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Playing the game of fear vs. love, the awakening taking place within us all

We are all born with powerful gifts, gifts that guide us on our journey and help us stay in course with our soul path for this incarnation.  Realizing these gifts as gifts opens up a whole new world of discovery. One that explains so much about you and the life you have lived. And in my own case can sometimes create feelings of loneliness and frustration.

Even as a child I have always rejected control and manipulation of any kind. I have also always easily seen things from a eagles eye perspective, an ability to see all the players, or all the variables in a situation and quickly see the possible outcomes, know the path to solution and these gifts have helped me as well as hindered me at times. I didn't understand that while I may see what is happening, and have an answer and guidance that can help those involved, sometimes it is the journey of the soul to go through the very experience I try to help them avoid with my sight. Therefor my help would be rejected, or if taken I would rob others of their opportunity to experience things for themselves, and mostly that is how we learn and grow. My doing so created much pain and perceived abandonment in my life. I say perceived abandonment because I was never truly abandoned, I was only experiencing karma for my choices, the law of cause and effect being shown to me repeatedly until I was ready to see it for what it was and get responsible for creating the outcomes I created by denying my own guidance in it's completeness. I had gifts that I didn't know were gifts and I didn't know how and when to use them just yet, I was learning, and now I forgive myself for how I had to learn, an understanding is born that I did no wrong and no wrong was done to me, I needed it all to grow. Bammmm that is some powerful ish right there my brothers and sisters, you feel me?

Today, having realized my gifts as gifts, and learning how and when to use them more each now moment, I navigate my life quite differently. I have a sense of peace in me in allowing others to experience their experiences, and detach from the pain I might feel seeing others suffer in any way. It is not that I am heartless, suffering still pulls on my heart strings, however, I do not choose to suffer for the sake of suffering as I have learned that doing so only creates more suffering in the world. I have learned that the energy I hold contributes to the outcome for myself, the individual and the whole. My level of consciousness is like all of ours, constantly feeding the global consciousness. So I choose to focus my energy where it is best served. I also am learning to hear the souls invitation. When I am meant to step in and offer guidance an invitation from the soul is present, when I am not it is like eating spoiled food, my stomach hurts and there are other body sensations that tell me no, this is not for you to involve yourself, let this path play out as intended, there is needed experience leading to growth taking place here, this suffering is on purpose with purpose. So I move on.

There are many on the planet at this time who have also realized their gifts and are on a path, like myself, to working with their gifts to help the awakening of HUmanKIND. While there are many, there are many still unaware of their gifts and the truth of who they are, children of creation, themselves creating. There are those who are aware of this deeper truth, however fear fully exposing this growing knowing in them to the world around them, still controlled by their fears of rejection, abandonment and what others think of them. They know the truth, but the tip toe around speaking it, telling themselves that others are not ready for the truth, when the truth is that they themselves are still reading themselves for the truth so that they can just honestly speak it without fear present in them.

I have myself found myself at times shrinking away, going into solace and becoming a hermit. Deep feelings of isolation being able to see things clearer than ever before in my life, then feeling very alone and rejected by so many who cannot see it too. A part of me that is still healing and still dis-empowered by fear. A part that is at battle with itself. A strong desire to fulfill my own callings of helping us awaken at odds with a part of myself that feels ostracized and judged for doing so. I at times do not feel like I belong here, being in my own body is painful, being a part of this reality is painful. I overcome these moments with the guidance I am given that strengthens me, reminds me that I chose this path, I remember in these moments of divine guidance that I am not alone, reminded that I have never been alone, my guides and angels have walked each step with me, and loved me through it all. Loved you through it all.

You have these gifts too. I am no more gifted than you. I ask you to contemplate this truth. Just the thinking about it brings it to the surface more with each thought. Remember that thoughts are things, repeat/chronic thoughts become beliefs. The unconscious mind does not know a fake story from a true one, so the more you tell yourself stories about yourself and the world around you, the more you believe these stories to be true. Something very magical happens when you are taking in the higher and absolute truth of who you are, it is unlike any other story you have heard or told in your life. Imagine tasting the most amazing dish you have ever eaten, you have seen it but never taken a bite until now, and then you asked yourself, how is it that I never ate this? It was available to me all along. Like finding a secret road that was available for you to travel all along, a path filled with wonders created by only the highest of high intelligence, and while you travel it for the first time it is so familiar, almost as if you, yourself created this path.  This is the closest I can come to comparing the feelings and sensations of hearing the truth from your higher self and the angelic realms that support you at all times. The truth that is written in the very fabric of your being, in your DNA and by universal law can never be erased.

Today I have been guided by my highest self to share a message. If you are ready for this message it will feel truthful to you, even if in the slightest bit. Even if you can only think for a moment, this could be true. A seed will have been planted that grows in you to help you see more of this truth. If you reject this truth fully, that is okay, it is not your truth at this time and you have a right to experience your own knowing at your own times in your journey in this lifetime.

There is a massive awakening taking place on this planet, who we were even a few years ago, compared to who we are today is lifetimes apart. Sometimes I don't even recognize my past self, I am sure many reading this relate to this feeling. While there is an awakening there is also a great attempt taking place to stop this awakening. This is not something to fear, in fact it is fear that feeds the efforts of those who would stop this awakening. Fear is fuel for some who wish to see us stay small and controllable. There is a secret that has been kept from us for all our lives, the secret is available to us at all times, is right in front of our faces, in view and we have all dismissed it time and time again. The secret is that we are creating our own reality. That is why our fears actually play into the creation of us being controlled and manipulated by others.

Many on the planet have realized that there is control and manipulation taking place, and report on it, listen to the reports and in embracing fear rather than seeing the bigger picture are actually helping create the very thing they fear. Awareness of this is evident with outspoken individuals who are helping others to see the plan to control us, however failing to see beyond this and their role in actually helping further the agenda of those they say they want to expose. There is great information on shows like Jesse Ventura, broadcasts like Alex Jones. However, this information creates fear in us, and encourages us to prepare for doom, and in our preparation we actually hold the energy of creating that which we are trying to resist, for anything you prepare for, you in fact help create.

I remember when I first began waking up to the truth that our government was not working for us, rather was working for some small entity on the planet who wishes to control and enslave us, Sounds scary huh? Yeah, it sounded scary to me too. I fell fully into traveling down the rabbit hole for about a week. As convincing as I am when I truly believe something, I had convinced some loved ones to prepare for things themselves. There was this moment of divine guidance where I was asked a question that showed me the path out of that rabbit hole and led me back to green pastures where the sun shone upon me once again and all darkness that fear brings dissipated in an instant. I was empowered by asking myself one simple question, then another, and another. By asking the right questions I was using my gifts again, and in that I found a new path. A path of empowered truth.

The question was this... If you create your own reality Lelania, what are you creating right now? That question led to more questions, like... Why are Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura allowed to fully expose these plots if the exposure of them threatens the very plot they expose? And like all things asked, the answer was clear as day to me. Anytime in history when there has been a man or woman who has rose up in strength and courage to speak an empowering truth and reached enough people there has been an assassination either of their character or of their life. Dr. Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon, Tupac (yes I said Tupac, are you shocked? His message was deep, remember there are messengers all around us, speaking the same message in different ways to different groups of us) Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, and so many more, all the way back to Jesus Christ whose name was originally Yeshua, I feel compelled to mention his original name because I recently had my first channeling with Yeshua and it was fantastic, like nothing before, more on that at a later date. All of these above mentioned names have something in common, they didn't promote fear, the promoted empowerment, they spoke of our strength as a people, a strength multiplied in unity with each other, they spoke of unity of the people. They spoke of love. Love being the opposite of fear, loving abolishing fear, fear being fuel for the few who manipulate and control us, stay tuned my friends because when you find out who is really manipulating and controlling us later in this article you just might be shocked, however, you will be empowered if you see it for what it is.

In regards to those assassinated for delivering a message of freedom from control do not attach to the fear available here that says if you speak the truth you can be punished too, for no punishment is present ever. You see the opinions of others cannot harm you, nor can death, it is not the end I assure you. You see it was the death of all those who spoke enlightenment, enlightenment that frees us from oppression that made the message so well known, and if you believe that our birth and our death are determined from the start, you can release any fears about your own death, or the death of any. The paths of all who came to share the truth that uplifts was a highly enlightened path, one fueled by the greatest truth fueled only by love. These lives were gifts given to uplift humanity and their message is still here today because of their death. Deep inside themselves they always knew this was their calling, they trusted this knowing and did what they came to do. All of us on this earth at this time have come to do something too, being led by fear or love determines our success, but not to worry there are enough of us, since all of us hold the power to awaken ourselves and others, we cannot fail, there is no fear of failure, for this is our destiny as a species, we will return to that which we are, once we fully remember who we are.

Fear divides us, makes us small, and leads us to defending ourselves. That defense we take on is energy, powerful energy fueled by fear, energy that creates an outcome. For what we prepare for we create. I put much emphasis on this part of the message I received from my highest self because it is important to recognize that there is nothing to fear but fear itself while contemplating these ideas I present to you. We have never been more powerful and more vulnerable than we are as we are as a people right now. And in the United States of America we have never been more divided by fear as we are right now. Division that all of us are feeling, deeply, sadly and it is leading to a lot of despair for many. Close relationships have ended due to differing beliefs and points of view, mostly political beliefs and choices, but not limited to politics, religion and even less obvious forms of control are dividing us more than ever before.  This division is no accident, it is orchestrated and done so very well, right in front of our faces.

The saying... "United we stand, divided we fall" is very appropriate at this time. I ask you to contemplate this idea that I am about to present you, to simply remove yourself from being on one side or the other of our divided country and contemplate this idea, see if it holds any vibration of truth for you, feel if this idea and the following solutions I offer feel good to you. You see when we listen to ourselves in seeking guidance, listen to our bodies, our hearts, get out of our mind we can find the truth within that has always been there. So humor yourself for a time and contemplate what I see and share here.

There is no one leading us at this time, no president, no president elect, no front runner candidate that is not on the same team with each other being led by the very entity that seeks to manipulate and control us. During this past election fear was the card played, and played well. Fear leads to anger, and a great many of us have been angry for some time. A deep inner knowing that things are not right and must change, without the deep knowing of who is powerful enough to change it all fully awakened yet, because we think ourselves small, small we stay.

For each of us that holds the space of believing only one side of government, or one religion or another, lack there of, is the evil that exists and the other side the fighter of that evil, the space is held that empowers the manipulation and control of us to exist. Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, The Bushes, all of them, they are all on the same team, being coached by the same coach. Your and my beliefs about them being different teams is what allows this charade to continue and keeps us in threat of the very things manifesting, things we scream for escape from. A very well orchestrated game is being played and we are playing it too. This game is so well played, that even some of the most awakened in my circles hold a position on one team or the other believing they are fighting the good fight, forgetting that to fight creates more fighting and any fight is fueled by fear, fear that is fuel for those who created the game. No matter how pretty we package our position on one side or the other as the righteous position to hold, it is still a position that fuels division among us and furthers that which we say we no longer want to experience, we are ready to get real about that, aren't we?

I have been shown that to focus on the wrongs of any one of these false leaders is myself playing the game and furthering the beliefs that bond us, render us weak, small and vulnerable. So I do not single out one side or the other, because I see very clearly that they are one and the same, there is no two sides in government, there is only one. And they have the advantage because they know that they are one side so they work together and when anyone works together with another their efforts are multiplied, therefor their results multiplied as well..

While we the people do not yet know we are one, we are too busy falling for the fear spoon fed to us daily, swallowing and digesting it in gulps, leading us to divide as a people. We are divided, more so than ever, therefor we are more vulnerable than we have ever been. That is not an all bad thing, as it is truly a breaking point for us, a rock bottom so to speak. As vulnerable as we are at this time, we are also more powerful than we have ever been. Remember when I said there is an awakening taking place in us, and then I mentioned that fear leading to anger because we all know something is not right? Grab onto that and contemplate it. This awakening taking place in us is unstoppable, it might be delayed and maybe the demise of many of us is what we want to experience again for a greater lesson, I believe we had enough of that already. We have after all experienced it again and again in history, aren't we ready to do something different? I believe we are ready to end the insanity of repeating the same story over and over again. Ending that story begins within each of us, a simple choice, a choice to no longer play the game of separation.

And there is the solution, a choice to end the game of separation. It is separation that allows us to live in a self created hell on earth, it is unity that creates heaven on earth. It is up to us, each of us is choosing separation or unity right now.  Separation is fueled by fear, Unity fueled by love. You get to choose. You are so powerful that your choice creates the outcome you experience. WE are so powerful that if we all chose love and unity in this moment with no wavering uncertainty all that is ill in this world would be healed in an instant.

There is a place where we gain clarity, a place where we get honest about what we say we want and how we get what we want. So many of us say we want peace, yet we offer none to the world around us, and hold no peace within ourselves. There are so many of us who are waiting and wanting to be saved, yet we do nothing to save others or ourselves. There are so many that want kindness and compassion to lead us, yet are led by fear leading to separation and indifference. We are still pointing our fingers outward in blame, and holding our hands out waiting for someone else to fill it with all the gifts we desire, ignoring that calling within that says... YOU ARE THE GIFT, THE RESPONSIBILITY IS YOURS, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

And the responsibility is ours, for everything we do, every thought we repeat that forms beliefs, every word we speak, write, sing, every action we take is lead either by fear or by love. Both are creating the life we are individually and collectively living. If there is someone controlling us it is because we have created it to be so. And that my brothers and sisters is the big plot twist. We are not victims of our governments, victims of our oppressors, we are their fuel, we are their creators. Because they are an aspect of each of us. They represent the ego consciousness in us all. They are the EGO alive and well, fighting to remain in control of what it did not create. What is evil in them is what is evil in our own subconscious. Our recognition of what we do not want in them, is truly an opportunity to recognize what we do not want in ourselves that is ready for release.

I have heard some spiritual leaders speak this truth, and I have heard some still led by fear offering safety nets to ease that fear, the ego still present in us all, stronger at some moments than others. Anything that fuels the idea that there are forces plotting our demise and creates only fear in us is not of the full truth and nothing but the truth my friends. Any teachings that guide us to strive to be better to be worthy of being saved from all this hell we are living in are not the full truth in it's entirety, only small parts of the truth are being offered in teachings that say something outside ourselves is controlling us and something outside ourselves will save us. The truth is that you are worthy now as you are, you have always been worthy at every moment of your existence, it is in remembering this truth, remembering who you are that you are set free. And the whole truth does set us free, the whole truth is that it is us who oppresses us, sure there are others playing the role, but it is only because we have created that role to played. The small fraction on earth that controls the many is our own ego manifested. I emphasize small, because the ego is our small mind, limited data based on stories accumulated from our limited experiences in each lifetime. There is greater wisdom available to us in our hearts, even science has newly discovered the neuro pathways of the heart, the heart is now said to be our second mind, I prefer to think of it as the second coming of Christ Consciousness, because for me awakening to see the Christ in us all came from my heart, not my mind.

I want to speak of the loss of hope addressed by Michelle Obama and discussed in my circles by many with different opinions, mostly opinions held again by people still on one side or the other of who is the better option to lead us, still themselves awakening to the truth that it is they who are to lead themselves through their direct and constant connection to the Creator that lives within.

Yesterday I witnessed more separation occur. In my own close circle of friends. Over the topic of hope. How can the discussion of hope lead to separation? The same way all things are able to lead to separation right now. Holding the idea that any political leader is the enemy and any political leader is the savior is how this was fueled, even if not fully acknowledged by all involved. That belief fuels opinions that divide and separate us. It is natural to do so, I fully get it. If we only see one half of a problem that poses a threat to us we try to defend ourselves in any way we can. Whenever fear is present a fight or flight takes place in us. The problem is that most of us are only seeing half of the problem and led by fear while not seeing our role in the problem at all. We have created this and it is us who will create something new. True enlightenment will guide you away from fighting the good fight, true enlightenment knows that there is nothing to fight, that fighting creates more to fight.

In regards to lost hope, many are feeling hopeless at this time. I offer to any who are feeling hopeless great love and understanding. I too have been in this place of total hopelessness, in that moment that led to a full day of planning my own suicide I wanted nothing more than to escape the immense pain of hopelessness. There was a light in me, while it was dim, it was present. This light is in us all and the moment we tap into it and use it's guidance it ignites, growing brighter and brighter with the more love we apply to it, the more love we apply to ourselves. My moment of total and complete hopelessness led to total and complete faith. On that day I chose life over death. So I do not and will not feel fear for your hopelessness, nor will I act on fear of it, I will instead hold the space of love for you, sending love to you, love that is intended to remind you of that light within.  My own hopelessness lead me to a deeper faith found in the truth of who I am, my eternal connection to you and all of creation so I do not fear your hopelessness, I celebrate the breakthrough available to you though experiencing your hopelessness. I see clearly that losing hope in our government is quite possibly one of the bigger moves toward our awakening in history. It is about time and long past due that we lose hope in our government and start governing ourselves, choosing who to be, choosing life. In the loss of hope that our government will do right by us, we are offered faith that it is us, and has always been us not only creating this, but with the God given power to create a new way.

We can speak of spiritual enlightenment in definite terms, I myself have done so many times early on in my own awakening. I have learned that just when I think I know something it is truly, only another layer leading me to the center of myself where the only absolute truth exists. I am still peeling back the layers of false stories myself, however, I have learned through previous layers not to deem my truth as absolute, not to deem myself as more evolved, awakened or spiritually enlightened than any other. To do so would only be my need to justify and reinforce my own fears and need to be special enough to be worthy of being able to escape all that I am in fear of. To do so only reinforces the game of separation, is the ego again saying I am separate from them, my experiences and lessons set me aside from them.

I have learned that all paths hold value in the grand scheme of things, even the paths of those who do control and manipulate us. Remember those layers I just mentioned, and the game being played? Deeper than all that is the truth that we are all one, there is no us or them, there is only the one. Every role played by each of us is for our very own awakening. So the villains we fight are truly ourselves in a different costume. And any of us still fighting another is still living in duality, a victim archetype that we are ready to move on from. Any of us promoting the idea that something outside ourselves is responsible for what is wrong, can go wrong is contributing to separation and duality.  No one can take our hope from us, we give it away as a choice. We are manipulated and controlled by other aspects of ourselves everyday, and that is mirrored in our physical reality.

Shifting from ego driven state of mind to soul powered state of being is what is offered to us in every now moment. The energy flooding the planet is intensifying the offerings of love to us now, and deep within us, the ego is feeling itself unravel, in this unraveling it is filled with the fear of ceasing to exist, it's whole job after all was to create the illusion that we are separate from each other and our Creator. As we awaken to remembering our connection to all that is, remembering who we are this aspect of ourselves, known as the ego is fighting against death of itself, it is fighting to exist. Those led fully by ego, like our governments who have immersed so deeply into their ego identities are fearing not only their loss of control, but deeper the loss of existing in the only way they know themselves to exist. First we remember who we are, love ourselves and heal, then we love those around us and help them heal, then we all love those that try to control and manipulate us. It begins in us, there is not other way to get what we say we want, a better world.

We have long identified ourselves as our ego, thought ourselves to be our emotions. We say, I feel "insert feeling here". And our mind says someone made us feel that way, some event made us feel that way. Do you see the clues in the words you are readying? The "I" followed by any thought is a self creating thing. It holds power. The belief that someone can make you anything, make you mad, make you sad, again all the ego reinforcing itself as separate. All things that support separation are of the ego mind, there is no exception to this. We have created all kinds of beliefs around the things that we deem as bad... The enemy did it! The devil did it! Of course we blame each other too, but when we have no one else to blame it must have been the unseen enemy who is responsible. Anything to avoid our own responsibility, because to our ego taking full responsibility for our lives and what we create in our lives is awakening to the truth that we are creating it in the first place, and then we remember who we are.  So for all of us blaming anyone in government, our teachers, our parents, our neighbors, our Facebook friends and fighting back against the imagined enemies all around us, we are part of creating that which we say we no longer wish to live.

There is a moment where you realize this to be the truth. For me personally in that moment I mourned deeply. Mourned aspects of myself while I remembered all that I myself have done that played the main role in hurting myself and others who I now know to be myself as well. In that space I found the deepest love and acceptance for myself. And in forgiving myself I remember that I am loved always, that while parts of myself are dying they are parts of myself that are no longer needed moving forward. In this I found the truth that uplifts and empowers me to be the change I wish to see in the world. You see it is only when we stop blaming and fighting and get real about our own role in this that we are freed of the fear that fuels us and other aspects of our self that control and manipulate us. Because the deeper truth is that WE are the ones manipulating and controlling ourselves.

In closing I feel compelled to tell you this... You do not need me or anyone to guide you, within you is all the divine guidance you will ever need, it is always available to you, can never be taken from you, it can only be ignored and dismissed by you, no one can take it away. Any manipulation of the truth you are living can be dismantled in an instant through your own choice for it to be so by walking a path of self accountability, leading to self actualization, leading to love and only love, for only love is real.

I love you all from a place of faith that all is as it should be, but a knowing that it can be so much more, it can be whatever love decides it to be, and when we have had enough of experiencing and being led by fear it will be so, heaven will be created on earth.

One Love,

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