Sunday, February 12, 2017

Immigration, Deportation, Refugees, Water Protectors and Ascension

If we were all created looking exactly the same, loving and respecting each other would have been much easier. I do not think it's a mistake that the world is composed of such diversity. We are here to learn love. It's not always easy to love what we fear, but that is the whole point. It is in learning to love what we've been taught to fear, that we release fear... False Evidence Appearing Real. The idea that we're really that different is false. But it is our difference that offer us the opportunity to look beneath the surface to find what unites us as one. When we can love and care deeply for people who are outwardly different than ourselves we learn more about what love really is, we get closer to being that which we came from.

Throughout our lives we experience pain that often leads us to protect ourselves by building walls around our hearts to protect ourselves from hurting again. The irony of this is that in doing so we're actually keeping love out and living a life without fearless love is its own pain. A pain within that is projected without. We come into this world without fear, are taught fear so that we can overcome fear through love.

Our entire purpose for being here is to ascend through releasing fear and becoming love. All that is occurring today is offering us greater opportunities to ascend at a much faster rate. Where challenges to love are heightened the rewards are multiplied to.

We are also being given the chance to clear much of our collective karma here in the United States, a country built on thievery, genocide and slavery. As with all things, lessons will repeat themselves until they are learned and wrongs forgiven and corrected.

The billions who have suffered and been murdered had little to no choice in their physical bodies about it. As brave souls they volunteered for these roles to advance our evolution and ascension. Here we are in more advanced times and more brave souls have volunteered to play the role of those facing more suffering and extermination.  Who will we who have choices choose to be this time around?

We can choose to take the path of ascension through fearlessly loving all our brothers and sisters without fear lead judgements, justifications and indifference and heal our own karma. This path is offered to us daily in our personal lives, and amplified globally at this time of uncertainty in the world. If we go deep within all uncertainty is transformed into pure clarity. We remember who we are, why we are here, face our fears, learn selfless, unconditional love and begin to heal ourselves and our world fearlessly. This is the path to ascension.

In many religious and spiritual circles there is this misconception that we can avoid all this that is taking place and hide in our safe place avoiding all the stuff that is scary, doesn't feel good, the situations and people that we don't understand, therefor fear. A false belief that we can isolate ourselves from the suffering taking place, meditate and pray it away and ascend. Missing the truth that all that is taking place, was created by us, for us. We ascend through facing our fears and embracing love when it feels hardest to do so. The first step is personal responsibility for our own suffering and the suffering of others. Forgiving ourselves and others is granted once we acknowledge our own role in all that is ill in us, and the world. Any beliefs that are held that say only "this group" will ascend, and I am in this group so I am safe and justified to forget the rest of humanity, are not beliefs formed from truth. They are beliefs born from fear, fear that created identities around dominating and controlling others being righteous. A survival of the fittest mindset where the meekest among us are destroyed for our own gain.

Todays top debates and issues show us very clearly a path to facing our fears and ascending through embracing unconditional love for ourselves and all our brothers and sisters. If we were to all stop for a moment and look at each issue from a position of it being an opportunity to advance our ascension we would see more clearly the two choices here... (1) Continue to be imprisoned by our fears. OR (2) Face all our fears, fearlessly. It is no mistake that these events taking place affect people in the most devastating ways. A calling to our heart has to be loud to be heard through the walls we have built around our hearts. Families being torn apart from the threat of and implementation of mass deportation of 11 MILLION (interesting number) of our brothers and sisters. Refugees fleeing for their lives being turned away. The Native American people facing further suffering and genocide while they stand up for us all, as they always have. We are being called to care. Called to love.

Look more closely at these issues. See with your heart what is really playing out here. Our governments and media represent FEAR. Their power is gained through our fears, they need our fears to be who they identify themselves as. In fact it is fear that drives them, fear of losing who they think they are, who they identify themselves as... The elite, the powerful, those in control. Fear wishes to control. Love only wishes for love and freedom for all.  If we are buying into the government and media stories we are buying into fear, we are choosing fear. It is easy to do so, because the stories they create tell us that those suffering are our enemies, are going to take something away from us, are a threat to us. Words are used that ignite immediate fears in us and we go into protection mode, a place where we can justify anything we say/do or don't say/do. Pay attention to the labels given that enable us to detach. "Illegal Aliens" is the most dehumanizing label of all. They are outsiders who pose a threat, they are not even human, they are aliens who are illegal. Easy to forget that they are human beings, eternal souls when we accept these deceptive and intentional labels.

So what is the path? Embracing fear and taking a defensive position, or burying our heads in the sand to avoid dealing with all of it have both proven time and time again to bring us back to these moments where our lessons are repeated throughout history. The only time we should base where we going to go on where we have been is to determine that we are no longer going to repeat these cycles of insanity. Changing it all, walking a path of ascension requires new actions, new positions and courage to face our fears, to love fearlessly and see the opportunities to do so being magnified right here and now.

The path to ascension is one of full surrender. Surrender all your fears and free yourself from yourself. Protecting yourself from perceived fears, no matter how justified is not the path. On my own journey I have learned to get more honest with myself. I have been so dishonest in my life, while I thought myself an honest person, a good person, I was not. Many will disagree with me who have known me my whole life. You see, we can live appearing to be a good person because we do outwardly good deeds, and say the right things at the right times. But who are we when we don't get our way? Who are we in the face of loss? Who are we when we feel threatened? Who are we when we are under appreciated? Who are we when we fear rejection or judgement? Who are we when no one is looking? Even more importantly what is the core intent that drives our good deeds? Is it to be good simply for the sake of being good, or are we trying to feel better about who we are through our good deeds to cover up the way we really feel about ourselves. Are we trying to selectively good deed our way into heaven? Are we giving to be loved? I know I was most of my life. I was in denial of it, as we all are when we are living outside in, rather than inside out.

How does our "do good" ratings increase or decrease according to who we know vs. who we do not know. It is easy to be good to our family & friends, even our neighbors, how authentic is our good when we branch out from our closest circles who benefit us directly to bigger circles that affect us less directly? We will be good to our coworkers, really is it because we are good or is it because we because it is how we have been taught to "ACT", is it because being good is how we keep a job? What do we think and say about our coworkers who are different than us? Are we simply tolerating them? Branch out further, our community, who do we spend time with in our communities? Where do we do our good work there, is it mostly with those who are like us, benefit us in some way? Now to our State, our Countries, and then the World. If we are really honest with ourselves we can see our own conditional love, and recognize that we are not really practicing unconditional love at all. Even in our closest relationships, conditional love is there. How many friendships, relationships stay strong through challenging times, are we there for others when it is hardest to be? Or do we turn away, justify not being there?

In every area of our lives we are being given great chances to love unconditionally. And as a whole we are all ready to advance our own ascension. That is why we are seeing such massive challenges in the world. Great suffering appearing, to give us the chance to love in a way we have never loved. To face fear in a way that we have never faced fear and to clear all past karma for us all. All this is on purpose and with purpose.

 The good news is that we can go through these cycles as many times as needed. Ascension is our destiny. The question is how bad do you want it? WE all say we want peace on earth. There is not one of us who does not want to live a good life, full of joy, prosperity and love. The next question is, do we want for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves? Are we willing to surrender all our fears and open our hearts to others? All lines in the sand represent the walls we have built around our own hearts, our borders are physical manifestations of the walls around our hearts. The proposed wall is fear saying lets protect ourselves from loving and justify it with stories of how they can do us harm, take something away from us. By default we become the ones who do harm, we choose to close our hearts, eyes and mouths so that we can keep what we have been told they will take from us. Silence is participation to. Hiding in our safe places, saying nothing and avoiding what we call drama is participating in the fear driven choice to protect ourselves from our perceived fears. Drama is a word used to minimize dramatic situations and events so that we can justify not caring and choosing to look away. Another form of protecting ourselves. It is fear that protects.

To have what we want, we must grow beyond only wanting it for ourselves. We must realize that there is enough for everyone and refuse to buy into the limited mindset that says there is not enough. The Universe is Abundant in all things. And all is provided for us when we want it for our earth family. What we give away is returned to us ten fold. What we hold onto goes to waste. What we fear we create, what we love we free, therefor freeing ourselves.

I love you all from a place of fearless love. Each day I leave my home and venture out into the streets of the San Francisco Bay Areas playing my current role as a ride share driver. I have chosen to intentionally connect with and share love with every new friend I meet, this is a conscious act to be the change I want to see. A choice to tear down the walls around my heart and learn to love fearlessly. I have begun to extend this to all my interactions with my brothers and sisters, everywhere I go I open myself up to connect deeper, even if for a brief moment in time. Combining my inner work that I do in the safety of my home, with doing outward work in my community, and in the world by sharing it all here, I am facing fears that used to imprison me in my own ignorance. I am a work in progress, and progress is good. I have learned that I am safe out there too, I never needed to protect myself from my brothers and sisters, I only needed to learn to love them as they are through learning to love myself as I am. When we love ourselves and others as we are, we all become more.

One Love,

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