Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Divine Feminine Awakening

The Divine Feminine is Awakening and Healing The Distorted Masculine so that it may return to its rightful place as the Divine Masculine, and come into total balance with The Divine Feminine.

We are created from/as both Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies. There has been imbalance within and without, throughout history. In this day we may think the imbalance is only the lack or Feminine and over abundance of Masculine, however there was a time in Ancient History that has been erased from history with intent, that the imbalance was an over abundance of the Divine Feminine and lack of the Divine Masculine. The world was once ruled primarily by women, men were the oppressed subservient and God was believed to be a woman. During this imbalance the Divine Feminine transmutation into Distorted Feminine occurred just like today we see the transmutation of Divine Masculine to Distorted Masculine.

Where there is imbalance there is Distortion. Balance restores everything to its original blueprint of Divine Perfection. This balance must occur first within to be mirrored without. Both aspects are Divine when LOVE is present and Distorted when fear is present.

The oppression of one is created by the Distorted version of the other. Fear of equality is a Distorted version of these aspects that make us who we are. Beliefs about creator being only Masculine come from a Distorted Masculine energy fueled by fear. In creators image we are all created, and that means all. So to believe that only one aspect of us is the mirror image of creation is a Distorted belief.
Our limited human minds filter our beliefs with our limited understanding and ignorantly draw images of Our Creator based on our limited experiences, ideas, understanding and wisdom or lack thereof.

God, Allah, Jah, Great Spirit or any name we call the Divine Creator by is beyond anything our minds that are trapped in this distorted imbalance can imagine or comprehend currently. To fully understand the creator seek to fully understand LOVE. Allow both Masculine and Feminine aspects of yourself to come into balance to get a clearer understanding of that which we come from and are.
Oppression & Control are distortions fueled by fear. Segregation & Separation are distortions fueled by fear. Recognize these distortions and be balance in their presence. This is how we heal. All fear surrendered creates all life free, heaven on earth.

We will continue to repeat imbalanced cycles of distortion fueled by fear until we learn to create balance within. The rise of the Divine Feminine is subtle and brings a nurturing aspect that is mighty and powerful through LOVE fueled confidence. It does not seek to abolish The Divine Masculine, it is rising to heal this Distorted Masculine aspect within us all and bring about Divine Balance, this is where we are headed.

Pay attention to where fear is present. Notice the threats of punishment present. Fear creates big scary stories to prohibit the truth of who we really are from emerging and healing us all. I do not fear the truth becoming my very essence, shown to me through my own healing work and connection with the Divine Creator that lives within me and guides me to learn and share these truths. I do not fear challenging my own distortions and limited understanding because more and more I Am learning to quickly see where LOVE is present and where fear is present within and without. God is LOVE, I allow LOVE to be my guide and I am lead by God. Fear is the opposite of LOVE, to allow myself to be lead by fear is to allow myself to be lead by the opposite of God. It is that simple. To understand LOVE is to know God.

I LOVE YOU ALL, from a place of being lead by, fuled by, LOVE, more each now moment. And with Gratitude for the pure presnece of courage fuled divine energeies LOVE empowers me to share this journey as it occurs wihtout fear of doing so present in me more and more.

One Love,

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