Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Let's Get Ready to Rumble ~ FULL MOON in ARIES October 2016

So far 2016 has kept it's promise of endings. Parts of us have died. What was once our passion and purpose lost it's luster and appeal, and no matter how hard we tried to finish what we started, something was missing. It has been a year of emotional upheaval. Old wounds reopened for proper healing. Parts of ourselves we thought we had successfully buried were brought to the surface demanding we take a closer look.

We are being pushed in the direction of self actualization through release. Before the new can be born the old must die. What is false in us must be recognized and truth replaces lies. We are being guided to live in our truth, to stand up for what we really believe in. And this months full moon in Aries on October 16th is going to the extra push we need to do just that, stand up!

While the theme of death and rebirth will continue through 2016, the Black Moon Lilith in September shifted us into the rebirth phase of this year. All that you have been shown in the recent months, the release work you have done through honest accountability and retrospection has empowered you to act upon what you have learned. This full moon in Aries brings out the warrior spirit in you, to strengthen you to take the next steps towards living your higher truth.

I want to take a moment to discuss the cycles of death and rebirth. You have likely been feeling a bit unstable from one day to the next. Like you are on a roller coaster of emotions. Questioning your own sanity at times. Swinging from heightened anxiety to deep feelings of depression, then to highly inspired moments of elated joy and back again. Are you feeling a bit bipolar these days?

Death is not an easy or pretty process. Death is never pleasant. Think about it, when a human body dies it looses control of it's bodily functions. There is an energetic and emotional death taking place in you and you feel like you are losing control of everything, especially if you are fighting this process because you are unaware of what is happening. It might feel like the world is falling down around you. The truth is that the false world inside of you is crumbling so that a new truth can be born.

You are like the caterpillar in the cocoon, what is taking place in  that cocoon is not pretty, but what emerges is truly, magnificently beautiful. The process is nothing short of miraculous. You are being reminded of the miracle that you are. This full moon in Aries ignites the fire in you, empowers independence. Aries being the first sign of the zodiac represents the warrior, the pioneer, the leader. You will be supported in standing up for yourself, and others.

As strong as Aries is, this sign is equally sensitive when wounded. To avoid being wounded keep your own ego in check. Make sure you are speaking and acting from your heart center and not your ego. To do this remind yourself that everyone and everything in your life is a gift, look for the gift. Look for the lesson, look for the truth. Be in a place of self responsibility, asking yourself the right questions... Who is the one in me that has attracted this to me? Why have I attracted this to me? What can I learn here?

You are always attracting to you what you are a vibrational match for. And not for the sake of punishment, let the concept of bad luck or bad karma go. The point of attracting to you what you are an energetic match for is to mirror back to you what you believe about yourself and your worth. See the gift of mirrored beliefs, stand in your truth, set your boundaries and say what you want without blame. When you are truly ready to stand in strength and truth, to walk your chosen path, the path best for you, there really is no battle to fight with anything outside of you because nothing and no one can stop you when your have determined your own path.

This full moon is a super moon, being closer to the earth amplifies its effects. There is an aspect of surprise to this moon that can play out if you have not been addressing the things coming up for release, clarity and the ability to finally address and release these things will be offered during the days before and after, and at the strongest points during this full moon. You will be empowered to address those emotions, ideas and feelings that have been bubbling up in you, the lid is about to be blown of the pressure cooker. Maybe let some steam out before things really explode by recognizing what is happening to you is with purpose and for your highest good.

Go with the flow my friends, enjoy this ride. When you are feeling anxiety remind yourselves that anxiety simply asks you to ask what you want. Anxiety is saying "I DO NOT WANT THIS" and offering you the opportunity to ask yourself what you do want. Depression is a sign that you are not living your truth, your purpose, you are not in love with you, your life. Instead of fighting this process of death, let what is already dead in you be put to rest for once and all. If you are not passionate about something no matter how much you try to be, let it go, move on, there will always be new to replace the old.

This full moon offers you strength of spirit to find your power and use it. While the warrior is present in you, remember what you are fighting for. War does not end war, only peace ends war. Come into a space of inner peace allowing the death of the outdated you, inviting the birth of the new you, no need to fight what is out there, the war taking place has always been within you. Once you know who you are, what you want, you will be empowered to take necessary actions in the outer world with confidence, integrity and grace.

Nothing can stop you besides you. You are ready to break from that cocoon and spread your beautiful wings, fly beautiful butterfly, fly...

I love you all from a place of finding my own way through this recent maze of emotional upset, and deep gratitude for what it has revealed to me about my own purpose and path.

One Love,

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