Sunday, November 13, 2016

What you wish for...

Sunday, November 13, 2016 3:55 am
Good morning earth family. I woke shook by visions coming in, reminders of the time and the power we hold today to create outcomes quickly. We have moved into a time where we are creating our reality around is in warp speed compared to the way we have created in the past. We have had opportunities to learn from again and again, and today we are learning the hard way what we have created and our power in changing it all. Today it feels like we are in a pressure cooker and the lid is now blowing off, what is coming out first is what is no longer here to serve us, any of us.

First let's address the word racism since it is on the tips of our tongues and sensationalized by the media on every news outlet. Racism exists in the heart of us all. If we can begin by getting honest with ourselves about that we can make some progress together. There are very few of us who do not carry racism in our hearts. Racism is one of the aspects living in the human heart that is being exposed to us, is coming up for release in us. Denial of our own racist hearts only creates more suffering and prolongs the result of releasing what no longer serves any of us, creating casualties.

Let me tell you some stories so you understand what is happening to me, maybe in these stories you will find some understanding of what is happening in you also. Sexually abused by white men as a child I spent a good portion of my life distrusting white men. I held racism in my heart for white men. A deep distrust that only grew stronger raising biracial children and having them subjected to racism themselves throughout their childhood. Over the past ten years I have healed that part of me, recognized that programming and cleared it almost completely, but it was still there as I was recently shown.

I spoke to my son after the election. He shared with me how some of the men at his new job were high fiving the election of Trump and making racial comments about people getting out of this country now. We talked about how that felt and how he reacted. I listened as my son who recently graduated electrician school and is excited to have his first job as an electrician and be able to support his family, his wife and his son, my grandson. My heart was broken, I said son I am so sorry, he replied saying Mom it is okay this is just the way it is going to be for a little while, and Mom I need this job. They are stupid and I am not giving them my time, I have friends at work who don't feel that way, I will be okay. But I heard the pain in his voice. Like me he has a child who is living in this time where racism in exploding and running out of us to be shown to us.

At the same time I was seeing posts from friends on facebook, posts filled with judgements of the protesters, calling them brats, telling them to suck it up, some preaching take the higher road, be the better person. None of them offering understanding or compassion. None of them saying I see there is pain and fear there, I'll stand by you. People telling others how they should feel and act, to be the bigger person while my son is at work having to make himself small. Being personally affected by the racism boiling over right now I felt such deep pain, fear rose up in me for what else could happen to those I love. Anger and rage for all the racisim I have felt in my life came to the surface and I felt helpless to protect those I love. My only outlet was my voice on Facebook. I joined in on the banter, the back and forth between us, I had a side, my families side, my friends side, the side of the oppressed. I felt like I was on the right side. On the phone with my dear friend who lives in Lincoln, Ca I listened as she shared how at her sons school they were also chanting build the wall at the school, her son came home wounded, he is white. His heart so full of love and kindness hurt seeing the hate and separation. We cried together for our children.

Reading all of these racial attacks taking place in my newsfeed only fed my position as having a side. The fighter in me that has protected others my entire life, is conditioned to do just that, stick up for those being wronged, this aspect of me was fully awakened. The energy and emotions I was feeling were so foreign to me, I have not had a side for a long time now. Through working to heal myself I have healed myself the ideas that we are separate, the false idea of us being on different sides. A deep truth awoke in me of our connection, the truth that we are one, that when we hurt another we are hurting ourselves has lived in my heart and there has grown the knowing that there is only one side, our side.

Yet here I was, diving fully back in to the illusion of duality and taking sides. My soul yelling do not tell me to be the bigger person when my son is being made to feel small. The personal aspect of this took me away from the knowing that we are one. And in this the racism in me strengthened too. I didn't recognize it at first, it is hard to recognize our own crap when we are really busy defending ourselves against others crap. Love being what has lived in my heart, growing stronger every day, as I return to and become what I am, I am love, there was an internal battle taking place in me that was being mirrored to me all around me in the world. I felt sick, the taste of hate on my tongue was putrid to me, These feelings of them vs us were disempowering, I had to go away for a day. Disconnect, unplug and get back to the truth, back to the position where I see things from a grander view. The place I have lived for some time now.

I deactivated my facebook account and removed the app from my phone. Decided that any interaction I had with anyone must be personal so that I can stop taking everything so personally. When we talk, hear each others voices and see each others faces we make progress, our intent is heard, our pain felt. Understanding offered. And that is where healing begins. A dear friend called me sobbing. She saw my comment on her post preaching to the protesters to take the higher road. She watched my video sharing my pain and asking for support and understanding. She called me in tears and we talked through the sobs on both sides of the phone. So much pain flowed from us both. While we voted differently and had different reasons, we were coming together for the first time since election day to talk about it. These discussions must happen. Discussions where we stop defending why we voted how we voted, discussions where we stop comparing candidates and presidents. Discussions where we seek understanding and offer love and compassion. Hearing my pain, understanding the personal side of this for me,  with me being one of her closest and dearest friends she dropped everything to call me in tears and say I love you so much, I am so sorry you are hurting, how can I help, how can I hold the light for you?

She brought up that during my video I mentioned the people saying on my newsfeed that when Obama was elected, they too were terrified but didn't protest, they dealt with it. I asked for understanding of what they were terrified of? Obama didn't run a hate fueled campaign, he didn't take the stage and say, kick out the white people, they are why our country is hurting. What were you terrified of? Was it that he was black? I think many of us that voted for Obama would naturally draw that conclusion, they were afraid of a black man president, just like many of us are now drawing the conclusion that they are afraid of a woman in power. Assumptions fuel our feelings and actions, they sure did mine. But since I asked to understand she shared with me what some were terrified of, a perspective I had never considered. I listened as she shared being in a room full of white Christian women who were crying when Obama was elected. They weren't afraid because he is black JoJo, they were terrified because they thought he was the Antichrist, Just like they thought Bill Clinton and now Hillary are the Antichrist. Any candidate or president who endorses issues like abortion and same sex marriage is the possible and inevitable Antichrist. Because in their hearts this is the end of days. And they are living with teachings that their souls eternal home is at stake here. To endorse or support anyone who supports these sins in their heart is to themselves sin and risk hell eternal.

Hearing that my heart broke for them and for us all. For the first time my heart broke for them too. I deeply understand the fear that religion places in our heart, especially when only some of the teachings are emphasized and others tossed aside out of fear. It is a real fear that leads us to believe that something so big is at stake. Eternal life. Coupled with the fear that these are the end of days and all that they can protect is the afterlife has led to a great divide, one that Jesus himself never encouraged. I shared with her that I understood and thanked her for sharing that with me. I don't have to agree with someones fears to offer understanding of a fear so powerful as the belief that one could eternally burn in hell for endorsing or supporting anything and anyone sinful.

A couple hours later I was driving through the mountains to San Francisco to go to work, thinking of that fear, trying to put myself in their shoes, seeking deep understanding in hopes that I can again become a bridge for love rather than burning bridges down by standing in understanding only on one side of the divide. Tears ran down my face as I felt their fear and and felt my own pain for how they see me, a lost soul, a sinner doomed to burn in hell. I began yelling outloud as I turned the corners of that windy country road... I yelled, I am not a contagious disease, WE ARE NOT A CONTAGIOUS DISEASE! You can love us as Jesus loves us all, our sins will not rub off on you, I can love you as Jesus loves us all, your fear will not rub off on me. We can cast our vote for what we all believe in without being enemies, but can we be honest about all that we are voting for or what we were voting against might be more honest here. I felt more deeply into their fear, tears flowed faster as I yelled again... I am not a casualty... choking out the words.... WE ARE NOT A CASUALTY!

Realizing that while I live love, speak love, and offer love to all. To some I am a lost soul doomed to live in hell for not being saved through the one and only true way to be saved. I am not the only one. The Tibetan Monk who has spent his entire life on a mountain in service to god and man, committing not even one sin, killing not even one ant is doomed to hell as well for practicing a belief system that has been around some 5,000 years longer than Christianity. All those of us who are not saved through Christianity are not afforded the after life in heaven. And we are the lost souls, those of us who support sin also threaten their eternal life in the hearts and minds of some. Thoughts and beliefs that are so powerful that we become a contagious disease, a casualty in attempts to protect their own salvation.  Looked upon as lost sinners who threaten their salvation, the salvation of the ones they love, these are powerful fears.

We all have our fears. Try for a moment not to judge the fears others are being led by. Instead let's address our own fears, lets seek to recognize and feel some understanding of each others fears. Because we are all acting on fear right now, our fears are being exposed right now. We are fearing for our rights to love and we are fearing for our right to live eternally. We are fearing for our right to be treated equally and we are fearing for our right to live eternally. If we can get honest about our own fears we can also get honest about the fears of others. If we can recognize that fear is dictating our thoughts and actions we can get somewhere. We can move away from fear.

I am not here to change anyones beliefs, I support all of us having our beliefs in regards to creation. I support everyone praying how they choose to pray as long as our praying does not create prey, create victims which beliefs often do. Wars have been fought in the name of religion for all of creation and both sides believe God to be on their side while neither side is acting in Godly ways. It is pure insanity that we hurt others in the name of God. In an attempt to protect ourselves from damnation we would commit the most vile of sins against our brothers and sisters who are created by the same God. We preach faith and a loving and forgiving God, yet we do not walk in faith or practice love and forgiveness ourselves.

I believe that most of us can agree that God created all things living. Many can also agree that you are born straight or gay. We can all agree that all are born different colors in different regions with different beliefs to be brought up in. But then forget that God created those who are born Gay, born black, born Muslim, born Hindu, born Jew, born Native American...   too. Where is the Faith that God knows what he/she is doing? Where is the faith that all of us are Gods children and where is the teaching about judgement? Where is the love and the forgiveness. We need to dig deep into these questions and recognize our own sins before we fear the sins of others taking away our own salvation. Whichever God you pray to, you believe God to be powerful God who makes no mistakes and is love, is forgiveness. I know this because I have studied many religions and teachings in search of God, and all of them carry the same messages, all of them! Be good to each other, do not judge, do not fear, do not hate, do not kill. God is love. Can we be love? Can we offer only love? Can we see our fears, judgements and hate? Can we walk in true faith and be that which we know God to be? Yes, we all can.

We can also see what is really happening here, we are still waiting for someone else to save us while we continue to create the world we live in and yell someone save me from what I helped to create. What is happening here is that we are being shown again, and again that we must save ourselves from what we ourselves, all of us, have created. What lives in the heart of man is being exposed. We created Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and every experience that led to them being able to manipulate and control us to date. The positive and negative aspects of them are a mirror reflection of what exists in each of us, a physical manifestation of what we all carry in every cell of our physical being. If we want elected officials who care about us, we should start by caring about each other.

I named this post "What you wish for..." because we all need to be mindful of what we are wishing for right here and right now. Our wishes are points of creation. Through conversations with people on both sides of the one side (there is only one side) many wishes are being held right now. Many are wishing for the failure of Donald Trump so that the pain they feel will be validated, so that those who voted for him will realize they were the ones who were wrong and created the current state we are living in, at war with eachother, it is their fault, I cannot wait till they learn that. Many are wishing for Marshall law to be imposed and Obama to hold the office so that what they fear under a Trump presidency will never come true. So that their rights will be protected.

For those holding those wishes listen up, gain some understanding on what you are wishing for. What began with a wish for some of the Trump voters to protect themselves created others becoming a causality, had it gone the other way and Clinton won the same would be true in reverse. What I mean by that is that the rights being threatened that you feel so deeply for, were a casualty because they do not support most of those rights anyways, most of them are of sin in nature. Remove right or wrong for a moment from your thinking to fully take this in please. Now that we have pointed out how you were a casualty and you are holding the wish in your hearts that he fails, and they learn their lesson who is the next casualty? They will be, but not just them, you too. You see we are all creating causalities here. We are all screaming as victims creating more victims. Waiting to decide how we act based on the actions of others.

Wishing for marshal law to protect your rights is not going to turn out how you anticipate it. Wishing for Trump to fail is not going to turn out how you anticipate it. If these wishes come to fruition it is not going to vindicate you, it is not going to protect your rights, all our rights will be stripped from us. The US vs. THEM we are playing a role in will quickly shift to a new US vs. THEM. The people vs. the government and trust me when I say that is not going to be in any of our favor. I won't go into how that is part of the plan, I'll spare you of the conspiracy theories. Promoting fear only creates what we warn each other of. Only allows us to be a part of the problem. I would rather offer another outcome. Another way.

There are other wishes being wished too. Many are wishing for Trumps success, but not success for us all, success at protecting their way of life, not life itself. Be careful what you wish for. This brings into view those who did not vote for Trump for religious reasons. Those of you who voted for economic reasons. Those who are drowning right now and seeking relief. The small business owners and middle class who is in threat of losing their businesses due to the cost of offering insurance to their employees or paying a ridiculous penalty.  Those whose premium is so high they are paying a house payment to insure their families, and to pay for the lower classes medical coverage. I understand your pain and your fears too. Some of you are my friends and family. On the issue of Obama care it is a very poorly put together plan. The intent to insure all might have been a good one, but what it did was cripple small businesses and put such a heavy burden on the middle class. More division was created from this plan, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The plan to eliminate the middle class fully in effect with this damaging health care plan. It could have been so much better. Back to wishes, your wish to feel relief and Obama care to be ended will leave millions without coverage, again more casualties.

Those wishing for the wall, to close our doors to protect ourselves, why are we buying into the lies that it is someone else's fault that we are unsafe in the first place? We worry about our own safety while the Native Americans stand fighting for the rights of planet, a people who have been murdered in the millions still stand in protection of us all, do we stand with them to protect our planet and protect the future for our children? No we elect a president who calls global warming a hoax and plans to end all funding for America to do it's part in ending the destruction of our home planet earth, America by the way who is the the biggest polluter. Our personal issues took priority over the needs of the planet and our children and their childrens future home became a causality.

Now lets move to the wishes of other countries in the world. You read my blog too and you play a role in how things turn out for us all, I say us all because you are affected by this more directly than you may be thinking. Think bigger than economics, thing beyond revenge. Many in the world are wishing for America to finally get theirs. Ignorant Americans who have meddled in the affairs of other countries, who have played a role in the deaths of many innocent casualties in other parts of the world, Americans who have played a role in robbing other lands of their precious metals and oil. Robbed countries of their minerals, millions dead at the hands of the super giant that is America. To Americans we are the strongest nation, to many in the world we are the strongest oppressors and villains. If any of this resonates with you, and you are holding wishes of justice and revenge, realize what you are wishing for and how it will affect you. More pain, suffering and death will never rectify the pain, suffering and deaths that have already occurred, only love and forgiveness can do that.

We are all wishing for something. How many of us are wishing for the greatest outcome for all of us? If our wishes are self serving we will learn about that, and the outcomes of our wishes coming true will show us about what is in us. The law of cause and affect, or karma as many call it is in full play here. What we wish for others will be what we feel and experience ourselves. We can change all this.

We really can change all this. It begins in each of us. In being what we wish for. In waking up to the truth that it is us who must save ourselves by saving each other. The saying "be the change you wish to see in the world" is so much more than a saying, it is a message of truth. Check your heart, is there division there? Are you on a side right now? Dismiss your reasons and justifications for having a side for a moment and get real about what being on a side creates. It creates division and divided we shall fall.

Change begins in us. I have returned to the bridge that connects us, I have no side. I am on all our side. I am not concerned with who of us is right or who of us is wrong. We are all wrong if we cannot see each others as the brothers and sisters we are, all born of God. I reminded myself that my own children and grandchildren have soul journey too, that they chose to be here and have these experiences too. I remembered that my efforts to protect them out of fear for them created division in my own heart, and I became the problem I say I don't want to exist. I cannot fight for our rights and win, neither can you if we are not considering the rights of all of us, and beyond that the rights of our planet that gives us life. I remembered that we are eternal souls, infinite creation and that nothing we experience here can end us, but we can end the madness here.

WE are ALL moving from fear and fear destroys. Faith is needed right now. Love is all that is needed right now. Can we move from fear to love? Yes, each of us can. In fact that is the greater purpose of what is happening here. History has shown us where this will lead if we hold fear in our hearts, fear that turns to anger, rage and hate. No justification for how we defend ourselves is going to create what we say we are all wishing for. Because no matter where you fall in your wishes for others, we all wish for peace for ourselves and those we love. WE all hold the desire to live with peace and to be safe. Start by being peace and offering safety to others, especially those who fear differently than you.

I love you all from a place of remembering who I am and why I am here, I am here to heal and to love. I am here to remember who I am and return to love. I love you from a place of owning my part in what we have created and being willing to do my part to create a new world, to create the heaven on earth we all dream of. I love you all with the desire in my heart to move forward seeking more understanding and offering more solutions for us all.

One Love,

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  1. Hallelujah! JoJo, First of all Well Said, I enjoyed reading your Blog, I apologize your son is going through that, Tell him Brenay said Hold his head up and keep doing good..My cousins go through that and quess what biracial children, grown up.are the Most Beautiful in looks I ever seen...My cousin have children and I love them, I thank God I wasn't racist at all my Mom told us to love every one, no matter what...You covered so many issues in this blog it's all true and thank you so much I love it, I had tears in my eyes I feel your hurt...we all are hurting in some forms or fashion...And the election I pray Trump do well...God put in my Spirit Trump, would be President...I just want us all to make life...Your a very wise young lady a day I always learn from you and I feel I'm glad we Jeunesse because Your Someone Special with a Beautiful heart and especially your Smile....You put your heart in this blog....I love every word of it...Everything is going to be just good, just like God Promised us...I dont know you on a personal basics, but seems like I do...Oh I see your post all the time...God Bless You...JoJo, this blog helped me also in so many ways....This is Beautiful.