taking a side, falling into the belief that there is more than one side in any equation and start fighting emotional battles. The funny thing is that we cannot win emotional battles, haha. There is too much emotion involved on both sides, and that emotion serves to bury the truth that we are all one, on the same team, fighting for the same things.  Believing that one side or the other will give us these things leads to forgetting that we all really want the same things, renders us as opposition fighting against each other. This allows us to be controlled, manipulated and renders us powerless.

The truth is that we all want peace! We all want freedom. We all want love, to give and receive love. We want to live in a harmonious world where our future and the future of our children, their children is protected. We are all fighting for the same things, the problem is that we are fighting each other and the powers that be are reaping all the rewards. History has shown us this. The powers that be have always profited greatly off war. There is another war and different profits being played out here. This war has been hidden very strategically right in front of us, and the reward is not money, the reward is total control over the human population through division. The reward is power!

The problem is that we have become a government dependent society. The solution is remembering that we are able to take care of ourselves and our neighbor too. Every choice we make, makes a difference on an energetic level. Everything is energy. The choices we make today will create our tomorrows and not in the way we have been mislead to believe. We have been duped! We have been mislead, lied to, and manipulated. The good news is we chose this. We allowed this, we supported this. You might wonder how that is good news? Well, if we can get honest about our role in the current state of the world we can wake up, we can realize that if we created this, we have the power to create something new. We have the power to change it.

It begins with honest responsibility for our part and then clear actions that support us playing a new role that brings about change. It begins with changing ourselves, then the world changes. It is time to stop waiting for someone else to fix things, before we are finally ready to do our part. We can do our part now. We can all do our part to change what WE have all created.

I am going to give you what I have been shown. You are infinite intelligence. You are capable of discerning for yourself if what I have been shown resonates with you or does not. Either is fine. I am in a space of complete clarity over the bigger plan unfolding here, feeling only my own emotions and seeing things from an energetic space that welcomes all responses and values each of us making up our own minds on what is true and not true for each of us. So if this resonates with you, contemplate it, pull it into your heart space and feel it, discern what is right for you. If it does not resonate with you, toss it out the proverbial window and carry on. I love and support you doing you.

What I have been shown is that there is no Hilary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. There is no Democratic Party vs. Republican Party. The whole things is a great production. It has pretty much always been a grand performance, one played out every four years to keep us at odds, dependent on our government and asleep to what is really going on and it has been quite effective, until recently. There is a huge energetic shift taking place on this planet, a raise in consciousness, a raise in vibration. A return to unity, to oneness consciousness that I refer to as Christ Consciousness. The second coming of Christ if you will but not in the way you have been lead to believe. This time we are all waking up to remembering that WE ARE The Christ. We are the ones that we have been waiting for. It is us who is going to save us. We are remembering that we are all God, everything is God. The lies that created the illusion that we are separate from each other and God are unraveling and no longer work as bonds to keep us imprisoned in our own minds as small, powerless beings. We have created hell on earth and experienced that to every degree possible, over and over again. We are now ready to awaken to the truth of who we are and create heaven on earth. There is an awakening taking place. All of us, no one gets left behind, no one gets punished. This was all part of the plan, our plan! We remember who we are through being who we are not. Each experience needed to evolve into an advance society of beings who return to love and join the higher dimensions in celebration. It's been a long and rough road, but it has been one amazing ride that is for sure.

This election in particular is a grander production than most. Have you noticed how blatantly ignorant the whole thing is? It looks and feels more like a three ring circus than ever before? For those of you who have seen it this way, and just have to look away because you cannot, will not, be a part of it any longer, look again. You ARE seeing this right, and YOU ARE right, something is NOT right! Take a closer look. There is less substance, there is so little talk about the issues, and more spoon fed drama to fill the bellies of the masses than ever before. I have been shown this to be an illusion. There is no Hilary vs. Trump, they are in the background laughing all the way to the energetic bank. The war that is really taking place is an energetic one. WE are not deciding who to vote for here, WE are deciding what to vote for. The lesser of two evils. We are being coaxed to vote for evil.

And it is working. Don't believe me? Ask yourself some good questions. How have you treated your neighbor lately? Your friends who feel differently than you? How do you feel about your brothers and sisters in the world who hold different opinions than you do? Are you loving toward them? Are you supporting them making their own choices and feeling how they feel? How are you being treated for sharing your feelings and opinions? Oh, it is working just fine. And it doesn't feel good, none of us feel good about any of this. So then why are we not only allowing this, but fully taking part in it? Because we all want change and we have all been mislead to believe that change occurs outside of us. We actually believe that either party that promises change will bring change. We don't really want either one of them if we get really honest with ourselves about it. Neither candidate is without the characteristics and past/current actions that turn our stomach, leaving us to justify one being better than the other by slinging mud, diverting, projecting, blaming, and comparing the greater or lesser of the two evils.

These two candidates were strategically chosen on purpose and with purpose. Any that ran against them were shut down by the system, the powers that be. It was always going to be Clinton vs. Trump. Because this isn't really about who is the next American President. This is about winning an energetic war on your minds and souls. This is about getting you to believe that a lesser evil is better than a greater evil. And in choosing that belief you, yourself are embracing your own level of evil, you are choosing evil. You are hating your neighbors, you are condemning others, you are being what you are choosing to accept as the only option. Take a look at it. Do your thoughts and actions currently align with your highest self, with the self that is Godly? What justifications are you currently using to feel better about being at war with your own brothers and sisters on this planet who want the very same things you want. Are you wishing for all others what you wish for yourself right now?

Every part of this election is designed to get us to choose to lower our vibrations, dim our light and forfeit our infinite power and wisdom. They want the waking among us to go back to sleep. For each one of us that chooses a side of  two evils simply because it is the lesser of two evils is in fact choosing evil itself. Your vote, and all the stuff you are yelling on facebook, thinking in your minds, all of it, is energetic input that is creating a vibration that is creating our future. They are playing this out so blatantly and discounting our intelligence to see through it. As you read this,is there a part of you, no matter how small, that is questioning everything right now, in this moment. Keep asking questions, that is how we find answers. Are you ready to think for yourself? YES YOU ARE! We don't need to be told how to feel, think and act anymore. We have experienced that enough, it no longer serves us,

The belief that voting outside of one of the parties leads to getting the greater evil is a fear based idea that keeps us making our decisions in fear and it is our fear that feeds them. It is fear that keeps us powerless and controllable. Without our fear they have no control, they have no power. When we stand up for ourselves through standing together as one with nothing in us but love, it's game over for them and they know it. Deep inside you know it too. What I have been shown is the energy this whole thing is creating and will create if we continue to choose fear over love. I have also been shown love over fear as a choice. I do not want you to simply take my word for it however. No, not anymore than I want you to discount it without a second thought. What I truly want is for you to decide for yourself how you feel, who you are and what you want. I want you to know your power to make choices from your own internal guidance. My greatest wish for you, is that you choose exactly how to feel and who to be for yourself. I support that. So agree or disagree with me, it is of no consequence to be honest. This is not about who is right, this is about you are right, and you have rights!

Your vote is an energetic vote! You do not have to align with that which does not align with you ever, period! Release the idea that choosing the lesser of two evils is the only choice. Do you see what that idea has created in you? Look closely in the mirror. Are you justifying racism, misogyny, infidelity, deception, war, hatred, ignorance, terrorism etc..., Are you defending the acts of one of the candidates by pointing out the others being worse? Do you really agree with the actions of either? Is there one candidate who truly represents all of your greatest values and desires for our country, our world? Is there honestly one candidate that you trust? Or have you fully swallowed the pill that says, you have to accept what they serve you and swallow it whole. You don't have to eat anything you don't want to eat. It is better to starve than to eat poison.

Another good question... Why are we treating each other so badly over two bad candidates that honestly do not align with who we are and what we want? A good question to ask ourselves. Some reading this might feel anger, feel that this opinion is a threat to their choice of a lesser evil winning the presidency. I get it, I used to be there. I believed that too. I thought that if I didn't vote for the bad option I would end up with the horrible option. And then what? How many elections have not gone your way? And how many have gone your way? The guy you voted lost or won right? Either way how much positive change really occurred? How many campaign promises were kept? Who really won?

How many times have you spent the next four years saying... See, it is all (insert party or president here) fault. Has the world ended? Did someone blow things up? NO. And it won't, but it is dying, our world is dying, we are dying, while we are fighting with each other over two candidates that don't care about anything other than maintaining power over the population, they are killing us and the planet. We are giving up our right to live fully, rendering ourselves powerless to change anything because we are too busy blaming the other side and doing nothing to change ourselves. In the meantime the future of our planet and species are in threat, serious threat. But this can all be changed. It can and will, and it begins with us. Each of us. For every one of us that changes the world is changed.

With each election an energetic war is created, one that we play an energetic role in, from start to finish we all participate in taking a side, fighting against each other and in doing so create division that renders us controllable for another four years. We hate our brothers and sisters who feel and think differently than we do, even though we all want the same things. We go to battle with each other, lose friendships over it, relationships that were important to us end, because we are on different sides. And then nothing changes, it always stays the same. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This whole thing is truly insane and we are supporting it.

If we really want change, we must be change. We must choose to vote for what we really want, not to accept the lesser of two evils, that is choosing evil. They (Hilary and Donald) are on the same side. And we are divided. This energetic imbalance keeps the powers that be in power and us powerless.

Take some time with this, really feel it. Discern what you feel when you really look at the whole picture and your role in it all. Decide how much you like yourself right now. With all the justifications for treating those who feel differently than you feel removed, how do you feel about how you have behaved towards others? The thoughts you have had towards your brothers and sisters who voice their choice being a choice you don't want? What do you think? Do you think, awesome they are making a choice? Not likely, not if your being honest, your thoughts might sound a little more like... They are stupid, they are ignorant, they are this or they are that. Thoughts are energy. We are at war energetically with each other and the powers that be are the ones winning the spoils of this energetic war.

If this concept, idea, opinion or whatever we want to call it resonates deeply with you, I present another choice... Rock the energetic vote! Vote only for what you want, what aligns with you. Whatever that is, whoever that is. If you don't truly like any of the candidates, if after being honest with yourself you realize that you wouldn't vote for either if there were another choice that actually represents who you want, what you want, who you are, then write one in. If this all feels right to you, and you're feeling a little embarrassed, maybe even a little guilty by your own thoughts, words and actions towards your brothers and sisters who all want the same things as you, simply and gracefully with humility choose to think, speak and act differently from here on. Choose who to be! Choose your energy! Choose your contribution. Choose your place and power. Choose to be the change you want to see.

Your vote does count. That is true. To the many who have dismissed the whole process and refuse to participate, your vote counts, and it counts more than you ever knew. Your vote is an energetic vote that says what you want. Your absent vote says you will accept whatever is given to you. If you do not see what you want presented to you, vote for someone else. Write in anyone you want. Dismiss the idea that this is negligent. Let go of the idea that you have to do what has always been done. Give up caring what others might say about you. Peer pressure is an outdated tool. Get out and vote for what you want and what aligns with your truest values and self.

Then move toward unity, supporting all your brothers and sisters having their opinions and choices too. We do not have to personalize others words and actions. See behind the anger, there is pain there. See behind the justifications and projections, there is pain there. See the truth that we all want the same things, and many of us are still in the belief that someone else is going to fix it, we just want it fixed and haven't realized yet our own power to change everything through changing ourselves.

As long as you align with your highest self, and vote your conscious, vote your highest desires, you have added your part to the energy that is constantly creating the world around you. It is okay to stand up for who you are and what you believe in, you do not have to accept the lesser of two evils my friends. You are so important right now, you loving yourself and others through this helps heal what is happening.

I love you all from a place of supporting choice. Celebrating diversity and loving each and everyone of you and myself as one. I love you all from a place of taking responsibility for my part in all this and loving myself still, you still. It is not about who is to blame, we are beyond that now. This is about who is going to change it? We are! You and me!

One Love,

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