Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Christ Consciousness Awakening

Visited in my dreamtime by three beautiful souls, the spirit of Jesus accompanied by my Grandmother and my Father. The three of them together was a complete trinity for me, and my own understanding of what is taking place right now on earth. My grandmother was my most constant exposure to Christianity growing up, she was a devout Christian. My father later found Jesus, joined the church and himself, became an ordained minister who helped many of his brothers and sisters in recovery find Jesus.

It was comforting in a way hard to express in words, to have them there with Jesus whom I have spoken with much lately. Pure excitement filled the space we shared as both my Grandmother and Father shared their joy with me for being where they are, with all of creation, as all that is. They expressed to me the freedom gifted to them upon death, the remembering that was instant and shared a new truth with me, very different than the earthy truths they taught me in their physical lives. I was shown my life path to date, why I always rejected the teachings of the church, even as a child anger would rise up in me when dogma was introduced to me. They showed me that I was there when it all began, held within me a deep knowing on a cellular level of what really took place and chose to incarnate in this lifetime with these knowings as part of my essential being so that in this lifetime I could help humanity awaken, and experience it for a second time myself.

As I was documenting what I learned, my sister woke up and came into the living room, smiled and said good morning. I smiled and said... Sis I was visited by Dad, Grandma and Jesus last night in my dreams and they... She interrupted, excited to say that Dad had visited her in her dreams too, and she was right in the middle of texting our little brother about it who told her that our father died four years ago today. Confirmation is powerful and comes instantly these days for me when I am given teachings from the spirit realms. My own human mind that filters these teachings likes to inject doubt about their validity, doubts that do not stand long as each time some form of confirmation is given to me immediately, to assure me that I am not making all this up in my own mind.

They came to me to help me find peace in what is taking place here and now on earth. With instructions to be peace, to be love and to remove myself from the drama as it leads to attachment to fear. They assured me that all is as it should be and unfolding according to plan, to trust that which is false is revealing itself all on its own and to focus purely on the teachings of Christ, allowing the rest to work itself out. They said I could share this, as it will reach who it is meant to reach. This is what they shared with me...

organized religion is unraveling itself. All religious institutions are being given the opportunity to clear their own karma and correct themselves, speak the truth and take part in the awakening of humanity. Christianity at church head and government levels are refusing this opportunity and attempting to regain control through old methods of using fear and forcing itself upon the population. At the beginning stages of its creation the teachings of Christ fell into deception and manipulation under the ruler Constantine, the order  was to murder all who did not convert, a goal to make Christianity the only world religion.

Today we are seeing this foundation revisiting itself with attempts to program society with its dogma once again. The attempts to bring church back into government and education and do away with the environmental agencies are reminiscent of the beginning of the churches creation when government, rulers of that time forced education at early ages and murdered anything labeled pagan, any beliefs that created a deep connection with earth, each other and heaven. This time is different and will not have the same effects as the first programming did. Hypocrisy will be evident more than ever, leading to followers of Christ asking themselves important questions.

This last ditch attempt to regain control through false teachings that bond us in fear will fail, it cannot succeed at this stage of our evolvement.  2000 years ago they created false and polar opposite teachings than that of Jesus (who planted the seeds of truth within our DNA and Consciousness). Humanity was not where it is today back then and had more learning to do, more exploring of its own opposite. We are Love, yet to discover this truth we have walked through being fear.

In this last attempt and refusal to clear it's own Karma. Christianity as an institution will fully expose itself, as the energies flooding the planet only support full transparency and honest exposure. Many Christians on various levels are awakening and have already begun to shed the fear based teachings that bound them in the lie of original sin. The Spirit of Christ is awakening in them as in us all. We are beginning to recognize the blood of the church. The original teachings of Jesus are rising up from the overlay of deception and lies that Christianity blanked these core teachings with.

The second coming of Christ is true, but we've been taught a manipulated version of this in an attempt to keep us small therefor controllable. Jesus spoke the truth to us, telling us of the Christ within. Christ consciousness is the second coming and we are the saviors. 2000 years of lies, generations of false teachings in an attempt to stop this awakening are unraveling before our eyes. These institutions are unraveling themselves.

We only need to allow the spirit that we are to emerge. To remember who we are. Our connection to the Creator, to each other and to our Mother Earth to complete this stage of our awakening and free ourselves from control through fear. Heaven on earth is manifested when we allow the kingdom of heaven within to awaken. The teaching that we are born sinners, born into a bad world of temptations ran by evil and will be punished eternally for falling into that which they claim is our very nature is a great lie created to separate us from that which we are.

These are exciting times! When we are still, remove ourselves from attachment to fear and the drama it creates we can see the truth rising within our own being and lies outside of us exposing themselves. The differences between followers of Christ and followers of The Church are being clearly defined now. The very foundation upon which the church was built is being exposed in the followers of the church. As the foundational truths gifted by Jesus who had fully awoken to his own Christ self are being exposed in those of us who follow these pure teachings of truth, the truth of who we are, we are the Christ. We are not separate from Creator, God, Allah, or any name used to describe to Divine Energy from which we come, that we are.

Looking at the world today, the events as they unfold it is easy to the honest eye to see the Hippocratic actions of the leaders of this time, while claiming to be followers of Christ, yet not following the teachings of Christ at all. Using fear to manipulate us to return to complacency and justify the actions they take, by default taking on these actions as our own. Turning our backs to our brothers and sisters who are suffering, giving all our faith to another human leader who uses Christ as a shield to do horrible acts that are not the teachings of Christ at all.

At the same time we see the awakening of the Christ within in its early stages taking place. Many are casting their fears aside and taking to the streets to stand up, speak up for others and against the lies, manipulations of corruption and greed fueling the leaders of today. Jesus himself spoke against the rulers of his time, flipped the tables in rebellion and said to them... Don't you know that you are Gods, but you will die as mortal men. In my dreams Jesus shared with me that he was human too, during his time on earth and that incarnation he was shown the truth, and shown to deliver it, and he did. He shared that he, himself had many human emotions, many human reactions and lived a very human life before his own awakening as the Christ, even then he still slipped back into the human condition from time to time. We laughed together, as I released my own feelings of frustrations about knowing the truth, yet having very few in my own circles who share it with me, and seeing even those who do afraid to speak it fully, fearing what others think. He assured me that these instances are actually blessings that strengthen my own courage to share what I know to be the truth, that my anger and frustration towards others fuels my own courage to step out and say what I am shown without fear of what others might say, might think. He shared with me his own struggles of this in his time on earth.

I was shown many people in the world, we traveled through the homes of many, and I saw that many are waking up to this truth. I witnessed conversations taking place, prayers being lifted up. I saw preachers finding their way to speak this new truth that is rising up in them. I saw their battles with the false teachings of the church and the true teachings of Jesus being played out internally, inch by inch teaching more of the truth and less of the lie flowing from their mouths in their sermons and was excited to see that at lower, more intimate levels of Christianity the truth is revealing itself there too. I saw every souls purpose in this part of our own awakening and coming to know ourselves and each other as The Christ. I was in awe of the value of the roles of those who are the opposite of truth, shown how the bids for control and manipulation are actually catapulting us further into our own awakening instead of regaining control over us through false teachings and lies. I felt peace and love in my heart for those playing the roles of deception, gratitude for their part in us all remembering who we are and sticking to their path to play these very difficult roles for us.

I was reminded that only love erases fear. Strengthened to be a peaceful warrior, speak my truth as it unfolds and remain in a peaceful state of gratitude for those who teach the opposite, to allow these teachers to reveal their own teachings true nature. The wolf can no longer wear sheeps clothing, the energies of today do not support the costume, the wolf is appearing as it is, as a wolf and demanding what it wants through fear with a goal of chaos. But the wolf is not the big bad wolf at all. It is a part of the plan, like us all. It plays a role in our awakening by being the opposite of a messiah, the opposite of the pure teachings of all enlightened profits who had the courage to complete their life path of delivering the message of the truth of who we are. We learn in duality, "up vs. down", "hot vs cold", "light vs. dark". And through duality we find balance, we find the truth, the truth of who we are.

I love you all from a place of peace, gratitude and pure joy. I am grateful for all in my life who have strengthened my own inner courage to follow my chosen path. I am thankful for all in my life who have helped me by being the opposite of that courage to speak the truth as it is shown to us all, every day in every way. I am grateful for the heavenly support sent to me in my dreams. Spending time with my Gramms and my Dad was such a gift. My Dad is returning soon, taking on another incarnation and I will know him when I see him, I am excited about that.

In closing I gift you this... You do not need to listen to me, or any other person outside of yourself to discover the truth and find peace in what is taking place at this time on earth, to know your path, your place in it all. Simply silence yourself, remove yourself from the fear and drama it creates and listen to the still calm voice within, your eyes will be renewed and see the truth unfolding all around you. You are ready to trust yourself, to love yourself, to forgive yourself and in doing so will love and forgive the world around you, creating heaven within, manifest heaven without. WE do not need an interpreter to speak to the Creator and Angelic Realms, we are always and have always been connected to, part of it all.

One Love,
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