Friday, January 27, 2017

A call to all Activist Hearts

A Call to the Resistance, to all who are speaking up, standing up for the rights of yourself and others. The LGBT community, Womens Rights Activist, Freedom of Religion Activist, Minorities, and any who feel deeply threatened by this new administration. I am going to speak directly to you today, because I believe in my heart that you will hear me, hear the truth in this. Your eyes are wide open and your activist hearts awakened. Please take a moment to contemplate what I share here, and use your own divine discernment in forming an opinion on what I see taking place. We are being used, all of us are, however I believe that speaking directly those of us who oppose any of the above mentioned groups is futile at best in our current state. Rather I want to reach out to those who are standing up against what is happening in our country and say WE ARE BEING USED! And if we do not recognize what is really taking place here, we are actually playing right into the hands of this plan unfolding. First, all of the rights being threatened are a tactic to create division. If we look at the facts, the majority of the country that voted, voted against this administrations values and policies. The majority that did not vote want no part in the system that they likely deem pointless and a total waste of time, they likely did not agree with the current administrations policies and agendas. It is important to recognize this first because it creates a more realistic view of anyones rights actually being taken away. Even if laws are created that strip many of us of our well earned rights, the majority of America actually supports those rights and will continue to treat people of all walks of life with common decency and respect. That does not mean there is not something to stand up against here, stay with me please, these rights in law are important, however there is something more urgent here that needs all our attention. Please read on... The current administration could honestly care less about abortions, equality in marriage, immigration and religion. They are taking positions on these issues because these issues invoke us to take sides, distract us and give them the freedom to do what they really want to do. They are using the Christian religion to further their own agenda, that is obvious because other than taking a stand on certain Christian beliefs they are blatantly going against everything Christ Like in their other actions. Visible hippocracy that is being dismissed by many in the Christian community simply because they are stirred on beliefs about abortions, gays and Muslims. This portion of the population is acting from a place of deep fear of the end of times and being infected by the decay of moral society. That is their story, let them have it, and stop fighting them right now, trust me on this, I think you will have more understanding as you read on. You, the activist are acting from a different space, still fear led to begin with, but transitioning into something else, into courage to stand up, to speak up and to march. Many of those standing up are not affected directly by the threat of great injustices in this country, proving my point that the majority of America and the world for that matter does not and will not stand by and let great injustices take place. The government knows this, is well aware that we are too large in numbers and far to awake to easily manipulate us. At the same time they know exactly what will manipulate and divide us, and that is these issues. Meanwhile they are preparing to do something much bigger, with more devastating consequences than taking anyone's rights away. They are planning on continuing a tradition created since the beginning of America, how America was created and built. They are planning to take what is left of the Native American lands by any means necessary. This is so much bigger than the North Dakota access pipeline, that is just the beginning and the outcome of this one issue will set the precedence moving forward. What they really want is all of the untouched land that holds oil. For decades we have been invading other countries and committing viscous acts of murder to steal oil. I say we because it is our brothers and sisters who have fought in these wars over oil. We believed we were fighting to preserve our rights as a free country, that was never the case. It was always about robbing other countries of their precious resources. Now, the war has been brought home, there is oil here that they want and it is under Native American land. Currently laws are being put in place in North Dakota to legalize killing and jailing the protesters. If we do not unify and stand for the Native Americans they face grave danger, they face more genocide, genocide that has been taking place in our Country since this Country began. I am calling to all activist to see the greater consequences of allowing the current administration to use us. The Native American people are standing in protection of something greater than themselves, they have always stood in protection of something greater than themselves, the planet! Our home! They have known for centuries that this day would come when our ways would threaten the very existence of our great mother earth, that day is here and still they stand, crying out for us to hear them. Their voices drowned out by the many orchestrated distractions being played on us. We have marches being organized for a numerous amount of threats being handed out by the current administration. We have marches for human rights, science rights, womens rights, LGBT rights, religious rights, equal rights. These rights are not in threat in the way we think they are, the threats on these rights are a smoke screen to distract us from looking at what they are doing to the Native Americans. This administration is a dying breed, they are as temporary as the oil supply that is running out, they know it and some of us are figuring it out, too many of us for them to handle so they have divided us with issues that go to the core of our being. Please recognize that our rights are safe, no matter what laws are in place, and any rights taken away by law will be upheld by the majority of this country until the laws are back in place to guarantee these rights, and they will be back in place! This administration will do a fabulous job of exposing itself all on it's own, trust that. The tables will turn back in your favor as they always do. In the meantime it is essential that we gain unity at this time, together we rise, divided we fall. We need to prioritize and organize. Those of us who are opposed to what is taking place, having our activist hearts awakened and speaking up against what is taking place need to gain pure clarity on the reasons behind the season and unify in support of the Native Americans and our Mother Earth. This is truly the most urgent issue at hand now, and the very motive for all the rest of the problems we face. Without this motive there is no true benefit to furthering these other issues on the governments side, all the smoke and mirrors topics are fueled by one goal, take the Native Americans land and resources. Taking a unified stand against this cuts them off at the knees and ends this cycle of deception and control. The Native American People have always sacrificed for something greater than themselves, they have stood up for this planet and for us since the beginning. We can today start standing up for them. We can sacrifice our own rights temporarily to protect them and our planet. There is no greater need than this one at this time, there is no greater motivator for the government to divide and conquer us than this one at this time. I call on all activist hearts to hear this, to take immediate action to make standing for the Native Americans their number one priority. To see that they carry ancient wisdom that will sustain this planet for all future generations and create the peace on earth we so desire. It begins with standing with Standing Rock against the North Dakota Access Pipeline to set the precedence that moving forward we are not going to allow anymore wars, here or abroad for the rich to get richer off of murdering our bothers and sisters and raping our planet. Then we continue to stand for everything that creates change to heal the planet and ourselves. The science and technology is available, we only need demand it. We are that powerful, they know it and it is well time that we do too. Time to focus on what matters most, what unifies us. Be the side of the equation that stopped fighting the other side and stood for all our rights, the right to live on a healthy, thriving planet that is treated the way she deserves to be treated. Let Mother Earth, and the Native Americans unite us by refusing to play into what divides us!!! Make this go Viral!!! Copy & Paste, do not share, the original could get deleted, sigh your name to it! Send this message to all activist hearts around the world and lets get to work doing work that matters most, something so much bigger than ourselves!!! Sincerely, Your sister Lelania Marie Williams Calling to The Activist Heart!
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