Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 2016 New Moon in Scorpio ~ The intuitive realm.

I am excited to share that Octobers second new moon (also referred to as the black moon) on the 30th offers a powerful retreat from the drama of the material world. With all the uncertainty going on in the world today, you are invited to go within and take in the energies of this moon during a time of the year when the veil between the spirit and physical world is it's thinnest to see what is certain, what is real.

With the supercharged energy of this black moon you are guided to go deep within, remembering who you are is the gift being offered to you. Absent of the illusions of the stories your not-self, ego-self has created about you and your worth, use this new moon energy to see the true you, the true self in all your beauty, loving yourself as you are. You have been stripped of much of what does not serve you in the past weeks, a process with purpose, preparing you for what you are now ready for. Removing blocks to create space for the light within to grow.

Set your intentions this new moon and the four days surrounding it to love yourself completely, unconditionally as you are. Ask for any remaining blocks that are holding you back from doing so to be removed, and plan for a new future based in the truth of who you are. Allowing you to move forward with renewed strength based in truth and love.

During this time of new moon energy we are gifted the opportunity to see the truth that the world is a supportive place, that all is well through enhanced spiritual intuition and strengthened psychic abilities. We have all traveled through many weeks of challenging times planetary wise, cycles to do release work, days of feeling disconnected from our internal guidance so that we could appreciate what was missing and find a deeper connection. Old wounds reopened for the sake of properly healing. Have you been feeling a little crazy lately? We all have and the current state of politics in the US is not helping, or is it?

With this new moon you can choose to see the truth that all things are unfolding as intended, to recognize that with great changes comes great challenges, that is how we grow. We are motivated to change through pain. For us to be so empowered to do our part we must lose trust in simply sitting and waiting for someone else to fix it all. You are capable of creating great change in the world by simply seeing the truth that all is well out there, and choosing to go within and do the internal work, this is where your power exists. We do not have to accept the lies any longer, lies that tell us we are powerless, go within where the truth of your power exists. See the truth so that you can live it.

There is a shift taking place on the planet, trust that this shift is for all our benefit and all is divine, all is God. Pull in the energies of this moon and set your intentions to do your part by loving yourself, this is the first step to change, a journey of self love. When we love ourselves we cannot help but offer love to others.

Speaking of loving ourselves and others I would like to take a moment to discuss the beauty of our different approaches to life on earth. Each of us walks different paths to the same location. Every path is perfect for us individually. There are some who will outwardly stand up against the wrongs in the world,  then there are some who will take time in silence to pray for the world. Both are working toward change. The key is to not get in the way of anothers choice. To trust that our roles are all valuable and to support everyone being where they are and doing what they are doing. If you are someone who accepts things are the way they are and does not voice the need for change, do not get in the way of another who is speaking and acting for change. If you are someone who speaks and acts for change do not judge those who are not standing beside you. In the heart of us all is the desire for peace on earth. You know deep in your soul what your role is, trust that others do to, even if not at this time. We are awakening in phases, some of us still benefit from the slumber, it is part of our life experience needed for our souls growth. We do not know what each path is for, we only need to trust that each path is perfectly designed for each of us, and focus on our own path, our own healing, our own awakening. Those of us awake are still awakening too, the idea that because you now know that you were once asleep means you know it all is it's own form of slumber. You are growing still, awakening still and what you know today will grow tomorrow. Move away from the anger phase, the phase where you first realize that things are not right and want to make them right by fighting outwardly, move inward and work on you.

When we awaken to the power we hold in ourselves to bring about world change through personal change we awaken others. There is a point where we are angry and want others to wake up now. Pass through that point reminding yourself that your time sleeping was very valuable to your own journey and allow others to walk their journey without judging them.

The key to this powerful new moon is to move away from the outer world and judging it, fearing it and to move inward to where the universe exists, there the truth is always alive and there you are divinely guided, supported, protected. This new moon brings the remembering that we are eternal, infinite. We are all one, we are all loved, we are love.

Take some time to set your intentions, to sit in silence and have discussions with the divine. Ask for what you would like help with, know that you are supported in all that you ask for. Connect with your higher self. Write down your intentions and read them each morning and evening over the next cycle till the next new moon.

I love you all from a space of knowing who I am and celebrating you knowing who you are, we are one. We are divine. We are infinite. We are love.

One Love,

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