Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Don't Look Away...

Look within...

I feel the pain in my friends posting on the horrific things taking place in the world.  I feel this pain, I feel the pain of my friends who have lost loved ones, who are battling in their life, fighting a disease, fearing for their rights long fought for. I feel it all and I do not look away, nor do I stay in a place of despair or choose suffering.

We are not powerless. We are not helpless. I understand that it can feel that way when we see the devastation taking place all over the world and don't know how to help, so we look away, or we stay in a place of great suffering for the sake of suffering. A belief that if others are suffering we should suffer with them, for them because it is all we feel we can do and we must do something.

There is something we can do, something that can truly help to change the world. We can work on ourselves, work in our own households, our own workplace, our own communities. We can become the changes we want to see in the world by making changes in our everyday life.

Everything we are seeing in the world today is an outward expression of OUR global consciousness. Each of us contributes to the whole of us. Each of us. We all hold ideas, thoughts, beliefs that contribute to the current state of things. We all practice daily living that contributes to it all. We are all responsible and when we accept and own that we are powerful to change the world.

This experience called life is constantly giving us the opportunities to learn, to grow and to move toward a place of living inside out rather than outside in. What I mean by that is this; I have learned through many life lessons that it was always me, I was the one creating the outcomes in my life, and still am. Today I create a little differently, a lot differently actually. Today I approach things from a space of full accountability, all things, even things happening in other places in the world.

When I see suffering in the world, war taking the lives of innocent children, my heart hurts like any heart would hurt, I acknowledge this pain I feel, allow myself to sit with it. Then I ask questions... What in my life, in me, can I heal in relation to this. I see wars fought over oil, over land, over religious beliefs, over things and I choose to surrender myself to no longer fighting the world around me, my brothers and sisters in the world.

I wish for peace so I set out on daily journeys to be peace in every way I can. I choose peace in traffic. I choose to heal things in me during my daily interactions with others, things that would separate me from my brothers and sisters. I choose to add to the energy of unity rather than the energy of war. You may think these things small, unhelpful in the grand scheme of things. I ask you, is it better to continue to suffer over the devastation happening elsewhere, in places you cannot go and do any good, while you continue to be at war in your own mind with those you are in contact with daily?

What if all of us, every single one of us who says we want the world to be a better place, started by focusing on becoming a better us, healing ourselves and helping others heal from the ideas that separate us, from the thinking that detaches us from each other. What do you think would happen? Think about it, really contemplate what that would look like. What would happen to you if you started working in your own life to be what you wish the world would be?

Looking at ourselves is a journey, a revealing journey. One that begins with feelings of guilt, at least in my case that was the experience I had. When I finally decided to look at myself, to be honest about who I was choosing to be, I felt immense guilt, there were parts of myself that I had avoided seeing by pointing my fingers outward in blame, deeming myself a victim of this and that to justify my own thinking, beliefs, and behaviors. I have thought, said and done things in my life that I would have judged another for, we all have. Getting real about that, about our motives, about our choices is hard initially. When we remove all the blame for why we do what we do, we are only left with what we did and that can be a hard pill to swallow.

Being able to look at myself honestly without the justifications while hard, was the beginning of my own healing and journey to self love, a journey I am still traveling today, still learning, learning to love myself as I am. As I love myself as I am, I become more. That is how it works. That is how we heal. We get real and then we heal.


And we are not victims, we are the ones creating the world around us, it is us, it has always been us. We can look at ourselves, our thoughts, our words, our actions that contribute to the creation of the world we live in and we can change this world by changing ourselves and our relationship with our self and each other.  We can and that is the whole point of it all, learning to love ourselves and learning to love each other.

When you look at events in the world and feel dis-empowered with great pain and sorrow do not look away, look within. We can continue to find ways to look away, ignoring what is happening is not helping change it, raising awareness alone is not helping change it either, not enough to make the difference we truly desire.

Awareness is the first step, to do something about anything we must first be aware of it. The second step is to find our place of power, where we can make a difference. There is no greater contribution than the one we make by changing ourselves and becoming what we wish others to be. This is living inside out. Waiting for others to change is living outside in.

One is the truth that we are powerful creators and responsible for it all, therefor able to change it all.

The other is the lie that we are powerless and victims of it all, therefor unable to change it all.

Every thought we think is a point of creation, thoughts are things, alive things that fuel the world around us. Every word we speak carries power, is a point of creation that is followed by actions that create outcomes. We are ready to think bigger than we have been thinking, to remember that we are all connected and our thoughts, words and actions are creating on a much bigger scale than we thought.

If we want peace and unity in the world, do we practice peace and unity in our own lives? What thoughts do we, ourselves think of others on a daily basis? How do we speak and act to our brothers and sisters in our immediate world? How do we feel about and treat others in our lives? How do we feel about and treat ourselves? These are good questions, and when answered honestly we begin to change, change that creates more change. We begin to be the change.

In our homes, our relationships with our children, our spouses, our pets. In our work place. At the grocery store. In traffic. Everywhere we are, who are we being while we are doing what we are doing? This is where our power exists to affect change. Pain is a great transformer, take that pain you are feeling over the way the world is and use it as fuel to ignite courage in you to stand up and look in the mirror, to make the choice to be powerful over powerless, to be the change you want to see in the world.

I love you all from a place of owning that everything is energy, my thoughts, words and actions all energy, energy that is helping to create the world I experience. I love you all from a place of joy because I am you and you are me, we are we. I see the silver lining in all of this, the silver lining is the awakening taking place in us all, no matter what stage we are at individually, we are all waking up to the truth that we are love, and we are returning to that which we are.

One Love,

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