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Reality, now isn't that an interesting word, one with every imaginable meaning, and one over used our whole lives as we are taught to face reality. But whose reality are we facing in our day to day lives? The one right in front of our eyes, or the one we have been conditioned to accept and by doing so ourselves creating? This is a good question to ask ourselves daily... Whose reality am I living right now? NOW being the key word here.

There is so much going on in the world as I sit here in the sun, soaking it in after days upon day of rain, fallen trees, washed away roads and lots, I mean lots of toasty fires. It has been difficult these days for myself and I am sure many of you as well, to look away from the reality tv show that is all around us. A calling to know what is coming next, and an underlying anticipation filled with a level of anxiety that says it likely won't be a pleasurable experience for many. That is the reality we are being fed everywhere we turn. It is not just the bombardment of news stories that tell us how to feel, it is our friends, our family, our networks who are all caught up in the next breaking story as well, it is everywhere, it is in us too.

Today I want to offer you a gift. A chance to come back to a different reality, a return to the real world. Yes I know, many will feel a bit put off by that sentence initially, that is okay, stick around if you are even a bit overwhelmed by the world today. If you are spending your days going through a spiral of emotions and feelings over the current state of the world, I would like to offer you a choice today, one that can turn that frown upsidedown and help you to be at your most valuable space in this time of great change, because you are needed and we are all ready to play a bigger role than the small roles the 'other reality' is directing us to play.

The other reality is the one being shoved down our throats right now. Via news, media, government and even our social media networks, we are being told how to feel, what to think and finding it hard to look away. Look away today my friends, at least long enough to get a tighter grip on a truer reality, the one happening right in front of you, right now.

It is good to come back to the now and regroup, it is good to remind ourselves that in this exact moment ALL IS WELL. These words are words I have spoken many times to many souls who are experiencing challenging moments in their personal lives. These words are words I have come to know as the greatest truth in my own journey and these are words that I myself have forgotten in the most recent weeks as everything seems to be going to shit around the world. Forgot until yesterday when I was reminded of the power of ALL IS WELL via a Matt Kahn Video titled, you got it... ALL IS WELL.

Deep inside of me I have known for quite some time now that not only is all, always well, and all things of equal value in our journey and for our growth. I have also known what suffering for the sake of suffering creates, it creates more suffering in the world. On this one love journey of learning to love myself, to know myself as an extension of creation and capable beyond my own understanding I have learned great lessons that have brought me the most undeniable, unshakable sense of peace. However, even with all this knowing I have found myself in the recent weeks completely lost in another reality, one where everything is a little or a lot more uncertain, there are things to fear, to be appalled by in this reality I have somehow slipped into, and like quicksand the more I try to fight this reality the further I sink. It is only in the moments of being full in the now, shutting down the brain bending machine that is my devices and returning to real life, the one right in front of me that I have walked effortlessly out of that pit of sinking sand and back onto solid land.

We are being told how to feel, what to think and in accepting this auto programming we are becoming the programmers ourselves, spreading this warped reality like the plague. We all are, no matter what side of any issue of opinion we find ourselves on, we are playing the game, all of us, well most of us anyways. There are some very enlightened being on the planet who are not attached to this manipulated reality and do not hold any one side, rather hold space and that my friends is what I am offering you and myself today, the ability to return to reality and hold space for ALL IS WELL.

Before you get overly worried that I am suggestion your bury your head in the sand and pretend that nothing is wrong, let me assure you that there is much going on in the world right now, but if you allow me a moment to re-frame what is taking place in the world, so that you, 'the one' driven to stand and do what you feel is right will be much more powerful, and much more effective than you are in your current state. I am not suggesting that we should silence our voices, limit our actions. What I am suggesting is that we get real about where our voices are coming from, and channel our actions so that they are effective. What is happening currently is that our voices are fueled from a place of feeling appalled and angry and in that place our voices, our messages are drowned out in a sea of drama, not very effective would you agree? What I am suggesting is that we move away from being against anything and move into being for what we are for. It is easy to point out what is wrong in the world, we are being given so much to point out, to scream about. And in doing so we are giving all our power away. No one has to take away what we freely give to them.

I am aware that most of my readers share my positions on the things taking place in the world today so I am speaking to you, to the awakening lightworkers in the world who are called to bring light to the planet to create a new earth, a new world for all. A world where all life is light, sacred, sentient and all beings equal. Where all are free to live a life of prosperity and joy. I understand that so many of us are called at this time to awaken and many are answering this call. The process of awakening reminds me of these unstable mountain roads I have found myself navigating in the worst California storm in a few decades. Landslides, disappearing roads, sink holes, trees down, accidents, power and water outages, followed by moments of sun, breaks in the storm to remind me that all is well, only to experience it all again. That is quite a good description of the awakening process. It is full of turmoil as we release old programming, lifelong conditioning, repressed emotions, energy blocks and begin to remember who we are, why we are here. It is also full of moments of the purest sense of peace ever felt, moments of elated euphoric joy, clarity and deeper knowing. It is the path to empowered action as an infinite co creator in a transforming world. It is exciting, exhilarating and quite often exhausting.

Awakening is the process of releasing fear and becoming that which we are, we are love! How do we release fear? We face it! We face it with love as our most powerful tool. I say tool because weapon is old paradigm, we don't need weapons when we have tools, and when we carry within our BEingness the most powerful, useful tool of all we need very few other tools to build this new reality, this new world that is our destiny.

"But Lelania, I do not understand how anyone can be okay with what is happening. I cannot for the life of me understand anyone supporting this governments agenda and I am trying, trust me I am trying." These are words that were spoken to me just last night by a friend. She shared that she has consciously tried to open up discussions within her own circles with friends who feel differently than her, and to no avail, she cannot understand it still. I have felt her pain. And I have been through this stage as well, the trying to understand stage, only to feel more confused with each attempt to understand. My words to her went something like this...

Let them have their story. Let them fight their fight. Recognize what is in you both. There is fear in you both. And there is light in your both. All life is light. Remember the light that exists in those who feel differently than you, those who preach worshiping government and rejoice in what our current administration is doing. Let them have their rejoice. Let them have it all. You cannot remove the fear they are bound in, they too believe they are protecting something, are for something and believe that all those somethings are being threatened, let them have their story of a great savior named Trump restoring their safety. What you can do is remove the fear that you are bound in and return to love, not just love for you, for those who agree with you, but love for them too, they are light too.

I went on to share with her my own stories of giving my own power away in all of this, and how with each new day I have found my way back to that place of power through consciously returning to realty. The reality right in front of me. Like many of you I have forsaken my own reality for the reality being fed to me on my screen. We wake up and begin the search each day. Scrolling through our newsfeeds, checking our preferred news outlets to see how we are going to feel today. We turn to stories that support our positions and deem any counter news or opinions as fake. Failing to recognize how fake it all is, because none of it is happening right now, right in front of us, yet we plug into it and start playing the game of sides, who and what are we for and against today, tell me oh powerful screen tell me how to feel and what to think...

Take a day away, actually take two. Maybe do not return to the think machine until you have fully embodied the ALL IS WELL space within you again. Look around the space you are in right now. What is not well there? Return to this space all day long, and breathe in deeply the life force of divinity that is always there, in each breath, breathe in deeper understanding and take your reality back!!! We are not abandoning the world by choosing not to suffer today. WE are doing the opposite by stepping away and getting back to reality, the one where all is well, the one where what is happening now is what matters most.

Everything is energy. We are taking in and putting out energy in every now moment. Reality is fluid and moldable. We are creating reality with our every thought, and our state of being creates a powerful energetic force that co creates the world we experience. We are helping that which we say we don't want by giving our power away and reacting to everything from an unsteady place of dictated emotions and thoughts. Step away and regroup, get back to reality and begin again.

Right now, in the space you are in, there is nothing and no one to fight. Choose, consciously choose to move away from that fight mentality that you are drowning in daily. Just as there is nothing and no one to fight in your immediate reality, there is nothing and no one to fight in any reality right now. It is the fake reality that is creating the fight, and with intent it persists in doing so. But do you really want to fight? I know you don't, in fact what you are fighting for is the right to not fight anymore. Do you see that? We are fighting for the right to not fight anymore. We don't want to fight for our rights, we don't want to fight for a life of prosperity, but fight for it we do. We are fighting where there is nothing to fight for. Equality is our birth right, all things and all beings are equal in value, that is the truth that cannot be denied when we realize it and become it IT WILL BE SO. So what are we fighting for? What is already ours? Think about this for a moment.

The old paradigm says all of us must be the same, must think and believe the same for us to be included and to feel safe. The old paradigm feels threatened because it is dying, we have lived out this false sense of security and are moving into a new paradigm where we begin to understand something so much deeper, we are embracing the true understanding of love, and releasing false, crippling fear. The old paradigm is built on fear, fear that anything unknown or different poses a threat and must be stopped, destroyed before it destroys us. Ego controlled and led state of being is dying, soul driven state of being is awakening.

The ego has an important job... To create the illusion of duality for the purpose of our soul experiencing that which it is not, so that it can better understand that which it is. Our soul is Love.
The word Love is offensive to our ego. The ego makes fun of love and all that arises from love, unless the situation benefits the ego in some way. Our ego likes to manipulate love into something it is not to protect its own existence. It will call love evil. It will only recognize needy, conditional love as love and dismiss true, unconditional love as something to fear.

The ego exists solely to separate us from God. In this illusionary state of separate from God the ego has an identity and attempts to take on the role as God. Damning, judging and condemning all who do not support its illusion of itself. An identity strengthened by fear and all that arises from fear.
It is quite easy to see where Ego is at work. Ego blames. Ego tells stories of enemies. Ego sets itself aside from and above others. Ego justifies it's own trespasses and paints itself the victim. Ego likes, needs to be special, different, smarter, more enlightened, above others and proudly proclaims itself as such. Ego will claim it's will is Gods Will!

We often play God without truly knowing the God that we are. Pretending to know Gods will, without knowing the God within that we are , our ego will say that "its will" is Gods will, leading us to forsake any unlike ourselves. This old paradigm state of being. The ego driven phase of our evolution. Our ego is not our enemy, I think it is important to remind us both of that. Our ego has served us greatly in experiencing that which we are not, so that we can better understand and remember that which we are.

Forsaking others is not the work or will of God. It is the work and the will of the limited mind and ego whose sole intention is to create the illusion of duality and separation from God.
If there is a Devil and Enemy attaching us and our way of life, it is the creation of man, it is the distorted ego of man , masquerading as God! It is not some demonic force outside ourselves wreaking havoc on us. It is our own doing, we are creating the chaos, the turmoil and will continue to do so as long as it takes to awaken to the truth of who we are and why we are here, we are here to shape reality as co creators and when we begin to create from love rather than fear, everything changes.

Ever notice how many egos on the planet claim God is punishing their perceived enemies when someone that they do not understand, identity with, or trust, is facing challenges and misfortune. However in the face of their own challenges and misfortunes will claim it is the devil, the enemy who is attacking them. Think about that for a minute. The ego always sees itself as the victim and others who do not support its own views of itself and the world as the enemy.

Where Gods Will is present there is no fear, no division or separation, there is no blame, there is no punishment, there is no need to defend, nor attack. Where Gods Will is present there is only unconditional love, forgiveness and unwavering faith. There is surrender. There is humility. There is inclusion, unity and oneness!

When we are fully under the spell of the ego we are attracted to those who reinforce our ego identities. When we are free from the illusion of duality, awakening to the truth of who we all are and the connectedness of all that is, as sacred, sentient and all equal in value the ego in others does not attract us. In fact the opposite reaction occurs, it is like a reverse magnetic field, where we can see, feel ego present, we can allow it to be, all at the same time. The more we recognize ego present in and around us and are able to simply allow it to be what it is and continue on our sacred path without attachment to it, the more awakened to the truth of who we are, we become. And in doing so we heal our distorted ego back to it's pristine state. The ego is not our enemy, it is a part of us, it is our underdeveloped soul aspects and it has a path too. When we heal our own ego and allow our full selves to come into harmony and balance we no longer see other egos in the world as a threat. We see egos transforming into soul harmony at their own pace, and their pace is no threat to our pace.

Fighting all these ego in the world is embracing our own ignorance, is going back to sleep and relinquishing our own power. There is nothing to fight. There is only surrender, surrender to the truth that ALL IS WELL. And from that space of empowered knowing, soul driven, love fueled state of BEingness step out and be the light bearer you are, be the one who anchors the ALL IS WELL energy of light into the planet and speak, march, organize from that place, a place of being for ALL IS WELL, therefor creating wellness by being wellness.

In this state of ALL IS WELL, solutions to any real problems that are right in front of you are presented and easy to apply. In this state of ALL IS WELL clarity is gained, intuition strengthened and work toward positive outcomes for all amplified. It is in the sate of ALL IS WELL that we release the need to fight and awaken our true divine nature and begin to live our birthright, reach our destiny, create heaven on earth.

No one, not one single person on this planet can take away your peace or threaten your connection to God. God is in every breath you take. There is no threat to the new paradigm. It is the old paradigm that is dying, that is threatened, let it have it's fight and fight all by itself. We do not have to fight for destiny, it is destiny. Our fighting for it is the very thing prolonging it. Simply move into being what we are, we are love. Simply be what we are and trust the many other awakening souls on the planet to do the same. You are free to express yourself, to love who you love, to pray how you pray, so do so. Express, Love and Pray away my friends. Find that space of knowing, that space of ALL IS WELL and embody that, exemplify that, create more wellness from the wellness that you are.

A fight requires two sides. We don't need to fight anyone or anything. Rather we grow as a conscious community of awakening souls who embrace love, release the fear of loving anyone, even those we do not understand, especially those we do not understand. Because if we can recognize that it is fear of what we do not understand that creates perceived enemies to fight in the world, we can wake up and stop creating enemies. Let those who fear what they do not know fight against it all they need to until they do know it, understand it and wake up to realize that there was nothing to fear in the first place.

I love you from a place of deep inner knowing that we are ready to stop playing the game, to stop investing in these manipulated fake realities born of fear that leads to division, hate, suffering. We are ready to wish for all what we wish for ourselves and create wellness in the world through becoming wellness in ourselves. We can speak and stand for peace if we are peace when doing so. We cannot demand what we ourselves are not. WE are being called to BE what we want to SEE. WE are all being called to face fear and release it, embrace love and become it. There is no fight, there is only process. There is no government that is going to protect us, they are busy protecting themselves AND using those bound in fear to protect them too. Break free from the manipulated reality and return to the now, that space where ALL IS WELL and from there move forward as wellness, creating more wellness.

One Love,

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