Monday, November 14, 2016

Super Moon in Taurus dancing with Saturn ~ Full Moon November 14th, 2016 Energies

Hello loved ones,
What an exciting time to be alive. While it may not feel exciting to some, it truly is! And I assure you that you are here on purpose and with purpose and by choice during this time of great change. Let's talk about this Super Moon you have likely been hearing about. But first an update on the November energies.

We have moved away from the draw of confusion and distraction that consumed us in October and are being offered clarity through self reflection. All events taking place in our world are for this purpose, to allow you to look at "YOU" and remember "YOUR PART"  in creating the world we now live in and the world we will live in, in the future thanks you YOU. They are two very different worlds and that my dears is what makes this such an exciting time to live in. Use the energies of November to ground and bring forth aspects of yourself that are the change that ignites change in others. If you are off course with your own responsibility right now, you will feel unhinged, more confusion and lots of despair. Recognize those feelings and remind yourself that all is as it should be, there is not one event taking place that is not for all our greater good and personal awakenings. We are being guided, we are protected and the universe is a supportive and loving universe. It is time to truly embrace a deeper sense of faith and knowing that all is divine, all is going according to plan for your benefit and the benefit of all. Your purpose is to wish for others what you wish for yourself and be in service. There is no greater time than now, look around you, see what is taking place all around you from a higher perspective that has no sides in any fight. The external fighting taking place is a mirror reflection/physical manifestation of the battle that has been taking place within us all for so long, and our avoidance of seeing our responsibility has created this world of chaos and turmoil. November offers of clarity to finally face this truth and begin working on ourselves.

Contrast Ignites Self Worth & Confidence

This Super Moon is full of potential and offering us a greater understanding of our self worth and creative powers to manifest that which we dream of. Taurus offers of grounding are challenged by the aspect of Saturns influence leading us to feel tested. We are also offered the deep feeling nature of Scorpio, this moon is one of contrasts indeed. Feelings of clarity, security and stability are available with Tauruses grounding nature. Saturn disturbs and disrupts us in an effort to move us toward realizing our full potential and true self worth. We are guided to ask ourselves important questions that encourage us to walk more confidently moving forward. Our soul plan beckons, calling us to make progress toward remembering why we are here and what we came to do. This moons energies offer us assistance in shedding limiting beliefs that keep us small and powerless. Some of this comes in the form of more old wounds reopened for proper healing through practicing radical forgiveness (the true understanding that no wrong has or is occurring). At the same time offering us full healing for those old wounds already reopened with the recent moon cycles. Basically the healing work you have already done will be reinforced so that you are ready to do more. Yaaaay!

Finding the Center where Magic Exists

There are really two contrasting themes playing out during this full moon, as evidenced all around us, this contrast of emotions from victim to victor is strong right now. Whichever side you are feeling most is an opportunity in itself. So let's dive deeper into both sides of this so that you can recognize where you are most drawn and which direction to go to reach the center where the magic truly happens. It is essential that you remove any judgement of the words victim and victor, neither is greater than, nor lesser than the other. They are both states of emotional vibrations that we all play out, time and time again. It is in avoidance of one or the other that we suffer emotionally and eventually physically by getting stuck on the other side of the spectrum. Some make themselves the victim in avoidance of being what the believe it takes to be the victor. Outdated teachings that say I must create a victim in order to become the victor. A false belief it is more humble to stay small than to stand tall. standing tall is not conceit and does not have to involve stepping over others. This is a misconception of what being a victor really means, it does not mean predator when the work is done internally rather than externally giving oneself a stronger sense of confidence through knowing their own self worth. 

Trust that what shows up externally in our world is always here to help us do that internal work that we mostly avoid. Humans are motivated to change through sadness and pain. The same is true for the victor that avoids being a victim at all costs, where the victim makes itself the victim in it's relationships, crying poor me. The victor will be lead to conquer and take no prisoners to avoid feeling like the victim taking on the role of villain. 

So release judgements in you about being one or the other and feel which side of this spectrum you resonate with stronger right now so that you can gain knowledge on the work you can do to find that center of magic and peace.

The victim archetype is no longer needed for our collective growth. The victim in us is being led to break free of false fears that render itself powerless, stages of empowerment are playing out at high speed. It begins with feelings of pain that often lead to expressions of anger and blame, eventually moving toward acceptance of the truth that all is well and realizing that 'my power lies within me'. There are really stages of grief for many as we are mourning the victim architype and some having a hard time letting it go. Events are being played out so that we can finally, once and for all put to rest the victim archetype that has been fully experienced out throughout human history in every way it can be. We are truly being challenged in the most powerful ways today to recognize that we are powerful creators capable of anything, that we are our own saviors and that we no longer need to be the victim or create victims to win. The idea that in order for their to be a winner there must be a loser is a dying idea because it is false and has served it's purpose for our collective growth.

The truth to contemplate for those feeling the victim energy is that there are no victims, there are only volunteers. Perception is a powerful lens through which we view the world, if your perception is that you are victim in areas of your life, your perception of what is taking place will be altered to support that belief. A tendency toward depression, even suicidal thoughts are high during this moons energy for some. A deep feeling of "I do not want to be here in this mean, cruel world". If you feel like you did not sign up for all that is happening in our world today, let me reassure you that you did. Not only did you sign up for this, you did so because you are a powerful soul who is more than able to not only go through this time of great change, but to also move into being the one who transmutes all this struggle and pain into joy and gain. The key for you is to move away from the outer world, and go within. Extra grounding is available for you to help you feel secure enough to do so. I suggest connecting with Mother Earth as much as possible. Here is a list of things you can to do help you ground.

Get into nature, put your hands and feet into the dirt, lay on the ground and ground yourself. 

Surround yourself with healing crystals, wear them, place them next to your bed, create grids with intent. 

Drink herbal teas, eat raw fruits and vegetables. Be in and of the earth. 

Set glasses of water in the four corners of your room to neutralize negative energy. Set a glass of water next to you at your desk to do the same. Pouring the water back into the earth when you are finished, never down the drain or in the toilet. Soak in a bath, shower, or take a swim. While you shower, imagine that the water is pure Christ light, coating you in protection and love. While swimming imagine yourself being immersed in cleansing waters with the power to heal and invigorate. in the bath imagine you are held in that which you are, love, pure powerful love that is protective and supportive. Water transmutes negative to positive. 

Do grounding meditations, imagine streams of light from your root chakra entering deep into the earth and connecting with the crystal caves to clear blocked and trapped energy in you that creates anxiety and distrust that you are living in a supportive and loving universe. Then intend that your crown chakra open, imagine streams of light flowing from heaven directly into you, through you to the earth. You can find grounding guided meditations on Youtube, trust yourself, trust the universe, your search will not render random results, all is always attracted to you for you.

Once you are grounded you can begin to feel. Allowing the feelings coming up in you to flow. Ignore the temptation to just let it go, advice that says you don't deserve to express your feelings keeping you a victim. Things go away naturally on their own when they are allowed to flow. You may feel anger, deep pain, whatever you feel let it flow and express itself, resist the urge to blame in doing so.  Rather love the version of yourself that is in pain and angry without judgement so that you are not lead to lash out at others in judgement. Don't avoid your feelings, feel them. As you heal through release you are given great power to help others heal as well. Remember all is well, there are no good or bad ways to feel, just feelings and they are valid. Stop judging your feelings as making you a lesser or greater a person.

Seeing doom and devastation  will make the energies of this moon unbearable to some, especially the victim mindset. I emphasize again for the sake of helping those that are feeling the most lost and the most discouraged right now. There can be a strong desires to self medicate, to escape.  Desires that can lead us into a deep depression, even feelings leading to suicidal thoughts. Dark, lower energies are are heightened with the energy of this moon if you are not of the faith that all is well, intended for all our greater good and rolling out according to plan you can sink into despair. Please recognize this dear souls, reach out for guidance and support from this and higher realms.

Seeing opportunity in chaos, devastation and challenges ignites a sense of power in us to achieve and overcome. Moving us to be proactive and take charge of our lives with confidence. Those who see life through this lens are capable of accomplishing anything they can imagine at this time if combined with a true desire to create outcomes that benefit all.

The rebel is alive and well in this moons energy, a strong desire in those who are here to break down systems, to rebel and break down deceptive structures that manipulate and control us is fueled during this full moon. Resist the desire to fight and lash out against oppression. Use this energy to break down the deceptive programs within yourself that are oppressive in nature instead. This internal work is the work that by universal law changes that which you perceive as oppressing you to becoming empowered as a co-creator in this world through self responsibility for creating oppression. The only reason anything exits that oppresses is because we created it so for our own evolution. We are ready to recognize and own our part in what has been created so that we can now create a new world. Fighting others will not achieve the goals you anticipate, it will however teach you once again that trying to change the world without changing yourself is futile and meaningless. If you truly want to be a world changer, begin with yourself.

Full Transparency is the New Black

Throughout all of these heightened planetary cycles we are experiencing one theme that is standing strong and here to stay. The energies entering the planet at this time no longer support deception and manipulation. What is false in us all will be exposed. And not for the sake of punishment. Rather for the sake of balancing the light and dark in ourselves and by default in the world. The energies enveloping us support full transparency in us all, in all we do. You feel it if you are paying attention. You can feel when someone is being dishonest with you, you can also feel more easily why and are taking it less personal if you are working on yourself and recognizing your own deceptive nature. This is a time of purging for us all. Be loving and gentle with yourself and others. Recognize that it is fear that encourages deception and control, remember that it is love that abolishes fear. The more honest and transparent we become in spite of fears, the more we feel lighter, feel free to be who we are, and allow others to do the same, then growth is available. Lies and deception even for the sake of protecting others or our own fragile ego that fears what others think of us will leave us feeling isolated and alone. Trust others to love you completely with all your imperfections so that you can love yourself the same. When you choose dishonest and deceptive thoughts and actions in this new era of transparency you feel the results of this choice almost as it occurs, meaning lies don't feel good anymore, they no longer offer protection. If allowed to persists these lies and deceptions will lead you to build walls around you to protect yourself from being seen by others and exposed. We cannot heal alone my friends, we need each other and all of us are being exposed right now, you are not the only one, so do not go it alone.

A message for you dear ones...

Conscious seekers of growth and self-actualization who have been in a process of awakening and actively ascending to help humanity do the same. This moon offers a more powerful release of that which does not serve you through feeling deeper into your feelings and recognizing aspects of yourself that are of the ego. Use this moons powerful energy to identify and separate your "ego identity" of being a spiritual guru/teacher from your "true self and purpose". Remember your souls purpose of returning to spirituality, to light, to God force. Your true divine self who is here to be an example that inspires rather than a director that preaches to others. 

The ego is powerful at deception and will cling to an identity you are working on, and grow it right in front of your eyes, except you often do not see who is really at play here. The ego cannot exist without an identity, so as you release old identities that no longer serve you in search of new ones, your ego is fighting to exist as these new identities. This is a great time where you are supported in getting real about who in you is developing and leading the way. Your ego or your soul. The true self or the not self. 

The ego/not self likes to set itself aside from the rest of the world. to see itself as different, special, better than. I refer to this aspect of myself as the Spiritual Ego. It is the side of me that masquerades as my higher self while declaring itself more evolved, more advanced than others. This Spiritual Ego also has fun backsliding, trying to protect me by making me feel small again. Offering questions to the genuine connection and guidance I receive, leaving me to ask... Is this all real or am I imagining this? The side of ourselves that sees us as awakened and the rest as asleep with judgment that one is better or lesser than the other. Honestly put the spiritual ego is a snob and often quite pretentious and arrogant. 

Do you find yourself pitying the poor sleeping among us and with a great sigh going to their rescue to be the hero only to find yourself quite irritated with their insistence on remaining in ignorant slumber, playing out the illusion of life and death, good and bad? Do you feel just a little impatient with the speed at which others are awakening at? Or are you to busy feeling all enlightened and holding a high vibration that you reject lower vibrations to protect yourself from feeling anything less than happy, happy, joy, joy? If so, your spiritual ego is alive and well and having a fantastic time playing out the role of The Awakened One.  

Use the grounding and contrasting energies of this magnificent moon to recognize what programs you are still running so that you yourself can move away from judgement. Remember the soul does not judge others paths. Nor does the soul pity others, or feel the need to save others. The soul trust that all of us are exactly where they are meant to be in this incarnation, gaining exactly what we are meant to gain. The soul knows the path to saving the world is paved with saving oneself.

Let go of the idea that you have arrived and are now fully awakened, there is not many if any who have achieved full awakening. If you are still here, you are still awakening, still in the process of ascension yourself.  We are all on this journey together and at different stages because contrast is still needed. Those who are still playing the game of duality and separation are of great service to the planet and playing out their agreed roles. Roles that are actually assisting those us in awakening and recognizing aspects of ourselves. Don't pity or judge them, rather thank them, they have helped you to remember who you are and now you can do the same as an example of transformation. And above all remember that they are you, another version of you and to judge them is to judge yourself.

You are now ready to move up a level in your own ascension through releasing judgement of self and others fully. We are not here to preach ascension and awakening we are here to be it. We are not here to tell others how to feel, react, be, we are here to support others in loving themselves as they are, at whatever version of themselves they are presenting. We are here to be and offer unconditional love through radical forgiveness. We do not have sides, we are all sides to every coin. Dive deep into putting yourself into others shoes so to speak, feel their feelings, you have the gift of feeling others feelings. We are only showing the way when we are the way. See beneath the surface of everything by moving into your heart center and removing the idea that you have a side or opinion that is better than others. Rather see all as divine, see Spirit in everything and everyone so that you can illuminate truth rather than escalate discourse. In order to do all this and see all this in others, you must first see it in yourself. Others are here to help you do just that.

It is important that I remind you that your our ego is not the bad guy/girl. Our ego is divine just like every aspect of ourselves and has served us greatly in experiencing duality as ourselves separate from the whole, separate from God. Our ego holds great value and strength. The goal is not smyth out the ego but rather to bring it into balance with the soul. To create harmony where the ego works for and with the soul for the greatest good of self and others.

In closing I love you all from a place of great introspection and taking more responsibility myself for what I call out in others. I am truly grateful for seeing the parts of myself that no longer serve us through and in others. I encourage you to feel safe and secure in looking in the mirror, it is not as painful as we thought, in fact it is quite liberating to see what was there in us all, all along. It is truly divinity being revealed to us through us. Have an amazing, fantastic time with all of this, you cannot get it wrong.

One Love,

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